Electric bike tours in Michigan

eBike Tours In Michigan (Vacation Locations)

Michigan is popular among tourists for all the best reasons. For one, this state offers magnificent beaches, fine sand, and fun water activities. But suppose you start to get tired of swimming on beaches. In that case, another excellent vacation activity in Michigan is joining an electric bike tour. This way, you can explore the backroads of Michigan and the nature’s beauty that hides on the trails.

My top 3 favorite places to take an e-bike tour in Michigan are Traverse City, Eastern Market and Leelanau County.

If you want to try going on an e-bike tour, Michigan offers some of the best tour operators, destinations, and itineraries. Let me share seven of my favorite Michigan e-bike tours to help you pick the destination for your next vacation.

My Favorite Seven eBike Tours In Michigan

1. Traverse City

Located on Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, Traverse City is a must-visit location for tourists who love participating in outdoor activities. The place even has biking paths that will take you to the most wonderful attractions within Traverse City.

TART trail is smooth and perfect for ebikes
TART trail is smooth and perfect for eBikes

When To Go

There is no better time to visit Traverse City than the summer and fall. There is only a little rain during these seasons, so biking trails are dry and not slippery. Traverse City also has beaches and the popular Grand Traverse Bay, and summer is the best time to visit them.

What To Bring

Touring in Traverse City will allow you to reach beaches and trails. So, you will need:

  • sunscreen
  • insect repellent
  • water and snacks
  • biking gloves (optional)

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Most Traverse City e-bike tour operators have no tour prices mentioned on their websites. So, you have to call them to find out the cost of the tour and the associated costs you need to pay. (source)

Tour Highlights

The Traverse Area Recreation And Transport Trails, or simply TART Trails, are a 10-mile network of multi-use trails. But more than just a trail, this place is a fantastic destination for tourists and electric bike enthusiasts.

For instance, the areas surrounding the trail systems are a sight. If you visit in the fall, you will see the beautiful foliage covering the ground. In the summer, the trees around the trails become lush and brightly colored, making it a perfect place for nature lovers.

TART Trails also exhibit Art On The TART, a series of artworks on the side of the road done by community artists. These pieces of art aim to depict the rich cultural identity Traverse City has. (source)

2. Eastern Market

Eastern Market is the best place for tourists who love food. Here, you can enjoy fresh and locally sourced food and beverages. Even better, it is an excellent place for those who love arts and crafts.

Eastern Market eBike Tour
Eastern Market eBike Tour – image Google Maps

When To Go

You can visit the Eastern Market any time of the year. If you visit in the fall, you will see Michigan’s abundant fall harvest, allowing you to shop for various goods. On the other hand, the place is popular in the summer for its Flower Festival and the famous Murals In The Market.

What To Bring

When going on an e-bike tour to Michigan’s Eastern Market, the best things to bring are:

  • pocket money
  • a bag where you can place the goods you shopped for (if you are visiting in the fall)
  • proper biking clothes
  • closed-toe shoes
  •  biking helmet (if your tour operator will not provide one)
  • a camera (to take photos of the beautiful murals)

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For $79.99, you can tour Eastern Market for two hours. The tour includes the rental electric bike you will use and the tour itself. (source)

Tour Highlights

Michigan’s Eastern Market began selling meat, produce, and other products in the 1800s. Today, the place is listed on the National Register Of Historic Places.

Moreover, the best thing about joining an electric bike tour to Eastern Market is seeing the murals around it. Farmers made these murals in the 1970s to advertise the produce and livestock they sell. In 2015, the murals became an art festival where local artists contributed to designing the place’s walls.

Today, Eastern Market has more than 150 murals that depict political, social, geometric, floral patterns and other themes and styles. You can see these murals one by one while riding an electric bike, taking photos, and admiring the artistic nature of Michigan’s local artists. (source)

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3. Leelanau County

Leelanau provides bike enthusiasts with paved and offroad trails surrounded by vineyards that are worth the adventure. For this reason, this county is one of the best places to visit when joining an electric bike tour.

When To Go

Leelanau is a great place to visit all year round. You can enjoy trails, vineyards, orchards, and wineries, which makes your vacation worth it.

