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Where To Rent An Ebike In Illinois (Fun on Two Wheels)

Illinois has lively bike roads, trails, and tourist attractions. In fact, this place is one of the best places to ride a bike. So, get your gear ready, check the best places to visit, and rent an excellent electric bike.

My top three favorite places to rent an e-bike in Illinois are Jonesboro, Galena, and Ottawa.

If you plan to have a bike cruise in Illinois, below are the best places to rent an electric bike.

1. Jonesboro

If you are looking for a new and fun way to explore Southern Illinois, you need to rent an electric bike and set out on a fantastic adventure.

Where To Go

Tunnel Hill State Trail
Tunnel Hill State Trail – image Google Maps Link

Jonesboro is home to the best tourist attractions and electric bike rental places in Illinois. Once you have an e-bike, you will have a fun, enjoyable, and convenient way of exploring different attractions. Surrounded by tourist spots like The Shawnee National Forest, Garden Of Gods, and Trail Of Tears State Forest, Shawnee Hills eBike Rentals will help you reach majestic destinations.

In addition, you can find many trails in Jonesboro. If you are tired of your usual vacation itineraries, rent a pedal-assist electric bike and explore forests and trails. This way, you can see the state’s natural beauty while doing something new.

The trails located in Jonesboro have varying difficulties. If you are new to riding electric bikes, you can choose a paved trail that is easy to ride. On the other hand, casual riders can choose more challenging trails. (source)

What You Need To Know

You can reserve online when renting an e-bike in Jonesboro. On your chosen rental place’s booking page, you will find a selection of electric bikes you can rent and the dates when those e-bikes are available.

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The rental fee for e-bikes costs:

  • Two Hours – $45
  • Half Day – $60
  • Full Day – $90
  • Two To Three Days – $80/day
  • Four And More Days – $75/day

E-bikes rented for more than one day come with a helmet, instruction manual, water bottle, and two battery packs. (source)

Are eBikes hard to pedal
Are eBikes are perfect for sightseeing

What To Bring To Rent An eBike

Whenever you are on vacation and planning to rent an e-bike, it is essential to bring:

  • helmet
  • sports clothes and shoes
  • safety equipment
  • valid government ID

Highlights of Jonesboro

Tunnel Hill State Trail is a scenic tourist attraction for tourists and cyclists alike. You can bring your rental electric bike on this trail and travel through the almost 50-mile-long paved path. You will also pass by old railways and bridges over streams, making your vacation worth it.

Canopy shades the entirety of the trail, thus keeping you cool throughout your ride. Wildlife also abounds the area, so you will likely come across different animals. There are plenty of rest stops, allowing you to take a break while looking at scenic overlooks.

If you are traveling on the trail with your family, you can bring snacks and have a picnic in the grassy areas. There is also a playground where kids can play while taking a biking break. (source)

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2. Galena

Galena, Illinois, is home to 19th-century architecture and various trail systems. You can access all of these places when you have an electric bike.

Where To Go

Galena is one of the best tourist spots in Illinois, especially for people who love the aura of old buildings. Here, you can find 19th-century buildings, such as the Dowling House, which was built in 1826.

This small town in Illinois is close to the Mississippi River, so you can take on an outdoor adventure, such as fishing. Historical sites are also easy to find, so you can quickly get there as long as you have an e-bike. For instance, you can visit the outskirts of Galena, where you can find the Horseshoe Mound. This attraction will let you see fantastic views of the three states.

Moreover, you can pedal through Galena’s food stalls and restaurants if you are into food. Here, you can indulge in local flavors, allowing you to make the most of your Illinois experience. (source)

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What You Need To Know About Galena

The cost of electric bike rental in Galena generally costs:

  • Two Hours – $60
  • Whole Day – $120

Suppose your chosen rental place offers advanced booking. In that case, you can head on to their website and check the available reservation dates. Reserving an electric bike in advance will help you ensure that you will have an e-bike to use for your adventure. (source)

What To Bring To Rent An eBike

Nuts Outdoors does not require you to bring anything when renting an e-bike. But it is ideal to contact them and ask about the requirements needed upon rental. You may also bring your helmet, a bike pack, and safety equipment.

Highlights Of Galena

Galena River Trail
Galena River Trail – image Google Maps Link

When visiting Galena, you should always visit Depot Park, especially if you have an electric bike. This state park features 4,000 acres of forest and nature preserve. There are also cabins and campgrounds if you are planning to stay overnight.

