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eBike Tours In Florida (Biking and Beaches)

Florida is famous for its pristine beauty, vibrant attractions, lively nightlife, and fantastic shopping destinations you can all reach by using a good electric bike. These attractions make Florida an excellent place for tourists looking for a great vacation spot.

My top 3 favorite places to take an eBike tour in Florida are Skyway Beach, Guana River Wildlife Management Area, and Siesta Key Beach.

If you plan to explore the greatness of Florida, let me share some of the best locations to go on an e-bike tour and the things you need to know about them.

My Favorite 7 eBike Tours In Florida

1. Skyway Beach – St. Petersburg

 Skyway Beach sits north of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, the longest cable-supported concrete bridge in the world. This beach in St. Petersburg is a popular touring location for bikers looking to visit a place for a new adventure.

Skyway Bridge Bike Path Views
Skyway Bridge Bike Path Views

When To Go

It is ideal to go on a tour of Skyway Beach in the summer. This way, you will see locals and tourists enjoying the beach and its turquoise water, flying colorful kites, and strolling around the area. Still, Skyway Beach is open all year round, so you can visit any time you want.

What To Bring

E-bike tour hosts usually provide tour joiners with helmets. So, all you need are the following:

  • sunscreen
  • comfortable biking clothes
  • water and snacks
  • a small biking pack for your items

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Going on an e-bike tour of Skyway Beach costs $75, including the tour itself, the rental e-bike, and a helmet. Apart from the view of the beach, the tour will bring you to places you would not reach if you were traveling by car. (source)

Tour Highlights

For $75, the Skyway Beach tour will take you to Don CeSar Resort & Spa. This historic building is now famous as The Pink Palace, a modern-looking resort and hotel. It functioned as a hospital and recovery center for soldiers during World War II. Today, the building brims with white sand, luxury beaches, water-related activities, and lavish spas.

Inside the Pink Palace, you will find different shops, cafes, and boutiques that you can visit. But even outside, this historic place is worth feasting your eyes at due to its trademark red tile roofing, tiered balconies, and arched openings. Today, the Pink Palace proudly stands as the epitome of style on the Gulf Coast of Florida. (source)

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2. Guana River Wildlife Management Area – St. Johns County

Guana River Wildlife Management Area is home to fish, birds, and countless wildlife species. It has fantastic trails that e-bike tour-goers can follow when biking around the area.

Riding on Guana River WMA Beach with an eBike
Riding on Guana River WMA Beach with an eBike – image Google Maps

When To Go

The best months to tour in Guana River WMA are April and October. During these months, you will see peregrine falcons all over the area. You can also go on an e-bike tour in January and February when you will see white pelicans on Lake Ponte Vedra. (source)

What To Bring

When going on an e-bike tour at Guana River WMA, you need to bring the following:

  • Closed shoes
  • Biking clothes
  • Snacks and water
  • Credit card (to be used when checking in on the e-bike tour)


The tour, which lasts for two and a half hours, costs $100. This payment includes both the tour fee and the electric bike rental cost.

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Tour Highlights

The tour will allow you to explore the backroads of Ponte Vedra Beach on an unpaved path. The destination is Guana River Wildlife Management Area, a 12,000-acre public conservation land that shelters various animals. This scenic wildlife area has miles of trail you can travel with an e-bike.

Additionally, the area is open for wildlife viewing and water-related recreational activity. So, apart from biking, you can also enjoy activities like fishing and paddling.

The wildlife management area is also open for recreational hunting. Suppose the tour you joined allows other activities. In that case, you can try hunting, fishing, and the other activities offered in the area. (source)

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3. Siesta Key Beach – Sarasota County

You will find one of Florida’s most popular beaches in Siesta Key – Siesta Key beach. Famous for its white sand and crystal clear waters, the beach is a must-visit location for e-bike tour-goers.

When To Go

It is best to go on a Siesta Key Beach Tour in the summer, mainly when the sun is just about to set. This way, you can enjoy the coziness of the beach and the beautiful sunset while cruising on your e-bike. (source)

What To Bring

When going on an e-bike tour by the beach, it is best to bring the following:

  • sunscreen
  • camera
  • comfortable biking clothes and shoes
  • helmet (if your rental e-bike does not come with one)

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Touring on Siesta Tour Beach costs $60 for the e-bike rental fee and tour cost. You may need to spend a separate payment if you swim in the waters after the tour.

Tour Highlights

The e-bike tour explores the breathtaking views of Siesta Key Beach. It will start in the afternoon, and you will reach the beach just in time to view the beautiful sunset.

Apart from the majestic sunset and clear waters, Siesta Key Beach also boasts a steady breeze that blows away from the shore. For this reason, you will see kiteboarders, parasailers, and windsurfers with colorful sails.

