Rocky Mountain Slayer Powerplay

Rocky Mountain Slayer Powerplay Ebike – Why It Never Came (And What’s Better Anyway)

The Rocky Mountain Slayer Powerplay Ebike is a rumored eMTB. The mountain biking community says that it packs excellent features and great assistance. However, why didn’t Rocky Mountain release the Slayer Powerplay to the market?

No one knows why the Slayer Powerplay Ebike never came to the market. Rocky Mountain did not release any statement to confirm or deny this rumored eMTB, which left the people assuming about the bike’s features.

It could be that the brand thought of better engineering, which pushed them to seize creating the rumored eMTB.

Rocky Mountain Slayer Powerplay Ebike

Rocky Mountain is one of the excellent brands for making versatile and high-quality bicycles. This trusted brand has been on the market since the 1980s, providing sturdy bike frames and high-end suspensions that allow riders to enjoy trail riding.

With Rocky Mountain, you will find any bike for your riding needs as it applies current technology to its creations.

Moreover, there have been rumors that Rocky Mountain will release an electric mountain bike called the Rocky Moutain Slayer Powerplay Ebike.

According to rumors, the Slayer Powerplay will have a frame that is either carbon or alloy.

Framecarbon and alloy versions

In addition, the Slayer Powerplay has short chainstays, low standover, and average reach figures, which are similar to the Specialized Kenevo 2020 mountain bike. Rumors also say that this e-mountain bike has a low standover. As a result, it offers an agile and natural-feeling ride that the Rocky Mountain Powerplay line is popular for in MTB circles. (source)

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Why The Rocky Mountain Slayer Powerplay Ebike Never Came Out

In 2020, Rocky Mountain released the Slayer Powerplay. However, it is not the electric mountain bike everyone hoped for, not from what I’ve heard anyway. Instead, this bike is a manual mountain bike with no motor. It gives you two size options – 27.5″ and 29″ – along with 180 and 170mm of travel.

However, the Slayer Powerplay with an installed motor system never really came out of the market. The company also did not release any statement to confirm or deny whether it is creating the said e-mountain bike.

For that reason, no one can know why the Slayer Powerplay eMTB was never released. It could be that the company thought of a better electric mountain bike or the Slayer Powerplay eMTB was no more than a rumor circulating the mountain biking community.

How The Slayer Powerplay Could Have Been Better

Rocky Mountain Electric Mountain Bikes
Rocky Mountain Electric Mountain Bikes

Rumors painted the Slayer Powerplay e-bike as an excellent mountain bike. Unfortunately, it was never released by Rocky Mountain. Still, looking at the other Rocky Mountain MTBs, it’s safe to say that the Slayer Powerplay e-bike would have been a great eMTB.

That said, what could have been better about the Rocky Mountain Slayer Powerplay Ebike if it was ever released on the market?

1. Overcome Power Differences

One of the most significant advantages that the Slayer Powerplay could have given cyclists is the ability to overcome power differences. That means even beginners can keep up with regular mountain bikers when conquering challenging trails.

When eMTBs were not yet mainstream, it was primarily the mountain bikers who had the same fitness level who went on trails together. But suppose the Slayer Powerplay ever came out. In that case, bikers of different ages and energy levels could climb the same steep trail together.

2. Excellent Uphill Climbs

There is no denying that cycling uphill can be difficult. Chances are you will reach the top of a trail all sweaty and running out of breath. It may even be a little hard to enjoy the view that you worked hard to see at this stage.

But with the Rocky Mountain Slayer Powerplay Ebike, you could get at the top of every trail without exerting much effort. If Rocky Mountain ever released this e-bike on the market, cyclists would master uphill climbs regardless of how many blockages or root passages are on the way.

In addition, an electric mountain bike makes starting up on a steep relatively easy.

3. Safe Downhill Ride

The electric motor system on the Rocky Mountain Slayer Powerplay Ebike makes the center of gravity low in the crank. As a result, downhill rides, especially on terrains with rough grounds, feel safe to conquer.

