Accessories to hunt from an electric bike

9 Things You Need to Hunt with an Electric Mountain Bike

Buying a new ebike to use for hunting is exciting.  But one of the important next steps is to outfit your bike with the accessories to improve your hunting experience.

With the right gear you can go farther and experience a better hunt without being exhausted hiking into your spot.  That motor helps you carry loads with comfort farther!

An electric mountain bike will open new opportunities to go deeper into the bush and position yourself for the best hunt of your life.  You don’t need a loud expensive ATV anymore with the right accessories like a cargo trailer and rack, it’s easy to experience a new level of hunting.

Have you ever thought of other things or electric mountain hunting bike accessories that can make your experience fun? Do you know that some things can convert your eBike into a reliable hunting vehicle? This article will show you some critical things you need for an electric mountain bike for hunting. We’ll also show you what you need to carry your weapons safely while hunting.

Why Use an Electric Mountain Bike to Hunt?

Electric mountain bikes offer more benefits than any other hunting vehicle. And that is because of its compactness, which means that it can access a wide range of terrains, even narrow trails in the forest. They run on the battery, so you won’t have to cycle around the woods with your accessories on the rack.

On the other hand, most of them have brushless motors that produce little to no noise, which means that you will never have to worry about your bike scaring the animals while hunting. And its carrying capacity and ability to move and tackle hills can improve your hunting experience. (source)

Mountain Biking with Shimano EP8 Bike Motor
Mountain Biking with Shimano EP8 Bike Motor

Why Is It Ideal for Hunting?

An electric mountain bike can handle a wide range of accessories, so you have the option and can even add a cart which offers more space for carrying your hunting gear. Some carts have stands that can help keep your bike stable when loading and unloading it. Others can be converted to wheelbarrows and help carry things on the camping site, but for you to move around with a cart, you need a powerful electric mountain bike.

Plus, with the fat tires that most electric mountains come with, you can easily tackle a wide range of terrains in the woods. Some electric mountain bikes come with anti-puncture tires, which means you can tackle any terrain without worrying about punctures. You will never have to worry about carrying a spare tire with an anti-puncture tire, leaving more space for other accessories.

Why Do You Need to Purchase Accessories?

Even though electric mountain bikes come with accessories that can benefit any hunter, the manufacturers also produce some customized things that can enhance your hunting experience. These customized accessories can:

  • Ensure that you never run out of battery
  • Provide more storage space for your gear and even create room for carrying your game back
  • Ensure that you have your rifle or bow safely
  • Keep you comfortable while hunting

Fortunately, some manufacturers include a hunting package with mountain bikes that can help make your experience fun, like fenders and racks. But if your electric mountain didn’t come with some hunting accessories, you should try and get the following additions.

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Accessories Needed

Hunting with a mountain bike can be fun and tedious simultaneously, but you will never have to worry about getting tired with an electric mountain bike. With the right accessories, you can efficiently complete your ultimate hunting gear. Some additions can modify your bike while allowing you to carry more than enough hunting equipment as far as you can go.

Of course, you can’t purchase all of them, but there are some crucial things that every hunter must own. Some of them include:

Portable Solar Panel

Solar Panel for Hunting
Solar Panel for Hunting

If you’re like most hunters, then you love combining hunting with camping. Therefore, you can spend an entire weekend hunting with your pals and family members in the woods. But if you are using an electric mountain bike to explore the forest as you move away from the camping site, you may have doubts if it can serve you for an extended period.

Plus, if you’re covering a vast terrain, then chances are that your battery may run low or may not serve you for the number of days you will be there. Sure, you can carry a replacement battery, but if you’re camping for a couple of days, you have no guarantee that your bike won’t run out of charge, especially if you consider the number of days you will be in the woods.

Therefore, to be safe, it’s always a good idea to carry a portable solar panel that can still charge your devices even under poor conditions.

Bluetti Pv200 200w Panel

I always take my Bluetti PV200 200W Panel, which has always kept my bike and other devices fully charged.

The Bluett PV200 panel is a 200W monocrystalline panel with a high conversion efficiency of about 23.4%, higher than most options in the market; therefore, it always charges my electric bike very fast and powers other equipment in my tent. (source)

Its anti-scratch ETFE coating is another thing I love about this foldable solar panel. It ensures that I can charge my battery even in less than perfect weather conditions. Plus, it’s water-resistant means you don’t have to think about getting shocked while charging your electronic devices.

