Testing the Mokwheel Asphalt in the Winter

Mokwheel Asphalt Review: Unbeatable Commuter Value

Having owned and ridden more than a dozen different ebikes this year, I’ve discovered the Mokwheel Asphalt stands out as a notably comfortable commuter bike. This bike is tailored for urban commuters like me, providing a blend of comfort, efficiency, and smooth power delivery.

With its upright seating and robust 500W rear hub motor, my daily commutes and leisure rides have become more enjoyable and reliable.

A comfortable upright riding position on the Asphalt
A comfortable upright riding position on the Asphalt

Owning the Asphalt has deepened my appreciation for the balance between performance and range in e-bikes. The bike’s torque sensor effectively manages power output, making my rides through the city smooth and effortless.

With nearly 280 miles on the speedo, the Mokwheel Asphalt stands out as a practical and enjoyable e-bike, perfect for both the daily grind and relaxed cruising.

Key Takeaways

  • Riding Comfort: I appreciate the Mokwheel Asphalt for its comfortable design, especially the plush seat and high handlebars, which make my urban commutes enjoyable and less tiring.
  • Smooth Performance: The 500W motor and torque sensor on the Asphalt impress me with their smooth acceleration and effective power management, enhancing my urban riding experience.
  • Safety and Handling: I find the hydraulic brakes and the lighting system on the Mokwheel Asphalt to be top-notch, ensuring my safety and ease of maneuverability in city traffic.
  • Impressive Range: The bike’s range of up to 60 miles per charge, backed by a 48V, 14.7Ah battery, is ideal for my longer commutes, reducing the need for frequent recharging.

Highly recommend the Mokwheel Asphalt for its perfect blend of performance, comfort, and value. Visit the Mokwheel website to see how this electric bike can revolutionize your daily commute and leisure rides. 👉 Mokwheel Asphalt

Frame and Build Quality of My Mokwheel Asphalt

My Mokwheel Asphalt stands out with its standard men’s frame and high top tube, enhancing both strength and adaptability to various bike racks.

The smooth, well-executed welds showcase the bike’s craftsmanship, and its geometry is ideal for commuting, balancing comfort and efficiency. The adjustable handlebar stem is a key feature, offering easy customization for different riders.

Adjustable Zoom handlebar stem for tuning in the perfect fit
Adjustable Zoom handlebar stem for tuning in the perfect fit

The finish on my Asphalt’s frame impressed me with its high gloss finish, giving it a striking appearance. The painted battery cover blends seamlessly, enhancing the bike’s sleek look. When I inspected the bike, I found all nuts and bolts correctly tightened, a testament to its thorough assembly and attention to detail.

The bike’s 7-speed derailleur operates flawlessly, a notable point as many new bikes often require adjustments in this area. This aspect, along with the high-quality components, contributes to the Asphalt’s durability and reliability.

Assembly of My Mokwheel Asphalt

The packing material removed from the Mokwheel
The packing material removed from the Mokwheel

Assembling my Mokwheel Asphalt was a remarkably smooth process. It involved the usual steps of installing the pedals and wheels, along with reorienting the handlebar to suit my riding posture.

Fine-tuning the brake assembly position and shifter to match my preferences was straightforward, making the entire setup experience hassle-free and tailored to my taste.

It took me about 30 minutes to assemble the Asphalt. All tools were provided to assemble, a notable extra is the included tire pump and a hex wrench set.

Color Variants, Styles, and Accessories of My Mokwheel Asphalt

I'm really liking the orange color, I wasn't sure in the beginning but it really pops
I’m really liking the orange color, I wasn’t sure in the beginning but it really pops

My Mokwheel Asphalt’s vibrant orange color quickly grew on me, adding a lively touch to my rides. It’s also available in sophisticated grey and deep midnight blue, catering to different style preferences.

I chose the standard high top tube model for its robustness and compatibility with various bike racks, though a step-through version is available for those seeking easier mounting.

The Asphalt’s practical accessories, like the sturdy rack and fenders, significantly enhance its functionality and value. These features, often extras on other bikes like my wife’s Aventon Pace 500, come standard with the Asphalt, making it a well-equipped and stylish choice for urban cycling.

Performance and Range of My Mokwheel Asphalt

500w rear hub motor paired to torque sensing drivetrain
500w rear hub motor paired to torque sensing drivetrain

Riding my Mokwheel Asphalt, I’ve been particularly impressed with its hill-climbing capabilities. On modest inclines, the bike ascends with ease, thanks to its 500W rear-hub motor. This power, combined with the bike’s efficient torque sensing, makes uphill rides feel less strenuous and more enjoyable.

After completing a 32-mile ride that included several hills, I was pleasantly surprised to find more than half of the battery still remaining. This endurance is a testament to the bike’s efficient power usage, especially since I prefer pedaling, which the torque sensing requires and significantly extends the bike’s range.

The Asphalt also offers the flexibility of a thumb throttle, allowing for a completely pedal-free ride if desired. This feature is perfect for those moments when I want to cruise effortlessly, without exerting any physical effort.

The combination of pedal-assist and throttle options makes the Asphalt a versatile choice for various riding preferences and needs.

