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The Complete Electric Mountain Bike Range Guide

The electric mountain bike range is something that seems like a puzzle at first. How are you supposed to know what it will be before testing the bike for yourself? There are ways to go around this and get the most out of the entire e-MTB experience.

The range of an electric mountain bike is largely dependent on the bike’s battery. The best indicator of range is the Watts / Hour (Wh) rating of the battery. Other factors contribute like motor efficiency, temperature, rolling resistance, speed and voltage

The world of e-bikes keeps getting more exhilarating each day. The industry is pushing the limits of using electricity to its advantage.

If you’re familiar with these super-fast bikes, some might have almost run you over on the streets. Sit tight while we take you on a journey through all the things you should know about electric mountain bikes.

Giant Reign E+
Giant Reign E+ – image credit Giant

Which brand has the longest range value ratio?

When you factor in the price, range and components the Giant Reign E+ has an advantage over the competition. Some stand out features of the Reign E+

At a price of $6,100 and a calculated value per mile of $0.017 the Reign E+ is a clear standout when judging range. Read more about the this bike over at Giant with this shortcut link -> Giant Reign E+

Electric Mountain Bikes 101

Besides electric mountain bikes, a couple of other e-bike options are available. The first is the classic electric bicycle you can see riding on any road. Another popular version is the speed pedelec, which goes up to 250Wh. (source)

Did you know that there are no power limits for electric bikes in the US? Each cycle has its speed limit set by the engine, making the whole e-system reliant on the bike manufacturers. (source)

What makes an electric bike different from any other kind of bike is, you’ve guessed it, the electricity powering it. E-bikes run because of AC engines which convert electricity stored in DC batteries. (source)

Electric Mountain Bike Functions

Of course, you can also ride your bike, and the pedals will propel you forward, the same as with regular cycling. Plenty of e-bikes have the option to recharge the batteries using this technique.

Electric mountain bikes can even take on high altitudes and adventurous paths with diversity at their core. They are the vehicle of choice of professional competitive e-bikers. The options are endless.

Are you wondering what makes up the electric mountain bike range? Let’s look at the individual parts first.

Electric Mountain Bike Components

  • Bike Frame
  • Platform
  • Motor
  • Battery
  • Brakes
  • Chain drive
  • Chainwheels (sprockets) (source)

Next to traditional parts like the brakes and the frame, the e-MTB engine needs to sit on a solid platform. Sometimes, the motor is in one of the wheels instead. It depends on the weight and strength of the whole structure.

Another essential aspect of why electric mountain bikes perform the way they do is their aerodynamics. Scientists have found optimum ways to distribute the weight of all the parts plus the driver’s weight. It is also why the battery and the engine have their special placements set up. (source)

These elements create the foundation for the most efficient electric mountain bike range. Let’s dive deeper into what you should look at to achieve this.

RIDE e MTB Tip: Are you thinking about building an eBike? It isn’t very hard – Heck I’ve got step by step instructions with videos along with all the tools. Check it out 👉 How to Build a Mid-Drive Electric Bike

EMTB Range to Price (How far will your $ take you)

The value equation is simple. Just like publishing the miles per gallon for a car. We can calculate the distance you can go on an ebike related to the cost of the bike. Check out the table below to really understand “Value per Mile”. The equation is Value per Mile = (Cost of Bike) / (Range) / 3000 (assumes 3000 mile life)

Brand and ModelCostValue per Mile* (lowest $ is best value)
Haibike ALLMTN 5$6,800$0.038
Santa Cruz Heckler$8,749$0.031
Stromer ST5$10,606$0.032
Giant Reign E+$6,100$0.017
Flyer Uproc6$6,999$0.044
* Equation Value per Mile = Cost / Range / 3000 mile life

What Is The Electric Mountain Bike Range

When it comes to the range an electric mountain bike can reach, it has a lot to do with its battery. Most batteries are lithium-ion ones, but certain technological advancements allow the use of other ones. Think solar batteries. (source)

Bike Make and ModelBattery Watts/HourPublished Range
Haibike ALLMTN 5400 Wh95km / 59 miles*
Santa Cruz Heckler720 Wh150km / 94 miles*
Stromer ST5983 Wh180km / 110 miles*
Giant Reign E+625 Wh189km / 118 miles*
Flyer Uproc6625 Whnot published (est. 85 km / 53 miles **)
* published range from manufactures is usually tested at SLOW SPEEDS on FLAT SURFACES with PEDAL ASSIST ** based on similarly spec bike from TESTING HERE

The weight of the battery influences the importance of the entire bike, which is crucial for mountain bikers. Having to carry too much in an emergency could result in severe consequences. However, if the battery is on the bigger side, the bike’s range is higher. Is there an in-between, or do you have to choose between the two?