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This solar panel can function even under poor weather, so you can still keep your bike charged even when it rains. I sometimes even move around the forest terrain with this lightweight option; unfortunately, it doesn’t come with USB ports. Therefore, I always use it to charge a second battery that powers my other devices, and on rare occasions, I use it as a replacement battery.

Portable Battery

If you are not a massive fan of recharging the electric mountain bike on the go and believe that it’s inconvenient, then you should carry an extra pack of batteries. A portable battery can come in handy when you plan on venturing deep into the woods and away from your RV, camping site, or truck.

A portable battery like the Unit Pack Power Battery can double the electronic bike’s range when hunting, and it makes it possible for you to cover more terrain.

Therefore, when the battery is low, all you have to do is replace it with a fully charged option, and you’re back in business.

Unit Pack Power

The Unit Pack Power can fit on any electric mountain bike with a battery base. Plus, it comes with a key that you can use to securely mount to your bike frame and never have to ever worry about it being stolen or falling while exploring the forest.

A backup battery can offer you more juice when carrying a huge game to the camping site. Another key feature that stands out is the USB ports you can use to charge your smartphone, so make sure it has a USB port.

RIDEeMTB Tip: Getting a backup battery is a little “insurance plan” to provide confidence that after a long day, you’ll still get home. If your read to double your distance and explore more check the prices and reviews on Amazon with this shortcut link -> Unit Pack Power Battery

Thanks to its on/off button, you can save more power, even when not using this battery. Therefore, you can switch it off when you have parked the bike and trailed your target on foot or when you call it a day.

The Unit pack power is effortless to mount on your bike, and the fact that it’s lightweight means that it won’t add more weight to your bike. Unfortunately, it can be pretty costly, but it is a worthy investment considering its benefits. (source)

One Wheel Maya Cycle Bike Cargo Trailer

Many electric mountain bike brands come with reliable racks that can hold a certain amount of gear. But if you feel like you need more space for your cargo or even enough space for your game, you can try a one-wheel shipment like the Maya cycle trailer. A massive trailer with stands and a single wheel can improve your hunting experience.

Maya Cycle (link to Amazon) is known for producing high-quality bike accessories, and this one-wheel cargo trailer is no exception. This unit is pretty light as it only weighs about 5kg; therefore, it won’t add too much weight to your bike’s motor.

This trailer works with any bike with an 18″ wheel, plus you can easily convert it into a functional wheelbarrow for transporting your gear. And to keep your bicycle upright while loading this trailer, it has a stand.

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Its Uses

Maya Cycle designed this multi-purpose unit for city streets, camping, beach, and even hunting. Plus, its big, square flatbed can support a wide range of containers, and you can use it to transport things on the camping site or your game as a wheelbarrow. Another key benefit of this trailer is its quick release system for detaching and attaching it to the bike.

This trailer is one of the most convenient carts in the market that can do more than enhance your hunting experience. Unfortunately, its frame tends to rust faster, so proper maintenance is mandatory. (source)

QuietKat Two Wheel Game Cart

There are different electric mountain bikes on the market, so if you don’t like using a single-wheel cart and feel unstable when riding with one, you should go for a two-wheel option like the QuietKat two-wheel cart.

This hunting cart is sturdy enough, thanks to the fact that it is from aluminum, which means that you don’t have to worry about your load breaking the cart or rust. Therefore, you can use it to transport a massive game from where you shot it to your camping site.

RIDEeMTB Recommendation: A powerful ebike with the correct gearing can haul heavy loads. This is why so many folks are getting cargo bikes. A stable trailer like the QuietKat is a game changer. Highly recommended, check out what others are saying with this Amazon link -> QuietKat Two Wheel Game Cart

Its Features

Its dual tire design makes unloading and loading your extra gear and hunting game easy, thanks to its 18-inch cargo region. You can lay its unique rack at an angle to secure your load or flat to create more space. I love that it’s way more accessible and more stable to maneuver than other single-wheeled trailers. Its rear suspension guarantees you a smooth ride on challenging terrain while hunting.