What To Bring

An electric bike, a biking helmet, and a biking bag that you can use to store your wine purchases. For this reason, all you need to bring are:

  • water
  • sunglasses
  • pocket money (you will visit a winery where you will have time to buy wines)
  • comfortable shoes and clothes

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The tour costs $90 and will last for four hours. You will also have a tour guide who will take you to the Leelanau Trail, beautiful orchards, and vineyards and tell you different stories about these places. (source)

Tour Highlights

As mentioned, an electric bike tour around Leelanau will visit the Leelanau Trail, a vineyard, and a winery. Out of all these places, the Leelanau Trail serves as a haven for tourists and biking enthusiasts.

The trail stretches for 19 miles and passes along wildlife sanctuaries, open meadows, and orchards, making it a biking paradise. For this reason, you will not only see trees and canopies. Instead, your eyes can feast on different sceneries, turning your trail ride into a new adventure.

After the trail adventure, you will visit a winery where you can taste and purchase different wines. (source)

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4. Pelkie and Houghton

Pelkie is home to many famous attractions, such as the Sturgeon River, farmscapes, and the historic Pelkie schoolhouse. Even better, you can explore all these places by joining an electric bike tour with a tour guide who will provide you with significant information about the places.

When To Go

Pelkie has freezing temperatures from December to January. So, the best time to visit is between June and September. These months have warm temperatures in Pelkie, making them the best time to visit the city.

eBike Tour in Houghton Michigan
eBike Tour in Houghton Michigan image credit Google Maps

What To Bring

When touring the great country roads of Pelkie, you need to have:

  • snacks and water
  • a biking pack that contains your personal necessities
  • sunscreen
  • moisture-wicking biking clothes
  • closed-toe shoes

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The two-hour tour to Pelkie costs $50, with an electric bike and helmet provided. It will explore the natural beauty of Pelkie, making the tour an excellent choice for nature and e-bike lovers. (source)

Tour Highlights

The tour will stop by the Sturgeon River, the historic Pelkie School House, and pass by the city’s farmscapes and valleys. But out of all these destinations, the highlight would be the visit to Sturgeon River.

The said river houses different species of fish, such as pike, whitefish, walleye, goldeye, and sturgeon. Chances are you will also see people canoeing and kayaking on the river’s waters.

In addition, the Sturgeon River is the epitome of wilderness. The ground around the river is undeveloped, giving you the exact description of nature. Lush trees surround the waters, so biking along the riverbank will remain comfortable even when it is sunny. (source)

5. L’Anse Bay

Suppose your ideal Michigan vacation includes watching boats and marinas by the shore, visiting sandy beaches, and exploring trails. In that case, L’Anse Bay has all of that to offer. So, get your bags ready and find an e-bike tour operator that will take you to the best attractions in L’Anse Bay.

When To Go

L’Anse Bay offers tourists miles of biking paths, beaches, and water activities. For this reason, the best time to visit this Michigan attraction is in the summer when no rain can ruin your plans.

What To Bring

When visiting L’Anse Bay on an e-bike tour, you need:

  • comfortable biking clothes
  • closed-toe shoes
  • snacks and water
  • extra clothes (in case you want to take a dip on the beach after your tour)

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A two-hour tour to L’Anse Bay costs $50, including the rental electric bike and helmet you will use. A tour guide will also join you and tell you everything you need to know about the place. (source)

Tour Highlights

L’Anse Bay is home to various bodies of water and beaches. For this reason, the tour’s highlight will be visiting Lake Superior. The said lake covers two countries β€” Canada and the US, particularly Michigan and Wisconsin.

 In Michigan, Lake Superior has incredible sights to offer. It has sandy beaches, lighthouses, cliffs, and a vast woodland surrounding the waters. Since the lake is popular among tourists, you will also see people participating in water activities like boating and sailing.