Technical FeatureSpecification
BatteryLG 48V 14.7Ah
Charger48V 3.0A, 100-240V
Speed ClassLevel 1 (10 mph), Level 2 (15 mph), Level 3 (20 mph), Level 4 (25 mph), Level 5 (28 mph)
Weight60 lbs
Range50-60 miles
Payload Capacity350 lbs
Torque SensingResponsive torque sensor that matches motor assistance to pedaling effort
Hill ClimbingEfficiently climbs modest hills
Riding Modes5 assistance levels, catering to different riding styles and preferences
ThrottleThumb throttle available for effortless, pedal-free cruising
Front Suspension Fork100 mm Adjustable Spring Dampening
Tires27.5 by 2.4 inches wide to smooth bumps
BrakesTektro Hydraulic 180 mm Disc
Derailleur7-Speed Trigger Shimano
LightsFront 2-beam Headlight and Frame integrated brake lights
Rim/SpokesDouble wall rims with 13 gauge HD spokes

Asphalt Riding Experience

Over 280 miles with my Mokwheel Asphalt, its hill-climbing prowess stands out. The 500W motor and torque sensor make ascents effortless, enhancing the ride. Impressively, after a 32-mile journey with hills, the battery was still more than half full, showcasing the bike’s efficient power use.

The Asphalt’s thumb throttle offers a relaxed, pedal-free option, adding to its versatility. However, I often prefer the active engagement provided by the responsive torque sensing, which creates a more traditional biking feel.

This balance of power and efficiency makes the Asphalt ideal for both commuting and leisure rides.

Comfort of the Mokwheel Asphalt

Riding the Mokwheel Asphalt, comfort is immediately noticeable. The plush seat, combined with the front suspension fork, absorbs bumps effectively, making for a smooth ride.

The wide 2.4-inch tires contribute to this comfort, softening the impact of uneven surfaces. Additionally, the bike’s upright seating position ensures a relaxed posture, enhancing the overall comfort during rides.

Safety Features of the Mokwheel Asphalt

The rear brake lights provide fantastic visibility
The rear brake lights provide fantastic visibility

Safety on the Mokwheel Asphalt is well-addressed, starting with its hydraulic brakes that provide reliable stopping power. The upright seating position is not just comfortable; it also allows for better visibility, making it easier to stay aware of my surroundings.

The bike’s powerful front headlight and three brake/tail lights ensure excellent visibility, crucial for safe urban commuting.

The 2.4-inch tires strike a perfect balance between nimbleness and cushioning the ride. This combination enhances safety, allowing for agile handling in traffic while still providing stability and comfort. The thoughtful design of these tires plays a crucial role in the bike’s responsive handling, contributing to a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

Asphalt Technology and Innovation

The color display on the Asphalt provides pertinent information at a glance
The color display on the Asphalt provides pertinent information at a glance

The Mokwheel Asphalt’s technology, particularly for its price, is impressive. Its torque sensing drivetrain stands out, adjusting motor power in response to my pedaling, which enhances the natural feel of the ride.

The bike’s full-color display is another highlight, clearly showing speed, odometer, PAS level, and battery life at a glance.

The integration of the battery into the frame is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. It’s color-matched and blends seamlessly, giving the bike a sleek, non-electric look. Additionally, the integrated brake lights in the seat stays enhance safety while maintaining the bike’s streamlined design.

Price Comparison and Value

Priced at $1,499, the Mokwheel Asphalt offers excellent value, featuring a 500W motor, 14.7Ah battery, and a torque-sensing drivetrain.

I firmly believe in the superiority of torque sensing over cadence sensing for a more authentic biking experience. Compared to other e-bikes with similar specs, the Asphalt stands out as competitively priced.

Brand and ModelPriceDrivetrain
Mokwheel Asphalt$1499Torque Sensing
RadCity 5 Plus$1699Cadence Sensing, 750W Motor
Aventon Level.3$1699Torque Sensing
Himiway Rambler$1499Cadence Sensing

Expanding Dealership Network of Mokwheel

A standout aspect of Mokwheel is their rapidly growing network of dealerships across the country, a unique feature for a predominantly online ebike company. This expansion is significant for me, as it means having access to local bike shops for maintenance and repairs.

Typically, most bike shops are hesitant to service bikes not sold by them. With over 50 dealerships, Mokwheel is ensuring that their bikes are not just accessible, but also serviceable at a local level, which is a huge plus for any ebike owner.

Mokwheel Warranty Summary

The Mokwheel Asphalt comes with a Two-Year Limited Warranty covering manufacturing defects in material and workmanship, applicable to the original owner and product. This warranty includes batteries and motors, with Mokwheel handling all shipping costs for replacement parts under warranty.

Watt a Ride: Asphalt in the City

Right after I put the Asphalt together I was ready to get out and ride
Right after I put the Asphalt together I was ready to get out and ride

The Asphalt stands out as an exceptional choice for commuting, offering great value for its features. Its combination of comfort, performance, and technology makes it not just a practical choice, but a delightful one for everyday rides.

I highly recommend the Asphalt for anyone seeking a reliable, well-equipped e-bike that excels in urban environments.

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