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Another key feature that makes this cargo exceptional is the quick-attach system you can attach to your bike within seconds. And since you will be screwing it to the bike’s axel, you won’t have to worry about it detaching while riding off-road. (source)

YLG Oversized Comfort Bike Seat

We are not all young and have a body that can tackle many vibrations while off-roading. And while the electric mountain bikes come with a reliable seat, it’s always a good idea to get a better seat, especially if you’re not comfortable on your current seat. Therefore, if you’re not a massive fan of your existing seat, you should get the YLG Oversized Comfort Bike Seat.

The YLG Oversized Comfort Bike Seat is a universal-fit and oversized option that can keep you comfortable while exploring the wild and going after your game.

Its Features

 Like most high-quality options, its padded saddle has high-density memory foam and gel; it is shake-proof. Its waterproof PVC leather surface is anti-scratch, non-slip, and water-resistant for such an affordable seat.

Its extra-wide design can fit your hips perfectly without affecting your leg movement. This seat increases riding comfort and support force at the same time. This seat has always protected my spinal cord while not making noises regarding shock absorption between the springs. Plus, it can support both males and females comfortably is a bonus.

Unlike most seats, the YLG seat is easy to install; therefore, it suits to fit a wide range of bikes. But it comes with an adapter that works for a wide range of bikes. Plus, it’s ideal for mountain bikes, cruisers, and road city bikes. And with the right tools, you can install it perfectly. (source)

Rambo Bow/Gun Holder

The most crucial accessory you will ever need as a hunter is a bow/gun holder for your precious hunting gear while riding over the rough forest terrain. After all, your safety must always come first and knowing how you transport your weapons matters a lot. Fortunately, I’m a massive fan of this Rambo holder, which is easy to attach and lightweight; therefore, you won’t even notice if it’s on your electronic mountain bike.

On top of keeping your weapons safe, you will be able to easily uninstall them when you get home or back to our trailer. But it would be best if you had a high-quality rear rack to install this holder and keep your weapons safe. Even though it comes from Rambo, this holder can work with a wide range of bikes that have rear racks. (source)

CHUMXINY Bike Repair Kit

Generally, most eBikes designs tend to resist punctures and many other issues that may come up when off-roading. And no one wants to be stranded on the trailside; therefore, you need a suitable portable repair kit like this one from CHUMXINY. This unit includes:

  • Bike tire levers
  • Metal rasp
  • Bike patch kit
  • Bike multitool
  • Bone hexagon wrench
  • Bike pump
  • Bike patch kit

This CHUMXINY kit is a must-have mountain bike accessory that can get you out of a tight spot and guarantee that you get back home on time. The best part Amazon sells this kit and you can get it fast. Shortcut link for prices and reviews -> CHUMXINY Bike Repair Kit

All-Rite Products Pack-Rack Plus

If a weapon holder is not ideal for your electric bike, you can try a weapons rack like the All-rite product is one of the best. It is a versatile and affordable universal rack for securing the tubular handlebars for your weapons. This rack can easily fit a bow, a rifle, and fishing rods, among other weapons.

The All-Rite Product rack consists of a high-quality lightweight product paired with a soft rubber that can be gentle on your gear, especially when riding on rough terrain. This racks rubber has some fins that can add cushion and grip when supporting the gear. Plus, the fact that it can do a 360-degrees rotation and rubber security straps allows it to twist to fit a wide range of equipment easily.

The rubber strap situated over the holders will ensure that you’ll never lose your gear since it will provide extra support. (source)

Rambo Bikes Triple Accessory Bag

If you’re not a fan of cargo racks and need more storage space, you should go for the Rambo triple accessory bag. This bag can come in handy when carrying more camping, angling, and hunting gear. The triple accessory bag is polyester material with waterproof PVC coating. Therefore, it is sunproof, waterproof, and tear-proof.

The top bag with about 31 liters can be used as a laptop or duffel bag, while the side bags have 22 liters each. The side bags can also be used as backpacks as they come with some built-in straps that help with installation.

It would be best to have a Rambo luggage rack to use this bag. The reflective strips can help with visibility when riding at night or under poor weather conditions. (source)

Final Thoughts

Hunting using an electric mountain bike can be a fun experience for anyone who wants to quickly access every part of the forest. And with the right eBike accessories, you can move around with your entire hunting gear all over the forest and even carry your game to your truck or camping site. Therefore, if you plan on taking all your gear around while fishing, you should purchase the above hunting accessories; you won’t be disappointed.

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