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What the Shimano EP8 Motor Trademark Can Tell Us About New Bike Technology Trends

The Shimano-EP8-Motor-Trademark is the latest motor system in the Shimano Steps motor system. It is also one of the most popular motors among e-bikers. But what does this motor system tell us about the new technology trends in the bike industry?

Technological changes keep making e-bikes better, considering how advanced the Shimano EP8 motor system is. Electric bike systems are becoming more powerful, allowing bikers to ascend uphill quickly.

These advancements also mean that e-bikers can achieve better riding conditions.


Shimano is one of the most sought-after brands for bike products. The reason is that it applies the latest technologies in making its product. For instance, the Shimano EP8 e-bike system is lighter and quieter than its predecessor.

The EP8 even has a sleeker integration compared to the E8000 – its previous version – making the overall appearance more aesthetic.

Moreover, the company has registered the Shimano EP8 motor for trademark. This trademark registration intends to cover the electric motor categories for

  • electric motor
  • bicycles
  • motor controllers for electric bikes
  • electrically-assisted bicycles sold as a unit
  • electric drive units for e-bikes

The Shimano motor system has improved so much since its first version. Considering this fact, we can say that bike trends are becoming better as technology advances. (source)

Technology has paved the way for modern bikes, such as motor-assisted bicycles. Technological breakthroughs made seamless pedal-assist possible, making it a lot easier for people to get to their destination.

Moreover, technological trends are constantly changing. It leads us to the question – what does the Shimano-EP8-Motor-Trademark tell us about the new technological trends in the bike industry?

1. Technical Innovation Keeps on Making Electric Bikes Better

The Shimano motor system now has a more improved battery life, allowing bikers to make the best out of their adventures. In addition, these batteries can last up to 10 years or 1,500 complete charge cycles. For this reason, you can ensure that your power pack will last for a long time without having to replace it every two years.

The reason why bike product companies keep improving e-bike motor batteries is that they are crucial for electrifying transportation. Batteries are also essential for harnessing intermittent and renewable power sources.

2. Electric Bike Motor Systems Are Becoming More Powerful

Heavy bike accessories make it difficult to pedal a bike, especially on uphill trails. The e-bike industry is aware of this fact, so it innovates lighter yet more powerful motor systems.

For instance, the Shimano-EP8-Motor-Trademark weighs 2.6kg, which is lighter by 0.2kg than its predecessor, the Shimano E8000.

E-bike motors should be as lightweight as possible as the weight impacts the distance that one can ride on a single complete charge cycle. The heavier an electric bike is, the more electricity it will consume when you ride it. So, with the development of lightweight e-bike motors, cyclists will be able to pedal for longer distances.

3. Better Riding Conditions

With the new technology trends, cyclists can now go the distance at any riding condition. E-bike motor systems allow riders to take complete control of their bikes, making it easier to conquer trails regardless of their difficulty.

In addition, new e-bike technology trends make electric bikes more optimal for riding up and downhills.

4. Electric Bikes Are the Future of Urban Mobility

Driving a car to get to a destination means enduring long hours of traffic jams. Now that bikes are becoming assisted electrically, people are starting to use e-bikes to get to their destination.

The bicycle infrastructure is growing steadily, and the popularity of the electric bike makes it possible for people to get somewhere in a relaxed manner.

5. Electric Mountain Bikes Will Become Easier to Use in the Future

Electric mountain bikes are becoming more and more popular these days. With the new bike trends, die-hard mountain bikers can now explore hills and trails without exerting too much effort. Such is perfect for beginner mountain bikers.

In addition, mountain bikes are becoming better than ever. Their sophisticated design constantly improves, thanks to a drive unit and battery integration. (source)

What Are the Notable Features of the Shimano Ep8?

As electric bikes continuously revolutionize, motor systems also keep up and become better. Cyclists can easily reach high-tech e-bike motors, which brings their riding experience to the next level.

For instance, the Shimano-EP8-Motor-Trademark now has features better than its predecessors. It comes as no surprise that it packs innovative and high-end features.

That said, here are the notable features of the Shimano EP8 Motor System.

1. Powerful Torque

The Shimano Steps EP8 motor system features a maximum torque output of 85Nm. It also has a direct power delivery yet is incredibly smooth. These features provide cyclists with total control and a natural ride feel.

2. Magnesium Drive Unit Casing

The EP8’s motor boasts a drive unit casing made out of magnesium. This casing is better and more compact than the EP8 motor system’s latest predecessor.

Magnesium casings are increasingly used for e-bike motors as it allows weight savings, resulting in improved e-bike functionality. It is 33 percent lower in density than aluminum. Additionally, magnesium is the lightest construction metal, with a weight-saving level of 28 percent.

For these reasons, the Shimano Steps EP8 motor is highly efficient for long-distance cycling.

3. Assist Switch

The EP8 has an SW-EM800-L assist switch that allows riders to control the motor. It also includes a more ergonomic concave button profile, so you can efficiently operate it without gloves. That said, you can easily switch between Off, Eco, Trail, and Boost modes.

4. Lighter Motor System

You need a light yet an agile motor system to achieve optimal off-road performance. The Shimano-EP8-Motor-Trademark only weighs 2.5kg, making it one of the lightest drive units available in the market. It will be easier for you to ascend your mountain bike uphill or pass on bumps and roots with less weight.

This motor system can still provide enough power for every ride despite the less weight.

5. Compact Yet Powerful

The Shimano EP8 is slender, slick, and slim. Yet, it can offer the power that you need to reach the top of an uphill trail.

Additionally, the size of the drive unit increases ground clearance when you need to ride on technical trails. For this reason, you can handle challenging trails easier than electric mountain bikes with a more extensive motor system.

