Columbus Ohio is perfect for riding eBikes

Where To Rent An Ebike In Ohio (Two Wheel Fun!)

Ohio packs great views that you can easily reach if you have an e-bike. But if you are on vacation, bringing your electric bike can be a hassle due to its weight and size. Fortunately, you can explore the attractions in Ohio by renting an e-bike instead of bringing your own.

My top three favorite places to rent an e-bike in Ohio are Holmes Country, Shaker Heights, and Columbus.

If you plan a vacation to Ohio, let me share some of the best places you can visit where e-bike rentals are available.

1. Holmes Country

Ohio’s Holmes Country boasts a rich culture, delicious food, and magnificent views. There is no better way to explore these attractions than through an electric bike.

Where To Go

More popularly known as the Amish Country due to the high concentration of Amish living here, Holmes Country serves as a home not only to these people but to their culture. If you are into exploring history, visiting Holmes Country will help you understand the unique culture and traditions of the Amish community.

eBikes are great for short trips
eBikes are great for short trips

In addition, Holmes Country has trail systems that are perfect for electric bikes. These trails stretch for miles and have trees and shrubs surrounding them. For this reason, you will feel the cool air from the start to the end of your ride. Flora and fauna around the trail provide a fantastic view for tourists and bikers.

Another thing worth visiting in Amish Country is the excellent and hearty food their shops offer. While riding your electric bike, you can jump from one eatery to another and try the food there. (source)

Holmes County Trail for eBiking
Holmes County Trail for eBiking

What You Need To Know

Renting an electric bike in Amish County costs $75. The rental costs include a helmet, but you will need to pay an extra $7 for a pannier bag and $5 for a bike lock and phone holder. 

Moreover, the website does not indicate how long the rent will be. However, you can set how long you want to rent an e-bike when booking a reservation online. (source)

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What To Bring To Rent An eBike

When touring Holmes Country, it is ideal to bring:

  • biking gloves (optional)
  • snacks and water
  • proper biking clothes and shoes
  • pocket money
  • a camera

Highlights of Holmes Country

One of the best areas to explore when visiting Holmes Country is Holmes Country Trail. Wildlife fills the entire area, so you can expect to come across different animals while taking on the trail. The presence of wildlife within the trail makes it a great experience for tourists who want to get close to nature.

The trail measures 15.7 miles, with tree canopies covering its entirety. For this reason, you will easily find a good spot to build a tent if you plan to stay on the trail overnight.

Holmes Country Trail is a mix of biking paths, farms, small towns, wetlands, and wildlife. While some areas are a bit bumpy, most biking paths are paved, so you will be able to explore the place easily. You will even come across Amish horses passing by the trail occasionally. (source)

2. Shaker Heights

There are countless attractions in Shaker Heights, making it a fantastic place to visit for tourists seeking to discover the beauty of Ohio.

Where To Go

One of the things that makes Shaker Heights a popular attraction among tourists is its historic architecture. The buildings and establishments around the town boast exceptional architecture. If you take an e-bike adventure around Shaker Heights’ neighborhood, you will notice that old houses have low rooflines, outstanding garages, and large yards.

Southerly Park for eBiking
Southerly Park for eBiking – image Google Maps link

The town also has parks and tree-lined streets that you can explore with your rental electric bike. For instance, Horseshoe Lake Park is a great e-biking destination for tourists visiting Shaker Heights with their families. The park has biking trails, a playground, and picnic shelters available for public use.

Although Shaker Heights is a small town, it is one of the wealthiest places in the US. So, despite being a small town, it has endless activities to offer tourists and biking enthusiasts. (source)

What You Need To Know About Shaker Heights

Renting an electric bike to explore Shaker Heights costs $55, excluding the tax. For this fee, you can tour around the town for two hours. You can also rent your electric bike for more than two hours, but you have to pay $30 for every additional hour that you spend using the bike.

Moreover, it would be best if you were at least 16 years old to rent an e-bike. Riders 18 years old and older can rent and ride the bikes on their own, while tourists who are minors should have a guardian or parent accompanying them. You can also do advanced rental by calling your chosen rental e-bike provider. (source)

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What To Bring To Rent An eBike

When visiting attractions in Shaker Heights, you need to bring:

  • insect repellent (in case you want to explore trails)
  • sunscreen
  • pocket money
  • snacks and water

Highlights of Shaker Heights

Southerly Park is a majestic area located in Shaker Heights. Its beauty is a must-visit when touring Ohio, especially when exploring attractions while riding an electric bike. Apart from a combination of paved and gravel trails, the park has wetlands and sceneries that you can hang out on while taking a rest from pedaling.

In addition, the park is a great place to visit if you want to include an outdoor observational trip in your vacation. People consider the trail a tremendous natural getaway due to the greenery surrounding it.