The battery depends on the motor to power it. A well-performing engine has an efficient control system that regulates energy consumption by communicating with the battery. The battery charger is another thing to remember when choosing an e-MTB. Maintain it properly and take good care of it – a replacement doesn’t always come cheap. (source)

RIDEeMTB Tip: The range of an electric bike is a trick question especially when provided by the manufacture. The best measure of range is related to the Watt / Hour (Wh) of the battery. A higher watt hour battery has the battery cells to provide energy longer. Think of Wh like the gas tank of a car. The bigger the tank the farther you can go, all other factors being equal.

Advanced Interface

A well-designed interface should let you know what is happening with your electric mountain bike’s range. Realizing upfront when the exact time you can stop counting on the battery will save you time and energy.

All types of e-bikes have integrated sophisticated prediction algorithms, including mountain bikes. Some of the data they consider comes down to:

  • Altitude difference
  • Weight of the bike and the importance of the biker
  • Conditions on the road


All kinds of geographical information get put in the GPS systems we use. With electric mountain bikes, it is taking on a fresh approach. Charts and graphs accompany standard calculations to help you figure out your environment with ease at any moment. (source)

Even though the e-MTB industry has started to blossom during the pandemic, you shouldn’t put your trust in any brand you come across without doing the necessary research. Not all of them pay the same attention to the electric mountain bike range.

Bafang Mid-Drive Electric Bike Conversion
Bafang Mid-Drive Electric Bike Conversion

Did you Know You Can Convert a Regular MTB to Electric?

Bafang a leader in DIY electric bike conversions has a mid-drive kit that will fit on most regular bikes. I’d recommend the BBSHD kit, it’s a complete setup with a huge capacity battery and a 1000 watt motor. Why this setup?

  • Heavy duty 1000 watt motor (built for cargo bikes)
  • +50 volt 17.5 Ah battery for speed and distance
  • Easy installation with provided tools.

If you’re considering a conversion, do what I’m doing get the BANFANG BBSHD 1000w eBike Conversion with Battery

Five Best Brands For Electric Mountain Bike Range

We’ve set up this list to help you figure out the electric mountain bike range per brand for you. In it, we will review the models of electric mountain bikes each brand has to offer, including the concept behind them. We will discuss the essential technical details, emphasizing the range.


Haibike has been on the e-biking scene for over 25 years, dominating it for the past decade. The competitive part of it, to be exact. Haibike has been chosen repeatedly by top athletes such as Sabine Spitz, who won the silver medal with it at the Olympics in 2011.

With innovation as their essence, they came up with the concept of e-performance. It promises to balance human strength with electric power. The brand launched a process called Gravity Casting. It can manufacture intricate parts of the e-MTB while making it as lightweight as possible.

By winning the iF Design Award consecutively, they’ve established themselves as a household name in competitive e-mountain biking. Choose between one of their two ALLMTN models or go for the HARDNINE, HARDSEVEN, or the FULLSEVEN.

What’s Haibike’s Best E-MBT?

The ALLMTN 5 has the best electric mountain bike range out of all the others due to its Bosch PowerTube 625Wh battery. The motor powering it is Bosch’s Gen4 Performance CX. Think 250W and 75Nm max torque at 20 mph.

Pick one of four available sizes for the perfect fit.

No matter where you wish to go, if you want to get there fast and safely, choose one of Haibike’s electric mountain bikes. If there’s one thing this e-MTB guarantees, it’s the wind in your hair. (source)

RIDEeMTB Pro Tip: EBike Range and batteries are interconnected. Read about what to do when your ebike battery is dead in this article – What to do with a Dead Ebike Battery

Santa Cruz Bicycles

Santa Cruz Bicycles are famous for being the brand of choice of competitive mountain bikers and enthusiasts alike. The company started in California back in 1994 and has come a long way in building bikes that last. If you’re looking for a mountain bike for women, check out their Juliana brand. Santa Cruz always has you covered.

It all comes down to their Virtual Pivot Point technology, which customizes the suspension to fit the exact bike model you’ve chosen. If you’re wondering where they produce their wheels, it’s all in-house. Providing the best electric mountain bike range can be tricky, but Santa Cruz makes it look simple.