Apart from the large forest and campgrounds, this state park has a trail surrounded by fantastic rock formations. While the trail has some bumps and moderate elevations, it is easy to ride on, especially for e-bikes with a pedal assist feature. The trail and the cool rock formations are perfect for tourists who love taking pictures.

If you are a casual trail rider, this state park has unmarked trails waiting for you to discover. Only a few people have seen these unmarked locations, so finding them feels rewarding. (source)

3. Ottawa

One of the best things about renting an electric bike is that it brings you to places you can never reach by car.

Where To Go

Ottawa-based electric bike rental places provide both locals and tourists with high-quality e-bikes. You get to choose the type of e-bike you want to rent, so you can find the one that best fits your needs. With a good e-bike, your legs will not get tired pedaling; the bike’s motor will do most of the work.

Ottawa is home to the scenic Starved Rock State Park, a tourist destination that gets millions of visitors annually. You can bring your electric bike to this state park and find exciting activities. For instance, you can go rafting, canoeing, kayaking, and even fishing on the waterways. If you visit in the winter, you can try ice climbing and snowshoeing.

You can also visit Ottawa’s butterfly garden, food stalls, and boutiques if you plan to shop for souvenirs. (source)

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What You Need To Know About Ottawa

Most rental places offer advanced booking for their electric bikes. All you need to do is head to their website’s booking page and fill in the information required. You may also call the contact number on the booking page if you need assistance.

Here are the duration and prices for renting an electric bike:

  • Two Hours – $55
  • Three Hours – $75
  • Four Hours – $95

Many rental places require their riders should be at least 14 years old and know about maneuvering a bike. A parent or legal guardian must accompany them. (source)

What To Bring To Rent An eBike

When renting an electric bike, you need to bring:

  • helmet
  • snacks and water
  • biking pack
  • appropriate biking attire

Highlights Of Ottawa

MEPRD Trailhead is one of the best bike paths in Ottawa. The paved trail stretches for miles, giving you enough area to make the most out of your ride. And since the trail is paved, your electric bike will be able to cruise on the trail easily.

This trail also allows you to travel from one city to another and see various communities. You will pass by a few shops and restaurants where you can grab a quick bite if you get hungry from biking.

Trees and plants provide shade on most parts of the trail. For this reason, your ride will be comfortable regardless of how many hours you pedal. There are also clean restrooms and a water fountain available for use.

4. Chicago

Chicago lakefront trail is a perfect way to see the city
Chicago lakefront trail is a perfect way to see the city

Some people want to explore Chicago on a bike but need help to do so, as they cannot bring their own bikes. Fortunately, this city houses one of the best electric bike rental businesses.

Where To Go

Chicago, Illinois, is one of the largest cities in the US. It is famous for its massive skyscrapers and beautiful architecture, such as the neo-Gothic Tribune Tower. Chicago is also home to the famed John Hancock Center – a skyscraper that stands 1,451 ft.

Moreover, Chicago is one of Illinois’ epicenters of tourism, thanks to its architecture, food, and cultural gems. If you are trying to make the most out of your visit, renting an e-bike and using it to travel from place to place is the best way to do so. This way, you will not have to spend too much time commuting.

After exploring Chicago’s museums and shops, you can relax at one of its beaches. This way, you can enjoy the sea and its different water activities. (source)

What You Need To Know About Chicago

Rental electric bikes in Chicago generally cost:

  • One Hour – $22
  • Four Hours – $49
  • Eight Hours – $75

The renter must be at least 18 years old and have a valid government ID. Meanwhile, the minimum age for e-bike riders is 16.

You can also book a reservation online, depending on the rental place you choose. Rental places generally have a booking page that displays the dates when electric bikes are available. After picking a date, you can fill in the necessary information, such as your name and payment details. (source)

What To Bring To Rent An eBike

The rental business requires renters to have a valid government ID when renting an electric bike. Each rented e-bike comes with a helmet, bike lock, handlebar bag, and a map.

Highlights Of Chicago

Riding along the lakeshore pathway
Riding along the lakeshore pathway – image Google Maps Link

Carpenter Park is a Chicago-based trail that offers biking activities for tourists with various levels of experience. The area is secluded, so there is only a little foot traffic, especially if you are going on a weekday.

The park’s trail is fairly flat, so even casual e-bike riders will find it easy to cruise. You may even stumble upon canyons and cliffs, giving you a good view that you can capture if you have a camera.