Even better, Southerly Park allows visitors to bring their furry friends during their trip. So, while you are getting close to nature, you also get the chance to meet friendly dogs and people who are also visiting the park. (source)

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3. Columbus

Columbus is a city in Ohio filled with shopping centers, huge establishments, and parks. It is a great place to visit for tourists who seek to experience Ohio’s city life.

Where To Go

Known as the state capital of Ohio, Columbus is home to the Scioto River. Parks surround both sides of this river, so you can take your e-bike by the water and explore these parks at a leisurely pace. The parks also have interactive trails and fountains, providing you with great views as you pedal.

Sights you can see in Columbus OH like the COSI Science Center
Sights you can see in Columbus OH like the COSI Science Center – image Google Maps

You can also stop by the river’s west bank and visit the COSI Science Center. This establishment offers a planetarium and some exhibits, making it a great place to see if you are having a vacation with your family and kids.

Finally, pedal your way downtown, and you will reach the Columbus Museum Of Art. This museum has displays of American and European paintings, so you can take your time here and appreciate various art pieces. (source)

What You Need To Know About Columbus

The cost of the rental electric bikes offered in Columbus, Ohio, depends on where you want them to deliver your e-bike and the rental’s duration. You can book your rental online, pick a date when you want to pick it up, or have your electric bike delivered and the delivery location.

You can also rent an e-bike by walking into your chosen rental service provider. However, it is worth noting that booking a reservation online is better as it will ensure that your bike is ready once you begin your trip. (source)

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What To Bring To Rent An eBike

When renting an e-bike, you need to bring:

  • a valid government ID or a driver’s license
  • pocket money
  • credit card
  • a biking pack to carry your personal necessities
  • snacks
  • water
  • proper biking clothes and shoes

Highlights of Columbus

Columbus’ Alum Creek Trail is one of the best places to visit when having a vacation in Ohio. After renting an electric bike, pedal your way to Alum Creek Trail to see the green spaces and parks it offers.

The park is wooded for the most part, but the entire bike path is paved. For this reason, touring the park from start to finish will not be a hassle. Moreover, the park sits near an airport. So, while you may hear noisy planes taking off, you may also see them up close as they fly from the airport. For this reason, Alum Creek Trail is ideal if you are planning to take photos of your trip.

Some parts of the trail have more trees and bushes than others. If you reach these tree-filled spots, you will feel like you are in a dense forest instead of a biking trail. That said, the trail is ideal for an easy to moderate nature ride. (source)

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4. Geneva-On-The-Lake

If you want to have a trip to an uncrowded place, Geneva-On-The-Lake is the best place to go. Although smaller than most attractions in Ohio, this resort town has some of the best attractions.

Where To Go

Geneva-On-The-Lakes sits along Lake Erie’s southern shore. For this reason, it offers loads of lakeside activities, swimming spots, a marina, and vibrant nightlife to offer locals and tourists. That said, visiting Geneva-On-The-Lake will provide you with endless tourist activities.

Views along Lake Erie by Geneva-On-The-Lake
Views along Lake Erie by Geneva-On-The-Lake image google Maps

If you want to travel to a place that offers scenic views of nature, you can pedal your rental ebike all the way to Geneva State Park. The park is close to bodies of water, biking and hiking trails, and breathtaking woodlands, all of which your eyes can enjoy. You can even set up a tent and camp in the park overnight. This way, you can see the fantastic scenery of Geneva-On-The-Lake at night.

After biking for hours, you can then head out to one of the town’s beaches and bask under the sun while watching waves crashing to the shore. (source)

What You Need To Know About Geneva-On-The-Lake

The cost of a rental e-bike in Geneva-On-The-Lake depends on the number of units you will rent and the rental’s duration. The more e-bikes you rent, the more discounts you can get. For instance, renting one e-bike for three hours costs $55, while renting two e-bikes for the same duration costs $105.

Moreover, you can rent an e-bike for multiple days by booking a reservation online or calling your chosen rental ebike provider through the number on their website. You can also pick up or have your e-bike delivered to your location. However, it is worth noting that you have to pay the delivery fee separately. (source)

What To Bring To Rent An eBike

When renting an e-bike, it is essential to bring:

  • driver’s license or valid government-issued ID
  • stretchable biking clothes
  • closed-toe shoes
  • protective biking equipment
  • pocket money
  • snacks and water

Highlights of Geneva-On-The-Lake

Geneva-On-The-Lake is a small town, but it packs must-visit biking areas. One of these attractions is Geneva State Park, a place that is open for biking, hiking, fishing, water activities, camping, and picnicking. The biking paths are close to campgrounds and the shore, allowing you to see fellow tourists and magnificent views as you pedal.

Once biking tires you out, you can sit on the shoreline and watch the gentle waves coming back and forth the shore. If you are visiting the place in the afternoon, it is ideal to wait for the sunset, as Lake Geneva has one of the most beautiful sunset views to offer.

