eBiking in Pennsylvania

Where To Rent An Ebike In Pennsylvania (Sightseeing Fun)

Pennsylvania is rich in history, and its tourist attractions remind people how the state contributed to American history. Fortunately, you can explore these attractions by renting and riding an e-bike.

My top three favorite places to rent an e-bike in Pennsylvania are Lancaster, Valley Forge, and Harrisburg.

Pennsylvania tourist attractions are countless. That said, let me share with you my favorite places that you can visit and rent an e-bike in.

1. Lancaster

Deemed among the unique places in the US in terms of culture, Lancaster is a great place to visit for people who seek a tranquil getaway.

The beauty of Lancaster area with the Amish
The beauty of Lancaster area with the Amish

Where To Go

Lancaster is one of the oldest inland cities in Pennsylvania. As mentioned, this rural city is culturally unique, partly because it was once the epicenter of the ethnic and religious group called Amish. Amish people live a simple life without electricity and are reclusive. These people played a role in shaping the culture of Lancaster.

Apart from its culture, another fantastic attraction in Lancaster is its local food. Lancaster Central Market, for instance, is a place that offers the best food produced by local farmers. Even better, you can explore this market while riding an e-bike.

Moreover, there are countless attractions that Lancaster offers. If you want to experience a peaceful vacation, some parts of the town provide some quiet time. There are also parts that brim with shops and vibrant activities for those who seek adventure. (source)

What You Need To Know

You can rent an electric bike in Lancaster for:

  • Half Day – $50
  • Full Day – $85
  • Three Days – $200
  • One Week $325

If you want to rent an e-bike for more than a week, you can talk to your chosen rental e-bike provider. To rent an e-bike in advance, you can call the rental place and reserve your preferred date and time. (source)

What To Bring To Rent An eBike

When renting an e-bike, you must have:

  • valid government-issued ID
  • credit or debit card
  • proper biking clothes and shoes
  • snacks and water
  • additional protective equipment (optional)

Highlights of Lancaster

If you are looking for an excellent place to use your rental e-bike in Lancaster, Lancaster County Central Park is a must-visit. This park is relatively quiet, so its natural beauty is preserved. You will even see amazing views while traveling the bike trails.

The park is the embodiment of beauty and peace. There is a river by the trails, making your ride even more relaxing. And since the path has no crowd, you can maneuver your electric bike at a leisurely pace.

Moreover, you will see a variety of plants, flowers, and trees while exploring the trail. If you need a quick break from your adventure, you can stop at the park’s picnic area and breath fresh air. You can also bring food, as picnic grounds and barbeque spots are within the park. (source)

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2. Valley Forge

Valley Forge is not only a historical place, but it also boasts incredible beauty and sights to see.

Where To Go

Offering fascinating historical sites, Valley Forge is famous as the place where George Washington and the Continental Army camped in the late ‘70s. If you want to learn history from the places you visit, Valley Forge is one of the best places to explore.

One of the most popular attractions in Valley Forge is its 10-mile driving loop. You can explore the place by car, a trolley provided by tour operators, or a rental e-bike if you want to ride at your own pace. The said driving loop has nine stops, each telling a story about this historical town.

Ebiking at Valley Forge is amazing
Ebiking at Valley Forge is amazing

Among the stops in the driving loop is The Visitor Center At Valley Forge. This area shows how the Continental Army built its fortifications. Throughout the park, you will see monuments, woodlands, and meadows that commemorate the war and the soldiers who fought in the battle. (source)

What You Need To Know About Valley Forge

A rental e-bike in Valley Forge varies in cost, depending on the rental duration,

  • One Hour – $20
  • Two Hours $35
  • Three Houts – $50
  • Four Hours $65

You can book a rental online, allowing you to reserve your e-bike. You can book your rent by visiting your rental place’s website and filling in its booking page. After submitting all the needed rental information, you need to pay either a down payment or a full payment via credit card. This way, your e-bike will be ready even before you head on to your vacation. (source)

What To Bring To Rent An eBike

E-bike renters need to have:

  • a valid government ID or driver’s license
  • credit card
  • stretchable biking clothes
  • closed-toe shoes
  • a biking pack to store your personal items
  • water
  • some snacks

Highlights of Valley Forge

Valley Forge has loads of attractions, many of which are accessible by e-bike. But if you have to choose one biking destination in Valley Forge, the best choice would be Valley Forge National Historical Park.

This park offers endless activities, including biking, hiking, fishing, and picnicking. For this reason, you can try other activities while taking a quick rest from biking. You can even bring food and drinks and have a picnic while in the park.

Biking on the paved areas of the park will bring visitors so much fun. Some trails have inclines, giving you a bit of adventure during your trip. Alongside the path are nature sceneries, so you will have a lot to explore while on your way.