4. Offers Optimum Load Control

You quickly run out of breath when mountain biking since trails can be challenging to ride on. Such is especially true for people who do not go mountain biking regularly. This load can be challenging and is not necessarily the goal of mountain bikers to have such an extreme workout.

But with electric bikes, riders can take trails without exerting too much power. This way, mountain biking becomes a healthier and more effective way of exercising the entire body. (source)

The Rocky Mountain Slayer Mountain Bike

Rocky Mountain MTBs are bikes that feel natural despite having the latest technologies integrated into them. Its Powerplay models are proof of how high-end the brand’s products are.

Moreover, one of the bikes released by Rocky Mountain is the Slayer mountain bike. However, it would be best not to mistake this MTB for the rumored Slayer Powerplay e-MTB as they are entirely different.

The Rocky Mountain Slayer Powerplay Ebike mountain bike does not have a motor system. Despite this, it can bring your mountain biking experience to a whole new level.

For a better understanding, here are the features of the Rocky Mountain Slayer mountain bike:

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The Slayer has a steep seat tube angle, making it comfortable to sit while climbing uphill. This geometry also keeps the front wheel weighted during steep technical trails. The reach, head angle, rear center, and front center are also balanced, which gives the rider a balanced position during descending.

Moreover, Slayer’s geometry is not extreme in any area. But this simplicity makes this mountain bike an excellent all-rounder.


  • The Rocky Mountain Slayer MTB features the Shimano XT brakes, making it robust and easy to use.
  • Rock Shox Lyrik and Super Delux
  • It has the Maxxis Aggressor installed in the rear and the MaxxGrip DHF on the front.
  • It boasts the excellent Race Face and Shimano XT12-speed drive train. The Slayer also has cranks and a bottom bracket, making it highly durable and efficient.

Moreover, the Rocky Mountain Slayer Mountain Bike proves to be a great climber and boasts an excellent seated position. That said, the Rocky Mountain Slayer is a good mountain bike worth checking out. (source)

What Are Mountain E-Bikes?

Electric bikes are already mainstream in the biking community. However, most people are not aware that mountain bikes are now being electrically supported as well. These bikes make long rides (and slow climbs) better and quicker without having to exert much effort.

That said, electric mountain bikes or eMTBs are perfect for beginner mountain bikers who need support in conquering technical trails. However, what exactly is a mountain e-bike?

Electric Mountain Bikes

Generally speaking, electric mountain bikes are regular MTBs integrated with a battery-operated assist. This assist or motor comes via pedaling or throttle in some cases. One example is the rumored Rocky Mountain Slayer Powerplay Ebike.

When pedaling on an electric mountain bike, the motor installed engages, thus giving you a boost. This way, you can drive over rough trails without tiring yourself too much.

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According to Ed Benjamin, the senior managing director at the eCycleElectric consulting firm, riding an e-mountain bike means “You control your speed with your feet, like with a regular bike. You just feel really powerful and accelerate easily.”

Apart from the pedal-assist feature, some electric mountain bikes also have a throttle. The throttle engages the motor to the mountain bike with only a press of a button.

With electric mountain bikes, the harder you pedal will result in more boost from the motor. As a result, it will be faster for you to get to your destination. The bike also allows you to control how much assistance you want to get. Meaning you can choose between Eco, Trail, and Boost when you want more assistance on technical climbs. (source)

Are Electric Mountain Bikes Good?

The electric mountain bike market has undoubtedly enjoyed massive growth over the past years. However, there are people from the mountain biking community who find a hard time accepting eMTBs.

Some say that this mountain bike does not give the same feeling and enjoyment as MTBs with no assistance motors can offer.

Considering this factor, what are the benefits of eMTBs like the rumored Rocky Mountain Slayer Powerplay Ebike?

1. Increased Range

Electric mountain bikes allow cyclists to cover more trails within a given time. For instance, in an hour of mountain biking, using regular MTB lets you cover 10 miles of trail. But with an eMTB, you will be able to ride around 12 to 15 miles within the same amount of time.