Additionally, remember to pack appropriate clothes and some snacks. Geneva State Park has a vast greenery that serves as a great picnic ground. For this reason, bringing some food and drinks is another great way to rest after hours of touring the park by e-bike. (source)

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5. Peninsula

Peninsula Ohio Trails
Peninsula Ohio Trails

Peninsula, Ohio, is a small town with beautiful sceneries, art galleries, and areas you can tour while riding an electric bike.

Where To Go

Peninsula has great sights and hidden attractions that you can only reach and see if you have an electric bike. It has a historic small-town beauty that captivates the eyes of both the locals and tourists. Even better, the attractions in the town are available all year round, so you can take a tour whenever you want.

This small town in Ohio is also famous for its annual events, such as Peddler Day, Spring Stroll, and Christmas In Peninsula. If you are into vibrant festivities, you can visit Peninsula on days when it has festivals going on. For instance, one of its most popular festivals, the Boston Mills Art Fest, happens in May.

But even without these festivals, Peninsula has a lot of attractions to offer. Some restaurants offer good food, shopping centers, and parks that you can visit with your e-bike. (source)

What You Need To Know About Peninsula

Renting an e-bike in Peninsula costs around $25 an hour. You can rent an e-bike for an entire day, which will cost you $150.

The best way to rent an e-bike in this location is to book online. All you need to do is access your chosen e-bike provider’s website and fill in the booking page. This way, your bike will be ready once you reach Peninsula. (source)

What To Bring To Rent An eBike

The best things to bring when touring to Peninsula are:

  • biking clothes and shoes
  • snacks and water
  • protective biking equipment
  • a camera
  • pocket money

Highlights of Peninsula

Nature and adventure lovers will enjoy an electric bike trip to Peninsula’s Ledges Trail. For one, there are rock formations along the biking trails, which you can explore and take some photos of. The trail system has little elevation, making it easy to explore.

Some parts of the trail are tricky, so make sure to bring a map with you. Once you feel tired, you can sit by the trail’s picnic area and admire the scenic view of the horizon. Trees also cover most of the trail, so your trip will be cool and comfortable.

Even better, the trail is family-friendly. For this reason, you can bring your kids here and have them ride rental e-bikes on their own so they can enjoy the trail. Large vehicles cannot enter the area, so you do not have to worry about speedy cars passing by. (source)

More Things to Know About eBike Rentals

What To Wear For An eBike Rental

Safety is always the most essential thing when touring a particular location. If you are renting an e-bike in Ohio, you need to wear protective equipment, including:

  • an e-bike helmet provided by your rental place
  • Biking pants with a gel insert can be a game changer for keeping you bum comfy. 😀
  • optional knee and elbow gear

Apart from the protective equipment, proper biking attire is also crucial. Your clothes have to be stretchable and breathable. This way, you can move freely as you pedal your rental e-bike. In addition, you need closed-toe shoes to protect your feet in case they slip off the pedals.

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What You Need To Look For When Renting An Ebike

When renting an e-bike, you cannot simply grab the first model you find and ride it. Instead, it would be best if you considered the following factors:

  • The e-bike’s size – does the size and weight of your rental e-bike suit you? If you are tall, you need to look for a large e-bike to ensure that you can maneuver it comfortably.
  • Price – is the rental price fair? It is ideal to look for multiple rental places to compare which one offers the best e-bike models and prices.
  • Add-ons – your rental e-bike should come with a helmet, so you will not need to bring your own. Most rental places provide their clients with helmets.

Rental Age Requirements

The majority of e-bike rental places require their clients to be adults, at least 18 to be able to rent an ebike. Some allow minors to ride a rental e-bike, but a parent or legal guardian must accompany them.

Test Ride Vs. Rental eBikes In Ohio

During an electric bike test ride in Ohio, the rental place will choose the e-bike model you can ride. You only have a limited time and location where you can ride the electric bike. Moreover, some rental places offer free test rides while others come with a cost. Learn more about Ohio ebike tours – here.

On the other hand, renting an e-bike is very different from doing a test ride. When you rent, you get to choose the electric bike model you want to get, the duration of the rental, and the places you want to explore.

eBike Rental FAQs

Can I book a rental in advance?

Many rental places offer advance rental bookings on their e-bikes. Although many companies hold a few eBikes back for walk-ins, it’s always best to book in advance when able.

How much do eBike rentals cost?

Rental e-bikes can range from $25 to $150, depending on the rental’s duration. Some rental places require their clients to pay an hourly rate, which is more expensive than fixed rates in many cases.

How long can I rent an eBike for?

E-bike rental places decide on how long you can rent their e-bikes. Some only allow people to rent for up to a day, others up to a week. The vast majority of companies seem to favor getting their bikes back on the same day, but if your credit is good, they likely will rent it as long as you want. Just contact your desired location and see if they have a current deal.

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