Suppose you are doing a self-guided e-bike tour. In that case, you can stop by the lake and enjoy various activities like swimming, hiking, kayaking, and even camping. On the other hand, those who are on a guided e-bike tour can enjoy the fantastic view Lake Superior offers. (source)

6. Harbor Country

Harbor County is great for electric bike sightseeing
Harbor County is great for electric bike sightseeing

Another must-visit area in Michigan is Harbor Country. Filled with trails, wineries, and typical vacation activities, Harbor Country can make your vacation worth it.

When To Go

Summer is the best time to visit Harbor Country as the place offers beaches, endless trails, wineries, and breweries you can explore.

What To Bring

Below are the must-have items when exploring Harbor Country:

  • moisture-wicking, stretchable biking clothes
  • proper biking shoes
  • snacks and sufficient water
  • a camera

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A tour of Harbor Country costs $50 and will last for one and a half to two hours. You will explore various trail systems and beach-side paths and pass by fantastic views. (source)

Tour Highlights

When visiting Harbor Country, the best place you can visit for an electric bike tour is the New Buffalo Trail. New Buffalo is home to a variety of trail systems, making it an excellent place for tourists and e-bike enthusiasts.

The trail will show you the backroads of Harbor Country, giving you a picturesque view of hills, forests, and parks. You will also pass by several nature-viewing spots and resting areas with benches. You will surely need the resting areas as this tour will make you pedal along the best trails of New Buffalo.

Apart from Harbor Country’s backroads, biking along New Buffalo will also allow you to visit wetland trails, wildflowers, and varieties of trees, vines, and shrubs. (source)

7. Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail

The trails in Michigan are ideal for electric bike tours. For instance, the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail provides you with more than just a place to ride your bike. Instead, it will also let you see fantastic views that you cannot reach when riding a vehicle other than a bike.

When To Go

Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail is accessible throughout the year. For this reason, you can choose when is the best time to explore the trail. However, it is ideal to pick a season when there is the least amount of rain so that the trail is dry and not slippery during your tour.

Ride eMTB: This area has so much to offer. Read more at the National Park Service Sleeping Bear Dunes – Bicycling

What To Bring

Michigan’s trails stretch for miles. For this reason, your biking pack should contain:

  • insect repellent
  • snack and water
  • pocket money
  • biking gloves (optional)

It is also vital to wear moisture-wicking and stretchable sports clothes to make movement comfortable. Closed-toe shoes and a helmet is also a must.

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A self-guided Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail tour costs $75 and will last five hours. With this type of tour, you get to choose the places you will visit and the pace of your ride. This way, you can stop by different attractions to take photos or simply appreciate the views.

Tour Highlights

Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail is a 22-mile trail system with spots for biking, running, walking, hiking, and skiing. It connects to various park attractions, like the town of Glen Arbor.

When visiting this trail system, your highlight would be the visit to Sleeping Sand Dunes. Deemed the “Most Beautiful Place In America,” Sleeping Sand Dunes provide tourists with a place to appreciate the natural beauty of Michigan.

Since you are on a self-guided tour, you can stop by the sand dunes and try dune climbing. This activity is popular among locals and tourists. Suppose you are not in for a strenuous activity. In that case, you can instead view the scenic overlooks above the dunes before continuing your electric bike tour. (source)

Frequently Asked Questions About eBike Tours

What kind of eBikes are provided?

E-bike tour operators in Michigan usually provide pedal-assist e-bikes. These bikes have motors that engage when you push the pedals, making the bike less challenging to maneuver.

With pedal-assist electric bikes, you will feel energized maneuvering your bike as you explore the best places Michigan has to offer. The bike’s motor will increase the power of your legs’ pedal strokes, making it feel like it is lightweight.

How long does an eBike tour take?

Electric bike tours in Michigan usually last for two to three hours. Throughout the tour, you can visit the state’s most popular attractions. If you join a guided tour, a tour guide will tell you all the information you need to know about the places you visit. On the other hand, self-guided tours are better if you want to manage your itinerary and time.

Are eBike tours safe?

Electric bike tours are safe, so you do not have to worry about anything when joining one. Tour operators ensure that their electric bikes are in the best condition before letting tourists use them. They will also require you to wear a helmet, appropriate clothes, and shoes to ensure your safety.

Finally, the tour guide who will join your tour is professional and knows about the places you will visit.

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