Himiway Cobra eMTB

Himiway Cobra eMTB Review

If exploring two tracks and cruising silently checking out wildlife on a country road is your thing, the Cobra was made for you.  The huge 20aH battery coupled with a 750-watt rear hub motor will get you where you want to go and have the battery capacity to get you back.

And if you’re looking for a trusty steed to accompany you on such adventures, the Himiway Cobra eMTB might just be your match. Let me dive deep into my experience with this two wheeled marvel.

Jumping on the Cobra testing the full suspension
Jumping on the Cobra testing the full suspension

The Quick Spec Low Down

  • Price: $2,399
  • Style: Full Suspension Fat Tire Electric Bike
  • Designation: Class 2 ebike with pedal assist and throttle
  • Motor: 750 Watt Bafang Rear Hub with Torque Assist
  • Battery: 48v, 20aH LG or Samsung cells
  • Range and speed: estimated 80 miles and 25 mph (unlocked)
  • Weight: 88 lbs
  • 8.8 stars out of 10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Want More Cobra?

Tired of e-bikes that promise adventure but fall short on performance and features? The Himiway Cobra isn’t just another electric bike; it’s your ticket to unparalleled off-road experiences. Packed with value, the Cobra ensures you conquer every trail with power and style, making it the ultimate solution for true adventurers.

Stand Out Features of the Cobra

The first word that comes to mind is value.  I’m not seeing any other eMTB’s that offer the standard features that the Cobra provides.  Full suspension and massive 4.8 inch wide tires to soak up and stick to most terrain. Torque sensing power delivery to provide a natural pedaling experience.

The 750 watts of power and 20aH battery capacity give you the confidence to explore a little farther with the confidence you’ll get to where you want and return.

First Impressions

Unboxing the Himiway Cobra
Unboxing the Himiway Cobra

Wow, this is a big bike!  With the box cracked open, you get a sense of how big this bike is.  The 51-inch wheelbase is 4 inches longer than my cross-country full-suspension traditional MTB.  Assembly only took about 30 minutes including the 5 minutes of getting it out of the box.

First Ride

That long wheelbase provides stability and comfortable tracking.  Of course, I tested the suspension within the first 2 minutes of hopping on by rolling down a flight of stairs.  The suspension did a good job, but I quickly realized I needed to lower the tire pressure (I was running them at 30 psi).

First ride on the Himiway Cobra and Loving it!
First ride on the Himiway Cobra and Loving it!

I like pedaling and the torque-sensing pedal assist system is the way to go for me.  The 750-watt rear hub motor provided smooth power at a variety of different pedal input levels. The throttle is always there at your left thumb to give you an added boost.

Comfort and Components

I like to first talk about the touch points and rider position when evaluating an electric bike for comfort.  The Himiway is designed to be a capable off-road mountain bike.  The style of this type of riding has a more aggressive body position leaning forward to maintain balance and control when on a trail.

Just built Himiway Cobra
Just built Himiway Cobra

For aggressive trail riding the Cobra is setup pretty well, if I didn’t love pedaling a traditional MTB on difficult trails, I’m not sure I’d change much.   Where I think the Cobra really shines is on the less two tracks that someone might find turning off into a forest.  For this, I’d like a shorter stem and some handlebars with a slight rise.  

The seat is comfortable, it isn’t small like a true off-road MTB seat.  Providing good rump cushion with adequate relief to comfortably pedal for a distance.

Pedals are of the cheaper variety which, I’ll eventually change to get more foot support and grip.  Read more about pedals for eBikes in this article 👉 The Best Pedals for Electric Bikes

Grips are the ergonomic style with a locking screw.  I love this style and the Cobra’s were comfortable with very little twist.

Cobra Components

I can tell Himiway put value into the foundation of the bike.  Full suspension, 750 watt Motor and a huge 48 volt 20aH battery.

The two-piston 180 mm hydraulic Tektro brakes work pretty well.  The 95mm travel Guide RST front fork is pretty good, the rear shock is tunable but lacks dampening and only uses air.

The rear derailleur falls a little short being an inexpensive 7-speed Shimano Altus running on a freewheel hub.

Experience the Cobra: Watch It in Action!

While I could delve into a lengthy description of the Cobra, sometimes seeing is truly believing. Dive into this video and witness the Cobra’s prowess for yourself. Enjoy!

Range and Speed of the Himiway Cobra

After riding for 70 miles or so, I was able to dial in the fit of the Cobra, and felt good to do a range and speed test.

