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Where To Rent An Ebike In Michigan (Fun on Two Wheels)

Michigan is one of the tourist spots I love the most. This place offers a vast array of biking trails, scenery, and bodies of water. You will always have things to do when you visit Massachusetts.

Grand Rapids, South Haven, and Suttons Bay are my top three favorite places to rent an e-bike in Michigan.

Riding an electric bike is one of the most convenient ways to explore Michigan. If you plan to rent an e-bike, below are five of my favorite rental places.

My Top 5 Favorite Places Where You Can Rent An eBike In Michigan

Grand Rapids

There is nothing more satisfying than being able to get the most out of your vacation. Fortunately, renting an e-bike allows you to reach many tourist attractions easily.

Where To Go

Riding an eBike on the Blue Bridge, Grand Rapids
Riding an eBike on the Blue Bridge, Grand Rapids – image credit Google Maps

Some rental places in Michigan offer fast and powerful e-bikes to renters, allowing them to explore Grand Rapids. The electric bikes provided by the rental services are powerful, so their battery life will not drain quickly, even if you are cruising for hours.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a vibrant city with restaurants, shopping centers, breweries, and art galleries. If you want to get the most out of your visit, renting an e-bike will allow you to do so. You can ride your e-bike to get from one establishment to another. This way, you can try the best things Grand Rapids has to offer.

Additionally, Grand Rapids has farm-to-table restaurants that you can enjoy. After riding your e-bike for hours, you can easily find a place to fill your stomach with a good meal. (source)

Where to get an eBike in Grand Rapids 👉 Pedego Grand Rapids

What You Need To Know About Grand Rapids

Renting an electric bike in Grand Rapids, Michigan, generally costs:

  •  One Hour – $25
  • Two Hours – $50
  • Three Hours – $75
  • Four To Eight Hours – $100

It is ideal to reserve a rental e-bike to ensure that you will have one when you reach your vacation destination. All you need to do is to go to your chosen rental business’s website. Then, find the booking page and fill it in with the details required to reserve an electric bike. (source)

What To Bring To Rent An eBike

Safety is essential when biking. So, make sure to bring the following:

  • biking helmet
  • bike lock
  • elbow and knee gear

You may also bring a first aid kit if you think you will go to a challenging biking location.

Highlights of Grand Rapids

Visiting Grand Rapids and renting an e-bike will only be complete with exploring Ken-O-Sha Park. The park has an extensive trail with tons of shade, making it ideal for a casual bike ride. Some parts of the trail also run along a creek, so you will have a good view of trees and water as you ride your e-bike.

The park also boasts rich wildlife. Not only can you feast your eyes on trees and waterways, but there is also a great chance of coming across various animals.

Ken-O-Sha Park is a family-friendly location. The trail systems in the park are easy to ride on, making it an ideal cycling location if you travel with children. There is a playground where kids can play and picnic tables if you want to have a meal in an outdoor setting. (source)

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South Haven

When renting an e-bike in Michigan, it is essential to look for a rental service provider to provide you with your money’s worth. You can have a great adventure while riding a good e-bike.

Kal-Haven Trail Bridge Crossing
Kal-Haven Trail Bridge Crossing

Where To Go

South Haven, Michigan, is a port city due to its location at the heart of the Black River. You will see marinas, boats, and establishments that offer water activities.

South Haven is an excellent vacation destination, especially for people who love the beach. The charming beaches have fine sand and a cozy feel. You can even try boat-watching and boating activities along the stunning waters.

After enjoying the waters, you can fill your stomach with a sumptuous meal from one of South Haven’s downtown restaurants. This place has many restaurants, so choosing where to get your meal will be easy.

But South Haven is not only popular for its beaches. There are also parks and campgrounds where you can spend the day if you need more time to stay at the beach. (source)

Where to get an eBike in South Haven 👉 Rock n Road Cycle

What You Need To Know About South Haven

E-bike rental businesses in South Haven allow you to rent an e-bike for at least a half day to as long as an entire week. Renting an e-bike generally costs:

  • Half Day – $25
  • Full Day – $55
  • Two Days – $110
  • Three Days – $140
  • Four Days – $165
  • Five Days – $385
  • One Week – $425

You can book a reservation online, but some e-bike rental businesses will require you to pay the full amount upon placing your reservation. Depending on your service provider, you may get a full or partial refund if you need to cancel your reservation days before the date you booked. (source)

What To Bring To Rent An eBike

A helmet and bike lock are included when you rent an e-bike. You can also bring

  • snacks
  • water or energy drink
  • flashlight (in case you think you will bike until the night)

Highlights of Rock ‘n’ Road Cycles

Kal-Haven Trail Head is one of the best places to visit if you seek a biking adventure in South Haven. This trail has excellent, packed ground, making it ideal for cycling. Trees are along both sides of the bike trail, offering cyclists a lovely shade against the sun’s heat. These trees also keep the entire trail cool and breezy.