Apart from the natural sceneries, Valley Forge National Historical Park also features historic spots that are worth visiting. (source)

3. New Hope

New Hope PA perfect for eBiking
New Hope PA perfect for eBiking – image credit Google Maps – link

Antique shops, historic homes, and fantastic restaurants – these are only a few of the many attractions New Hope can offer. So, get your bags ready, rent an e-bike, and explore this small yet rich town.

Where To Go

New Hope is a small town in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It is famous for being one of the best food destinations in the county, thanks to the outstanding restaurants lined on its downtown. That said, New Hope is a perfect place if you want a vacation destination that offers good food.

Of course, good food is only complete with a fine glass of wine. Such is another thing New Hope is popular for. It has wineries where you can conduct wine tasting and shop for the best wines you will taste.

After eating and wine tasting, New Hope also offers a good opportunity for shopping. Its main street is brimming with boutiques and shops where you can get souvenirs or simply window shop. Of course, all these places are reachable if you have a rental e-bike. (source)

What You Need To Know About New Hope

Rental e-bikes in New Hope cost:

  • Half Day – 459
  • Full Day – $75
  • Overnight – $125
  • One Week – $249
  • Weekends (Two Days) – $175

Rental e-bikes are available via online booking. Your chosen rental place’s website will have a booking page where the available dates, times, and prices are listed. On the booking page, you can choose when and how long you need to rent an e-bike. This way, you can secure a ride even before your visit to New Hope. (source)

What To Bring To Rent An eBike

A helmet, bike lock, and mini bag come with your rental e-bike. So, you only need:

  • government-issued ID
  • credit card
  • pocket money
  • snacks and hydration
  • proper biking shoes and clothes

Highlights of New Hope

One of the best spots in New Hope that you can explore while riding a rental electric bike is the Struble Trail-Uwchlan Trailhead. This trail features a magnificent outdoor scene and plant life, making it a great place for people who seek an adventure close to nature. There are also trails that run along waterways, making it an excellent biking spot.

The main trail within the park is paved, making it easy for e-bikes to pass through. Smaller trails branch off the main trail, many of which are unpaved. For this reason, exploring while riding an electric bike will provide you with different levels of difficulty.

Since this trail is not too hilly, it makes a great space for leisure walks. So, you may come across people walking on the trail as you ride your mountain bike. Dogs are also allowed in the area, making it a fantastic biking area if you are having a vacation with your furry friend. (source)

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4. Harrisburg

Harrisburg has a lot to offer for vacationers. For this reason, you will need to book an e-bike to make the most out of your tour.

Where To Go

Harrisburg PA
Harrisburg PA

Harrisburg offers countless attractions for tourists. It is home to the Pennsylvania State Capitol — the most beautiful and iconic building in Harrisburg. This building alone is already a sight to see, but there is more to the town than it.

After feasting your eyes over the Pennsylvania State Capitol, you can visit the State Museum Of Pennsylvania. This museum will tell you almost everything you may want to know about the state, making it an exciting attraction. It also has exhibits of flora and fauna, as well as preserved dinosaur remains.

Furthermore, there are also parts of Harrisburg where you can leisurely ride an e-bike and relax. Bike paths are around the city, and there are trails along parks and secluded areas. (source)

What You Need To Know About Harrisburg

Harrisburg e-bike rental places usually charge $25 per hour for their e-bikes. You can rent for more than an hour, which will cost you:

  • Two Hours – $40
  • Half Day – $70
  • One Day – $100

Online booking is available, but you can always walk in on a rental shop once your reach Harrisburg. (source)

What To Bring To Rent An eBike

  • credit card
  • valid government ID or driver’s license
  • a biking pack to carry your personal belongings
  • snacks and water
  • additional protective equipment for biking (your rental place will provide the helmet)

Highlights of Harrisburg

One of the best tourist attractions where you can bring your rental electric bike in Harrisburg is the Capital Area Greenbelt. This beautiful, well-maintained trail features a paved trail, making it a great location to explore with your rental electric bike. Along the bike trails are greeneries where flowering plants thrive, offering tourists fantastic sights as they continue their adventure.

If you are looking for a good part of the Greenbelt that offers an easy ride, City Island is a great choice. This small island sits near Riverfront Park and features a trail that measures less than a mile. Apart from Riverfront Park, you will also see various attractions within the City Island. These attractions include the Pride Of The Susquehanna Riverboat, City Island Railroad, and Water Golf. If you are open for detours and other areas to explore, the Riverfront Park sits on the left of the City Island. (source)

5. Philadelphia

Philadelphia brims with good food and iconic attraction. For this reason, there is no denying that it is one of the best places to visit in Pennsylvania today.