What’s Their Best E-MBT?

Bullit and Heckler are their signature e-mountain bikes. The Heckler MX is the latest addition to the Heckler family, allowing you to choose mixed wheels if you’d like to. This bike has a removable integrated 720Wh battery with a Smart-Plus 4A charger.

It’s not only powerful but versatile as well. The all-carbon frame lets you roam about the trail as much as possible. The attention to detail created the ideal geometric shape and the ultimate e-bike suspension.

Go for Santa Cruz if you want to look fierce on your electric mountain bike. It will empower you to go above and beyond. (source)


Stromer is a company based in Switzerland, which is evident at first glance at their e-bikes. Formulation, efficiency, and preciseness are vital components in their production process. Stromer’s mission is to make electric bikes available to everyone, not just professional e-bikers.

The bikes use an online platform called OMNI Connect so that you can check all the essential info on your bike on the go. Control your motor, lock the bike using Bluetooth and feel safe against theft with this handy technology.

Select the size of the frame which best suits your body type. You’ll be sure to find something designed to fit you perfectly, as there are five sizes to choose from (ST1 X, ST2, ST3, ST5, and ST5 LTD). All go up to 27 mph and accessorize with various chargers and batteries. The most significant difference between them is the electric mountain bike range they can reach and, in some cases, connectivity.

RIDE e MTB Tip: Are you thinking about building an eBike? It isn’t very hard – Heck I’ve got step by step instructions with videos along with all the tools. Check it out 👉 How to Build a Mid-Drive Electric Bike

What’s Their Best E-MBT?

The ST3’s motor has an 820 Watt engine, and it makes for a striving commuting companion, but you can take it offroad. The e-bike is keyless and has a built-in Smartlock integration.

ST5 has the most potent motor out of any of the brand’s bikes – the 850-Watt SYNO Sport has the most extensive battery range of 112 miles. The tires are as exclusive as it gets: Pirelli makes them.

Stromer creates powerful e-bikes that have both speed and competence in mind. Check out their online Bikefinder tool to get acquainted with your new best friend. (source)


Giant has been in the bicycle industry for almost 50 years. It is the first brand to introduce aluminum frames and issue carbon-based bikes to a broader audience. Their bikes are the bikes of choice of Tour de France cyclists and accountants alike.

The company is known for being innovative and well-crafted while keeping an eye on aesthetics. The successful combination of various components propelled the company to the e-bike arena.

Because Giant’s goal is to have every rider unlock their full potential, they’ve developed eight models of their very own electric mountain bike.

What’s Their Best E-MBT?

Their Reign E+ has a lightweight ALUXX SL aluminum frame and a Giant SyncDrive Pro motor. The mighty Giant EnergyPak Smart battery comprises 625Wh Integrated Lithium-Ion, and the Yamaha motor goes up to 85Nm. The Smart Assist Technology will get you to make the most of your pedaling as it turns on once you set off.

In the classic tale of David vs. Goliath, David won in the end. This time, luckily, there is no battle. You can take advantage of the Giant’s strength to work for you. Will you do so? (source)


Flyer is another pioneering e-bike company based in Switzerland. It later expanded to Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands. It has been active since 1995, bearing in mind typical Swiss values of producing very exact bikes ingeniously.

The founder improvised the first e-bike in the beautiful Alps, and his ideas grew into the brand we know today.

There are four main areas where you can embark on your new adventure with Flyer: the mountains, the city, touring, and crossover. There’s another e-bike design for each of these, suiting the terrain it’s meant.

More than the environment, the brand considers the people riding the bikes. They developed FIT (FlyerIntelligent Technology) to optimize the motor’s performance. It’s possible to choose between 4 support systems: auto, standard, high, and eco.

What’s Their Best E-MTB?

The Uproc6 uses a Bosch Performance Line CX engine and comes with a 625Wh FlyerBosch PowerTube battery that recuperates. It can discern between different driving modes and get the extra energy to the motor again. The battery has a convenient coverless location, making it easy to adjust at any moment.

Get ready to reach new heights with the Flyerbike. Watch out: getting back on your feet might be less exciting than you remember. Who needs walking when you can fly, anyways? (source)

If you’re looking at buying an e-MTB, you’ll want to look at all the specifications each model abounds in. Range-wise, the best bike on our list is Stromer’s ST3. But do you know what it takes to maximize the battery’s potential?

What Is The Longest Range Of An Electric Mountain Bike?