There are also two fire pits along the trail where you can rest and warm up in front of the fire if you are exploring the trail in colder seasons. You can also sit on the benches along the trails and appreciate the wildlife and scenery.

This trailhead also has a nice picnic area with two tables. So, you can bring some food and enjoy this family-friendly trail. (source)

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Suttons Bay

Riding an electric bike while traveling from one tourist attraction to another is one of the best ways to spend your vacation in Suttons Bay.

Where To Go

Bike path at Suttons Bay is perfect for eBikes
Bike path at Suttons Bay is perfect for eBikes – image Google Maps

Suttons Bay is a village in Leelanau County. This place offers tourists beautiful biking attractions that are otherwise not reachable by other vehicles. With the right e-bike, you can find and explore the hidden gems of Suttons Bay.

Suttons Bay is well worth a visit. If you are in the mood for beach-side biking, you can bring your rental electric bike to one of Suttons Bay’s majestic beaches. You can even go swimming after you have enjoyed pedaling on the shore. The beaches’ watersports activities like kayaking and ski boating are also worth trying.

Suttons Bay also has trails, parks, and recreation areas that you can explore while riding your bike. These spots will make your visit to Michigan a vacation like no other, especially if you have an electric bike to accompany your adventure. (source)

Where to get an eBike in Suttons Bay 👉 Ride Leelanau

What You Need To Know About Suttons Bay

Suttons Bay e-bike rentals offer online rentals for their electric bikes, which you can access through your chosen service provider’s website. You can rent an e-bike for a minimum of two hours and a maximum of one week. The rental fee may cost around:

  • Two Hours – $40
  • Four Hours – $60
  • 24 Hours – $85
  • Two Days – $130
  • Four Days – $220
  • Five Days $255
  • Six Days – $280
  • One Week – $300

Some rental businesses require riders to be at least 16 years old to be able to ride some of their e-bike models. However, there are also e-bikes available for passengers under 16. You will also need to sign a waiver upon renting an e-bike. (source)

What To Bring To Rent An eBike

When renting an e-bike for a Suttons Bay vacation, it is for you to consider bringing the following:

  • a camera
  • sunscreen
  • safety gear
  • biking pack

You will also need a credit card upon getting your rental e-bike.

Highlights of Suttons Bay

Suttons Bay houses the popular Leelanau Trail Cherry Bend Rd Trailhead. This area features a paved trail, making it easy for e-bikes to run. The path is open for both bikes and larger vehicles but does not have heavy traffic, so you can still enjoy your ride on a safe and comfortable trail.

There are apple orchards and vineyards along some parts of the trail, providing visitors with fantastic scenery. Some parts of the trail also pass by waterways where you can sit on benches, take a break, and relax.

Even better, the trailhead has a free bike repair station if your e-bike needs a quick repair, such as an air pressure increase. This way, even a flat tire cannot stop you from your adventure. There are even food stops that you can try if you get hungry from all the pedaling and sightseeing. (source)

Grand Haven

Grand Haven Lighthouse is perfect from an eBike
Grand Haven Lighthouse is perfect from an eBike

So you want to explore Grand Haven without having to burn gas. In that case, you should rent an e-bike to bring you from place to place.

Where To Go

Grand Haven is famous for its sandy beaches. Its position close to Lake Michigan makes it a haven for tourists and locals who love the waters and the things they offer. If you visit the city in September, you may witness the seasonal Grand Haven Musical Fountain.

When visiting Grand Haven, you can rent and ride an electric bike to the Grand Haven Lighthouse. This lighthouse connects to a well-lit boardwalk where you can ride your bike while viewing the shore. This place serves as a fantastic relaxation spot, especially during dawn when the sky is starting to change colors.

After visiting the lighthouse, you can explore the Grand Haven Boardwalk, which is lined with restaurants and shops. You can also watch fishing boats and marinas while pedaling slowly along the boardwalk. Make sure to bring your camera, as Grand Haven’s Lighthouse and boardwalk is a scene worth capturing. (source)

Where to get an eBike in Grand Haven 👉Electric Bike Place

What You Need To Know About Grand Haven

Grand Haven’s electric bike places offer reasonable pricing for their rental electric bikes:

  • Three Days – $250
  • Five Days $350

Most electric bike rental places in Grand Haven allow you to book a reservation in advance. They have booking pages on their websites where you can find the dates when the e-bikes are available. Depending on the business’s requirements, you will have to pick a date, provide your information, and pay the reservation fee in full or partial. The rental place may also ask you to sign a waiver upon reservation. (source)

What To Bring To Rent An eBike

Many electric bike places provide helmets to all their renters. So, you only need to bring the following:

  • safety gear
  • snacks
  • biking pack
  • bike lock for protection

Highlights of Grand Haven

After renting an electric bike, one of the best places to visit in Grand Haven is Hofma Preserve. This place has a lovely paved walkway and trail, making it ideal for a casual bike ride. Trees, bushes, and wildlife surround the path, so you can fill your eyes with fantastic views as you ride your electric bike.