Moreover, there is a river within the carpenter park where you can fish. There are trees and canopies on the river bank, so you will have a place to rest while enjoying nature’s beauty. Overall, Canyon Park is ideal for tourists looking for a bit of a challenge during their vacation. (source)

5. Palatine

Palatine, Illinois, sits close to many trails and tourist attractions. For this reason, you can jump from one trail to another and enjoy all the great destinations Palatine can offer. After renting an electric bike, you can bring it to a forest trail and admire the scenery you will pass by. You may even find good spots for animal and bird watching.

Deer Grove Forest great for ebiking
Deer Grove Forest great for ebiking – image Google Maps Link

Palatine is also famous as the home of the only left-handed railroad in the US. The first engines in the Railroad came from England, which is why the railroad was different from the usual ones you see.

People who love water adventures will also love Palatine. You can pedal your way to the beach and enjoy water activities like boating, swimming, and kayaking. Palatine beaches also have great amenities, such as cafes and clubhouses. (source)

What You Need To Know About Palatine

The minimum rental fee for e-bikes in Palatine costs about $50. You can book an e-bike in advance by going to their website and providing the information about your rental. It would be best if you also watched, as some rental places offer promos for their clients.

Moreover, some rental businesses also sell e-bikes if you happen to fall in love with the feeling of owning one.

What To Bring To Rent An eBike

The rental businesses will provide a bike helmet and lock for every e-bike you will rent. So, all you need to bring are:

  • snacks
  • water
  • proper biking attire
  • flashlight
  • biking pack

Highlights of Palatine

Deer Grove Forest Preserve is one of Palatine’s best tourist and biking destinations. The forest has biking and hiking trails you can enjoy with your family. The canopies and trees are majestic, providing you with fantastic views to appreciate while you are biking.

This forest preserve is also rich in diversity. You will encounter a lot of deer, birds, and other wildlife. There are even picnic groves that you can use if you want to experience how it feels to have a picnic in the woods.

Since the forest preserve does not have heavy foot traffic, you can ride your bike fast if you are in for an adventure.

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More You Need To Know About eBike Rentals

What To Wear For An eBike Rental

While electric bikes are easier to ride on than regular bikes, it is crucial to always wear proper gear and clothing to keep yourself safe. It would be best if you had a helmet to protect your head in case of a fall and closed sports shoes that provide ample protection against foot injuries.

It is also ideal to wear sports clothes, as they are the most comfortable clothing for activities that will make you sweat. Sports clothes are stretchable, allowing you to move freely when maneuvering your bike.

Moreover, a pair of gloves is not a requirement, but they will help you grip the handlebars better. (source)

What You Need To Look For When Renting An Ebike

There are three things you need to look for when renting an e-bike

  • the e-bike model
  • its battery life
  • the rental price

When choosing an e-bike to rent, look for the one that will suit your height. This way, you will be able to maneuver the bike excellently. It would be best if you also looked for a lightweight model, so you do not have to exert too much effort in pedaling.

The battery pack of your chosen e-bike should also be fully charged to ensure that its motor will not die in the middle of your adventure.

Finally, look for an e-bike that has a reasonable rental price. (source)

Rental Age Requirements

Most e-bike rental businesses in Illinois only cater to renters aged 18 and above. They also require renters to present either a valid government ID or a license.

On the other hand, rental businesses provide services to minors, given that they have a parent or legal guardian renting for them.

Test Ride Vs. Rental eBikes In Illinois

E-bike rental businesses in Illinois allow their clients to test-ride an e-bike. Some test rides are free, while others have payments that vary depending on the test ride duration. For instance, Shawnee Hills E-Bikes allow renters to test ride a RAD Power Bike for one hour for $30.

On the other hand, renting an e-bike in Illinois will allow you to choose the e-bike model you want. You can also set the duration of your rent and the places you want to go to.

eBikes are easy to pedal
eBikes are easy to pedal

eBike Rental FAQs

Can I Book A Rental In Advance?

You can book a rental e-bike in advance at most rental eBike companies. Just give the one you want a call and find out how far in advance they will let you book.

How Much Do eBike Rentals Cost?

The cost of renting an e-bike is different from one rental business to another. The cost tends to vary with demand (is it near a natural attraction?), bike type, length of rental and even neighborhood-related variance (nicer neighborhoods equal higher prices).

How Long Can I Rent An eBike For?

Most eBike rental companies have a variety of options for rental term. Most companies rent in a block of time like 4 hours, for example. However, most also offer entire day-long terms and some even offer terms as long as a week.

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