Electric Bike Range by Different Models
Electric Bike Range by Different Models

The range an e-MTB has will vary according to circumstances. They range from bad (sudden snow high up in the mountains) to ideal (a long sunny road ahead). The exact range of your electric mountain bike will be up to the bike model itself. Most of the time, if you’re using pedal assist it is about 40 miles. (source)

Electric mountain bike range isn’t all about the bike’s speed. You have to consider it, yet the range depends on certain conditions. Most of them have to do with incidents beyond our control. But the overall state of the bike is just as notable.

Higher speed will significantly reduce the power draw on the battery, which in turn reduces the range.  Wind resistance affects range as speeds increase as well. 

Electric Mountain Bike Range Conditions

  • Wind resistance
  • Temperature
  • The total weight (of both the e-bike and the biker)
  • The surface of the road
  • Tire specifications
  • Battery and charger condition
  • Altitude and terrain changes


Factors Affecting the Range Of E-MTB

The range on your e-MTB is under the influence of a lot of interconnected factors. Most of them have to do with the weather or the state of the roads. It isn’t something that you can control. However, your bike’s response to it is in your hands to a certain extent.

Maintenance Is Vital

Always ensure you have checked everything before embarking on a new biking adventure. Regular maintenance is vital in keeping the electric mountain bike range optimum.

Please pay special attention to the state of the battery and its charger. Always conduct a motor check-up at your local bike shop.

Check how your tires function and make sure they adjust well to the terrain at hand. Keep the warranty close by in case of emergency. It’s not always possible to prove when the damage has occurred, but motor malfunctions can happen.

If everything fails, you can always rely on your own body’s kinetic energy and pedal yourself out of harm’s way. Electric power only has its limitations, after all.

RIDEeMTB Pro Tip: Get a FREE MTB Maintenance guide in this article – DIY Mountain Bike Maintenance Schedule Guide

How Far Will an Electric Bike Go Without Pedaling?

An electric bike goes as long as its battery can take it without charging without pedaling. In terms of the electric mountain bike range, it’s a maximum of 30 minutes. You can leave the pedals alone for almost 20 miles if you decide to. (source)

The engine doesn’t always perform at 100% efficiency. It goes as low as 35% and goes up to 300%. The highest level relates to the motor’s peak power, which translates to about 1000 Watts. (source)

It’s impossible to keep this kind of efficiency without high energy consumption. It is also why it’s best to use a hybrid model – one part is electricity, and the other comes from your energy levels. Make sure you’re in good shape before starting biking. Tiredness directly correlates to your bike riding skills, even if you’re not planning on pedaling as much.

Electric mountain bikes have an exciting future ahead of them. It’s vital to understand how they work and why they’re so fast—after that, choosing the suitable model will be convenient. It’s like riding a bike.

How Many Miles Can An Electric Bike Go?

Electric bikes have a limited mileage they can go, electric mountain bikes included. It is between 30 and 45 miles using a single charge most of the time. It involves a maximum speed of around 25 mph. (source)

The electric mountain bike range is somewhat different because the industry has advanced. With powerful motors and enduring batteries, the range is double what a regular e-bike makes. You could go for a ride lasting about 70 miles without thinking your bike needs recharging.

The conditions you’re in will determine how long your e-MTB goes. If the weather is perfect and the road isn’t too rough, it could take 110 miles. On the other hand, if you’ve run into trouble of any kind, don’t expect it to go above 50 miles. (source)

Why Are E-MBTs Getting Pricey?

There’s a lot that goes behind making an efficient electric mountain bike. It involves geometry and ergonomy for the best suspension design and comfort for long journeys. The engine powering the bike needs to be powerful enough to handle any terrain of your choosing.

The battery has to keep up with the motor, so you often see sky-rocketing prices for electric mountain bikes.

If you take good care of your e-bike, it will take you a long way. Proper maintenance and regular battery and motor check-ups are vital to prolonging the bike’s mileage limit and its lifespan in general.


Electric mountain bike range has to do with various aspects, and not all of them relate to the bike itself. The battery, the motor, the tires, and the rest of the bike itself, naturally, all consider the range to perform the way you prefer.

However, you also have to think about the external factors. It includes the weather, the road conditions, and the landscape. Don’t forget to take yourself and your energy levels into the equation.

Study all the data that accompanies the electric mountain bike you’ve chosen. You can always contact the manufacturer or visit an expert if you’re unsure. They will be able to provide you with an objective opinion on how you can set up your bike’s range. Future you (not to mention your bike) will thank you for it.

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