Hofma Preserve is an excellent place for families with little kids. There is a playground that children can enjoy and natural pathways where they can run and play. The entire area is pet-friendly, so expect to see animals like dogs apart from the wildlife that naturally lives in the forest.

The trails are clean, so it is easy to follow, and you will not get lost. There are also picnic tables for people who want to spend the day resting in the place. (source)


Holland, Michigan, is a great tourist destination, especially for cyclists who are looking for new spots to visit. So, get your bags ready, call an e-bike rental service, and set on a new adventure!

Holland Michigan is perfect for an eBike
Holland Michigan is perfect for an eBike

Where To Go

Located at the Lake Macatawa shore, Holland is home to the famous Big Red Lighthouse. The channel where you will find this lighthouse connects the lake to Lake Michigan. You will also find the Windmill Island Gardens in this city. If you are visiting in May, the garden’s Tulips Time Festival is worth the visit.

Holland has fantastic bike trails, beach parks, and beautiful lakes that make it worth visiting. The bike paths are paved and run for more than 150 miles. For this reason, you can leisurely ride around while looking for attractions that you can visit.

Some parks in Holland are also open for cycling. Some bike paths are paved, while others are off-road, so you can choose the cycling path you will ride on depending on the level of difficulty you prefer. You can even bike down the town and visit their breweries. (source)

Where to get an eBike in Holland 👉 Radventures

What You Need To Know About Holland

Holland’s bike rental places are open for both walk-in and advanced rentals. All you need to do for walk-in renters is go to the location of your chosen rental place. The staff there will help you choose the electric bike that will suit your riding style. You can also call or text the rental business on the number posted on their website to discuss advanced reservations.

The rental duration and rates generally cost:

  • One Hour – $30
  • Two Hours – $40
  • Four Hours – $60
  • Eight Hours – $80 (source)
What To Bring To Rent An eBike

Holland’s electric bike rental places encourage renters to bring:

  • water
  • snacks
  • energy drink
  • helmet
  • elbow and knee pads

Highlights of Holland

One of the ideal trails to visit in Holland, Michigan, is Riley Trail Parks. This trail system has different paths with varying difficulties. These trails make the park ideal for tourists looking for family-friendly activities. There are also maps everywhere on the trail, so it is easy to find your way out.

Many hikers and cyclists visit this trail system, especially during the weekends. Fortunately, the area is large enough to accommodate many people. So you will feel free regardless of how many people are on the trail.

In addition, Riley Trail Parks is home to wildlife. So, you can watch various birds and animals whenever you take a quick stop for a break.

Needless to say, visiting Holland’s Riley Trail Parks is the best choice for people who want to escape their busy city lives. The park helps you feel close to nature, allowing you to relax during your trip. (source)

More You Need To Know About eBike Rentals

An eBike in the rental shop
An eBike in the rental shop

What To Wear For An eBike Rental

It is essential to wear proper cycling gear, regardless of whether you are going for a test ride or an actual cruise.

Choose a pair that is light, moisture-wicking, and stretchable for the clothes. This way, you can move freely while pedaling and feel comfortable regardless of the weather. It would be best if you also had closed-toe shoes to prevent your feet from slipping off the pedals.

Additionally, it is crucial to wear protective gear, including:

  • helmet
  • knee and elbow pads (source)

What You Need To Look For When Renting An Ebike

When renting an e-bike, you must ensure you get what you paid for. Look for an e-bike model that suits your height to ensure you can maneuver it comfortably.

Some electric bike rental providers also offer delivery services within a limited location. Try finding a service provider to do such, so you do not have to travel to their physical shop to get the electric bike you rented.

The duration of the rental is also essential. If you are planning to stay in your vacation spot for a few days, find a rental business that allows clients to rent their e-bikes for up to a week. (source)

Rental Age Requirements

Michigan’s e-bike rental places offer different e-bike models for their clients. Some electric bikes are only available for riders aged 16 years or older. Still, there are other e-bike models that renters under 16 years old can ride. (source)

Test Ride Vs. Rental eBikes In Michigan

Most electric bike rental services in Michigan offer free test rides for people planning to rent an e-bike. This way, you can experience how it feels to ride the rental business’s electric bike.

When renting electric bikes, you can choose the e-bike model you want to rent. You can also pick the duration of the rent and the locations you get to visit.

eBike Rental FAQs

Can I Book A Rental In Advance?

Most e-bike rental businesses encourage their clients to book a reservation in advance. I strongly recommend you contact your desired rental company in advance. There’s nothing worse than a day’s plans ruined because of a lack of availability. Just remember to check the weather first.

How Much Do eBike Rentals Cost?

The price you need to pay for renting an e-bike depends on your rental service provider and length of rental term. However, the cost can generally range from $25 to $100 for a day and higher for longer terms..

How Long Can I Rent An eBike For?

Each eBike rental company is different. However, most will offer rentals in time blocks (like 3 or 6 hours, for example) or even for the whole day. Some companies will rent for multiple days, but most want their bikes returned on the same day.

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