2. More Stability

Electric mountain bikes like the unreleased Rocky Mountain Slayer Powerplay Ebike are a little heavier than a completely-equipped standard mountain bike. Most eMTBs also have mid-drive electric motors, which you can find on the bike’s bottom bracket. On the other hand, the batteries are usually installed along the downtube.

Since the eMTBs’ weight is located centrally and very low on the frame, they have a shallow center of gravity. As a result, electric mountain bikes can offer extraordinary stability, which is especially beneficial during descends.

3. Added Capability for Riders

The motor systems on electric mountain bikes are not just for additional speed. Instead, it also adds extra power to riders. This power allows them to take on a more significant number of technical obstacles, even when they are not professional mountain bikers.

If the rumored Rocky Mountain Slayer Powerplay Ebike were ever released, it would have been an excellent bike for amateur mountain bikers who want to try taking on challenging trails. (source.)

Is Rocky Mountain a Good Brand?

Rocky Mountain is famous for its mountain bikes, road bikes, and even kid’s bikes. However, its most famous bike line is its mountain bikes, which is no longer surprising considering their quality.

This bike brand began in 1978, although it was not released on the market yet. During this year, Grayson Bain and his colleague experimented with their Nishi Road bike, installing it with a 5-gear system, straight bars, and wide tires.

They hoped this system integration could make the bike go fast on complex paths. The two succeeded, establishing the Rocky Mountain Bicycles company in 1981.

Rocky Mountain’s Success

One proof of Rocky Mountain’s popularity is the Mountain Bike Of The Year Award given by the Mountain Bike Magazine in 1996, 2000, and 2002. Sponsored cyclist Marie-Helene Premont even won a silver medal in the 2004 Olympics, where she used a Rocky Mountain MTB.

In 1984, the company expanded its sales outside Vancouver and started international bike shipping in 1989. The Procycle Group then bought Rocky Mountain in 1997. It initially operated as the Procycle Group but decided to use the name Rocky Mountain in 2019.

Considering how long Rocky Mountain has been in the industry, there is no doubt that it is a good brand. It even features light frames, powerful suspension, flexible geometries, and built-in adjustments. For this reason, its bikes offer additional cycling comfort to riders.

In addition, Rocky Mountain’s innovative bikes come in different sizes and high-end components.

This combination of parts results in a highly-durable mountain bike. This factor can be why the mountain biking community anticipated the Rocky Mountain Slayer Powerplay Ebike so much. (source)

Where Are Rocky Mountain Bikes Made?

As mentioned, Rocky Mountain has been designing and developing bikes, especially mountain bikes, since 1981. It has its office in St. Georges, Quebec, where all the bike innovations happen. It began creating and selling mountain bikes in the basement of West Point Cycles, a bike store located in Vancouver, Canada.

In 1997, Rocky Mountain was sold to Procycle. Procycle then changed its name to Rocky Mountain, the brand that the biking industry knows today.

Moreover, the said brand is famous for its mountain bikes. It is so popular that people heavily waited for the rumored Rocky Mountain Slayer Powerplay Ebike, which never really came out to the market. Additionally, the brand produces a vast array of specialized bike models for various riding styles.

As of 2011, Rocky Mountain offers more than 30 different bike models. These models range from hard-tail cross-country bikes to full-suspension downhill models. Additionally, the company produces aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, and steel mountain bike frames.

As mentioned, Rocky Mountain started manufacturing road bikes in 1984. They currently market eleven performance road bikes, two cyclo-cross models, and several urban, fitness, and hybrid bikes. (source)

The Takeaway to the Rocky Mountain Slayer Powerplay Ebike

Rumors about an electric mountain bike made by Rocky Mountain heavily circulated in the biking community. People waited for the company to release the Rocky Mountain Slayer Powerplay Ebike. Unfortunately, there was no electric mountain bike of such launched by the brand.

No one knows why the Slayer Powerplay electric bike never came to the market. One reason could be that this mountain bike was nothing but a mere rumor. It could also be that Rocky Mountain planned to make the same bike but did not push through for some reason.

But suppose the Slayer Powerplay ever came out to the market. In that case, it could provide an excellent mountain biking experience to cyclists.

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