25 mph speed of Himiway Cobra
25 mph speed of Himiway Cobra

Cobra Range

How far to go?  Like I said earlier, I like to pedal and having torque pedal assist is a range booster for me.  My ride started out early on a Monday with the plan of having a coffee and bagel at a shop 23 miles away.  Totaling 46 miles round trip, and then riding neighborhood roads to run the battery down.

Seriously the battery dropped a single bar at the 31-mile mark (80% left) at 42 miles it dropped to 60%.  From my experience usually, once you get to this level the battery capacity exponentially declines, but not so for the Cobra.  I was still at 60 % once I got to my neighborhood.  From that point I stopped pedaling and just used the throttle for 8 more miles.  Total with a little bit left in the battery = 52 miles!

Max Speed

I unlocked the controller to allow a little bit more power.  You can find the code and process all over the interwebs.  On smooth flat asphalt, the Cobra tops out at 25 mph.  You can feel it has more to give but the software and 22-amp controller are limiting it.  With me adding pedal power I was able to touch 34 mph.

Hill Climb and Trails

I don’t live in a mountainous area so I can’t say I climbed 3,000 feet until my breathing became labored, but I did test the Cobra on the biggest hill in my area.

I’m guessing it’s a ¾ mile continuous climb with some steep “kicks” with a 30% grade finishing with a 50-yard climb on a trail that is more like climbing stairs.  (800 feet in vertical climb)  The Cobra easily climbed it with throttle only.  I dropped to about 11 mph in one section but I was really surprised at the hill climbing performance.

Himiway Cobra Rear Wheel with 750 watt hub motor
Himiway Cobra Rear Wheel with 750 watt hub motor

Trail Riding with the Cobra

While the Cobra might not be cut out for tight, twisty single tracks due to its long wheelbase, it’s a dream on flowy trails. Picture this: cruising on a pine needle-covered forest trail that suddenly opens up to a sandy ridge. The Cobra handles it all with grace, thanks to its 4.8-inch wide tires and full suspension.

Where the Cobra Shines

If you love exploring dirt roads and two-track trails, the Cobra is for you. You can easily roll away 20 miles sightseeing and exploring forest trails.  Or if you want to “take the backroads” to a store or coffee shop and arrive in comfort, again look to the Cobra

Cobra Specifications

  • Brand and Model: Himiway Cobra Electric Mountain Bike
  • Design Inspiration: Full suspension eMTB, inspired by the adaptability of cobras to survive in extreme environments and traverse any terrain.
  • Assembly: Typically takes customers between 30 to 70 minutes.
  • Suspension: Four-bar 190mm rear suspension system with front 95mm travel Guide RST fork.
  • Motor: Upgraded 750W geared hub motor with 1000 watt peak power
  • Motor Torque: 86 Nm through the geared hub motor
  • Battery: 960 WH
    • 48V 20Ah Samsung/LG lithium battery integrated into the frame.
    • Fast charging capability.
    • Estimated range of around 40 to 80 miles.  I logged over 50!
  • Brakes: Tektro hydraulic two piston disk brakes with 180mm front and rear rotors.
  • Tires: 26×4.8-inch CST tires suitable for various terrains.
  • Drivetrain: Shimano 7-speed drivetrain with a Tourney shifter and an Altus derailleur.
  • Pedal Assist: Features a torque sensor for more responsive pedal assist, with 5 pedal assist settings.
  • Throttle: Unlocked to Class 3 settings with a max speed of up to 25 mph while pedaling and 20 mph on throttle alone.
  • Payload: 400 lb. Capacity
  • Rider Height: Recommended for 5’5” to 6’5”
  • Frame: Made out of 6061 aluminum, with a tall standover height and a long wheelbase.
  • Weight: 88 lbs.
  • Price: $2,400

Kicking Up Dust with the Cobra

The Himiway Cobra eMTB is not just a bike; it’s an experience. Whether you’re exploring dirt roads, cruising through forests, or simply taking the scenic route to your local coffee shop, the Cobra promises an adventure.

Do I recommend the Cobra: Heck YES!  If the riding I’ve described fits you the Cobra will work perfectly. Want to learn more about the Cobra? Here’s a shortcut link to Himiway 👉 Himiway Cobra eMTB

With its impressive specs and performance, it offers unparalleled value for its price. So, if you’re in the market for an eMTB that delivers on all fronts, the Cobra might just be your next ride.

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