Where To Go

Similar to many towns in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia tells American history. It is home to one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites — the Independence Hall. You will also find various historical museums and exhibits, such as the Museum Of The American Revolution and Carpenter’s Hall, in this town.

eBiking around Philadelphia by Azalea Garden
eBiking around Philadelphia by Azalea Garden – credit Google Maps – link

But Philadelphia is not only famous for its rich history. It also has places for art where you can feast your eyes on various art pieces. This city’s love for art extends beyond its museums. You will also see graffiti and mosaics around the streets as you wander with your e-bike.

Moreover, Philadelphia has park systems that you can go to if you want to get close to nature. There are bike paths with different difficulties, allowing you to challenge yourself while you are on your adventure. (source)

What You Need To Know About Philadelphia

Renting an e-bike in Philadelphia costs $20 per hour and $49 for four hours. The rental electric bikes are not available for online reservation Meaning you need to walk into the rental place to rent an e-bike.

Moreover, electric bikes are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, if you want to rent multiple e-bikes for a large group, it is ideal to give the rental place a call to see if they can cater to your needs. (source)

What To Bring To Rent An eBike

  • pocket money
  • credit card
  • valid government ID or driver’s license
  • snacks and water (or an energy drink if you are planning a long bike trip)
  • proper biking clothes and shoes

Highlights of Philadelphia

Swatara State Park is a fantastic place to visit if you want to explore Philadelphia by e-bike. The main trail has branches that take you to other parts of the park, allowing you to reach even the secluded areas. Some trails are paved and flat, while others are graveled and hilly. For this reason, you can choose how much difficulty you want to add to your adventure.

The park has an area for picnic-goers. If you are having a biking trip with your family, it is ideal to bring snacks so you can spend time sitting on the park’s greenery while enjoying good food. Majestic scenery surrounds the entire trail, allowing you to feast your eyes on good views.

Additionally, Swatara State Park is home to Swatara Creek. This body of water is a famous site for fishing and canoeing. If you are into fishing, you can bring your rod and enjoy catching fish in the creek. (source)

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More You Need To Know About eBike Rentals

What To Wear For An eBike Rental

Renting an e-bike comes with the need to prepare and wear proper biking clothes. This preparation ensures that you will remain safe throughout your trip. That said, below are the types of clothing you need to wear when going on an e-bike trip:

  • Sports Clothes – make sure that your clothes are stretchable and breathable. This way, you can move quickly while riding your bike without your clothes absorbing much of your sweat. Moisture-wicking clothes are comfortable as they allow moisture to evaporate.
  • Shoes – you want to protect your feet while making them comfortable. That said, choose a closed-toe pair of sports shoes with soft soles.
  • Protective Equipment – almost every e-bike rental places provide their renters with helmets. Make sure that you wear them throughout your ride. I also recommend that you wear knee and elbow pads and biking gloves for extra protection.

What You Need To Look For When Renting An Ebike

When renting an electric bike, you need to check the e-bike model, location, and rental price. The electric bike model should fit your height, allowing you to propel the pedal easily. An e-bike that suits your body build will also help you ride comfortably.

In terms of the location, look for a rental place that is close to the attraction you plan to explore. If you cannot find one, opt for a rental service provider that can deliver the e-bike to your preferred location.

Lastly, check for multiple rental places. This way, you can compare rental prices and find the one that will best fit your needs and demands.

Rental Age Requirements

The majority of rental places only cater to renters who are 18 years old and above. On the other hand, some rental locations provide e-bikes to younger renters, provided that they come with a parent or legal guardian.

Test Ride Vs. Rental eBikes In Philadelphia

During test rides, your chosen electric bike rental place will usually choose the e-bike model you can try riding. You will also have a limited riding time, and you must stay within the rental location. Test riding an e-bike will allow you to decide whether or not using an e-bike on your vacation will work for you.

After the test ride, you can decide whether or not you will rent an electric bike. During the rental process, you can choose the e-bike model you want to get and the duration of your rent. You can also select the locations that you wish to explore while riding your e-bike.

eBike Rental FAQs

Can I book a rental in advance?

The majority of e-bike rental places in Pennsylvania allow people to rent an e-bike in advance. I strongly recommend that you rent one in advance, especially if the place you want to rent is near an attraction. It would be tragic to go all the way to find out they don’t have any left. However, some companies hold a few models strictly for walk-ins, so you might still be okay if you don’t book in advance. Easiest way – just call in advance.

How much do eBike rentals cost?

Rental e-bikes usually cost $20 an hour, but it depends on a few things like the model and proximity to attractions. If you want to rent an e-bike for multiple days, renting for an entire week costs $325 at most places in the state, or at least close to that..

How long can I rent an eBike?

Most eBike rental companies in Pennsylvania rent their bikes via a variety of slots. I’ve seen ones rented for half-day, full-day, and even up to a week’s rental term. The best thing to do is call or contact the company you want to rent from and find out their rental particulars.

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