6. Excellent Battery Life

On its website, Shimano says that its “batteries are renowned for keeping you out on the trails and riding further.” This statement proves true on Shimano EP8’s battery life.

Shimano expanded its battery lineup with 630 Watts internal and external batteries. As a result, your electric bike will have more capacity along with longer rides.

Moreover, the Shimano-EP8-Motor-Trademark will still have 60 percent maximum capacity even after 1,000 complete charge cycles. For this reason, you can still maximize trail rides anytime. The battery may even outlive your bike depending on how often you rise and how challenging the trails you take are.


The E-TUBE Project App is Shimano’s technology that gives riders the power to plan out their ride before going on a trail. It features

  • Wireless smartphone and tablet connection
  • Latest electric mountain bike firmware
  • checking for error codes and providing solutions
  • User-friendly interface
  • Intuitive in-app navigation

In addition, the app features maximum assist without having to sacrifice the bike’s controllability. You can also switch between profiles, such as Commuting and Off-Road, efficiently using the app. Even better, the E-TUBE Project is compatible with Android and iOS, making it easy to access.

With the E-TUBE project, you can achieve a hassle-free ride regardless of how challenging the trail you want to conquer is. This way, you will be able to avoid delays caused by unplanned reasons.

8. Display

The Shimano-EP8-Motor-Trademark’s display allows you to view all of your ride settings. It also displays color-coordinated assist levels using the 1.6-inch LCD screen. This way, you can easily see your settings even when driving. (source)

How Many Watts Is the Shimano EP8?

Watts for the Shimano EP8 bike motor
Watts for the Shimano EP8 bike motor

There is no denying that Shimano is one of the best companies in the bike industry. For this reason, the Shimano-EP8-Motor-Trademark is undoubtedly a high-end motor system that bikers seek after. However, that is not the only reason why the Shimano Steps EP8 is an excellent motor system.

Motor250 Watt Mid-drive motor with 85Nm max torque
Battery Capacity756 Wh (2x 378 Wh T.E.C.)
Charging TimeApproximately 3 hours per battery
Assistanceup to 25km/h
Assistance LevelEco, Trail, Boost
ControlsColored and compact Shimano EP8 display. Features easy operation using the ergonomic Shimano Firebold Remote lever

The Shimano-EP8-Motor-Trademark has a higher maximum torque of 85Nm than its predecessor, the E8000, which only has a maximum torque of 70Nm. Its latest motor system features 21 percent more power output of 500 Watts. However, similar to most motors, the continuous power output is only 250 Watts.

In addition, the maximum support raises by 400 percent, which is 100 percent more than that of the E8000.

The form factor of the EP8 is also 10 percent smaller than its latest predecessor. For this reason, it is one of the lightest full-size motor systems on the market, with its total weight of only 2.6kg.

Moreover, the mounts of the motor system are still in the same position as the E8000. So, you can use this new motor even in an older chassis. (source)

What Is the Maximum Assistance Delivered by The Shimano Steps EP8 Motor?

The Shimano-EP8-Motor-Trademark has maximum assistance of 25km/h. Even better, the motor system allows you to choose from 10 levels of assist character and five levels of assist start. After selecting the assist character and start, the next thing you need to do is to set the maximum amount of torque that fits your ride style best.

There are also three modes:

  • Echo
  • Trail
  • Boost

You can even save your preferences as two different profiles for the next time you will go biking. Additionally, you can easily switch from these two styles using your display if you need to swap the commute for a different trail.

Moreover, there is a wide input area for easy and intuitive operation on different trails with or without gloves. The shifters have a concave shape, making it easier for riders to switch between the three modes.

The Trail Mode

Apart from the three modes mentioned above, the Shimano-EP8-Motor-Trademark also has the new trail mode. This newly refined mode utilizes the maximum 85Nm of the Shimano Steps EP8’s power to increase ride comfort.

According to Shimano, the Trail mode is its most versatile assist mode. The company turned it so that riders can customize the settings and then forget it. This way, cyclists will be able to take advantage of different trails, regardless of how easy or difficult they are. The harder you push your e-bike, the more power the motor system will deliver to assist.

Moreover, the EP8’s assist will provide you with a suitable power boost at the right time. Meaning you will have the maximum traction and control for every ride. For instance, the drive unit will rapidly and seamlessly adjust itself when you are tackling steep trails or loose sand. This way, you can fully concentrate on the track ahead of you. (source)

Does the Shimano EP8 Have Walk Mode?

The Shimano-EP8-Motor-Trademark makes assist modes simple. You only need to switch between different modes, activate the new and excellent walk assist mode, or choose any setting from the customizable ones.

How To Activate the Walk Assist Mode

Turning the walk assist mode is relatively straightforward. You only need to press and hold the bottom button to switch the unit. The word “WALK” will then appear on the display screen. Once it does, you can release the button and then press and hold again to choose the said setting.

To deactivate the walk assist mode, you need to press the top button on the switch unit. (source)

The Shimano Steps walk mode is beneficial because when you are tired from pedaling, you can prompt the motor to move the bike at a moderate speed. This way, you can move your bike without having to push its full weight. Meaning you will not need to exert a lot of effort, especially on rough roads and uphill climbs.

Final Thoughts on the Shimano-EP8-Motor-Trademark

With the Shimano Steps EP8, the company managed to bring the e-bike motor technology to the next level. The EP8 even surpassed its competitors in terms of noise level and weight. The display integration is also the best on the market now, and it even offers some user-friendly features.

Moreover, the Shimano EP8 motor system indicates that the new bike tech trends are continuously evolving. Considering how advanced the EP8 system is, it is safe to conclude that technological advancements in the electric bike industry will push through and become more improved.

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