Rated as one of the best beaches in the US, touring Siesta Key Beach will allow you to enjoy turquoise waters and sugar-white sand. The beach is also famous for its water activities, which you can try after the e-bike tour. (source)

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4. Venice Island – Sarasota County

The rich history of Florida’s Venice Island dates back to the 20th century. There is no better way to explore and learn this history than touring the Island on an electric bike.

eBiking on Venice Island Beach on a cloudy day
eBiking on Venice Island Beach on a cloudy day

When To Go

Venice Island is a great tourist attraction that you can visit any time of the year. Suppose you like to tour the island when it is quiet and at a leisurely pace; it is ideal to visit from June to October. On the other hand, people who love seeing busy streets and unfamiliar faces should join an e-bike tour to Venice Island from January to April. (source)

What To Bring

Tour hosts usually provide the e-bike and helmet you will use for the tour. So, you only need to bring:

  • snacks and water
  • proper biking clothes
  • closed toe shoes
  • a camera to capture your adventure

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An e-bike tour in Venice Island costs $69, including your rental e-bike, helmet, water, and snacks. The tour will go over the different famous spots on the island and last about three to a half hours. But since you are passing by Venice Island’s historic downtown, you may want to bring extra cash, as the place consists of more than 130 shops, boutiques, restaurants, and attractions.

Tour Highlights

Joining an e-bike tour on Venice Island will allow you to reach the Historic Train Depot, Circus Bridge, Venice’s historic downtown, Venice Little Theater, and other exciting tourist attractions. However, the fascinating spot in the area is the Historic Downtown.

Venice Island’s historic downtown dates back to the 1920s, so it will show you the beauty of Florida in the olden days. Palm trees line the streets, providing you with a vibrant view of the downtown. This attraction will also give you access to the Shark Tooth Capital Of the World – the pristine shorelines of Florida. The country got its name as you can find countless shark teeth on its beaches. (source)

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5. Lauderdale-by-the-Sea – Broward County

Florida is a place with many exalted beaches. These beaches have clear waters and fine sand, making them an excellent tour location for electric bike enthusiasts.

When To Go

There is no better time to go on an e-bike tour in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea than in the summer. This town, famed as Florida’s Beach Diving Capital, becomes lively during this season. However, it is essential to note that it is still ideal to visit Lauderdale any time of the year.

What To Bring

When going on an e-bike tour by the beach, you need to bring:

  • swimming clothes (in case you want to experience Lauderdale’s pristine waters)
  • water
  • helmet
  • some snacks


An e-bike tour in Lauderdale costs $160. The fee includes the e-bike rental and lunch at a Filipino restaurant within the town’s Asian market. Still, there can be shops that you will pass by or visit, so it is ideal to bring extra cash or your credit card.

Tour Highlights

The Lauderdale-by-the-Sea tour tackles various attractions, including Las Olas Beach, the gravesite of late actor Leslie Nielson, and a brewery in Wilton Manors. But the highlight of all the places the tour will visit is the FATvillage arts district. The place brims art exhibits and galleries, live theaters, and other art pieces made through the collaboration of various artists and designers. There are even eateries and boutiques that you can visit.

Even the streets of this small village are full of artworks that came from their artists’ creative expression. There is a lot to see when biking around FATvillage, even when you need more time to enter their galleries and exhibits. (source)

6. Panama City – Bay County

Panama City Florida for eBiking
Panama City Florida for eBiking

Florida’s Panama City is a year-round hotspot that offers tourists various activities. The city has art exhibits, entertainment, and sports areas, so you will have a lot to see while riding your electric bike.

When To Go

Panama City is a tropical country, so it is warm all year round, and the climate is mostly dry. So, if you plan to go on an e-bike tour, it is best to visit this city in Florida anytime you want. However, it is best to check weather updates before scheduling a tour to ensure that there will be no rain when you embark on your adventure.

What To Bring

A biking helmet and bottled water come with what you pay when you join an e-bike tour in Panama City. So, all you need to bring are:

  • a camera
  • pocket money
  • snacks
  • sunscreen
  • comfortable biking clothes and shoes


For $59.99, you can join an e-bike tour around Panama City and its cultural and historical attractions. The fee includes the tour, a rental electric bike, and bottled water. However, it is ideal to bring pocket money in case you find something you want to buy, as Panama City is one of the best shopping destinations in the US.

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Tour Highlights

A Panama e-bike tour travels around the best spots in Panama City. You will see remarkable sights and murals around the city, making your adventure worth it. But the actual highlight of the tour is the visit to the historic parts of Panama City’s St. Andrews.

St. Andrews is rich in history that dates back to even before the Civil War. Native Americans lived in the area for about 13,000 years. Chatot and Yucci tribes inhabited the city in the 1500s, and it became a strategic supplier of salt during the Civil War. For this reason, touring around St. Andrews will give you a view of how life in Florida used to be before modern times.

Today, St. Andrews is one of Panama City’s business communities, but it still holds the long history that it witnessed. (source)

7. The Everglades – Naples

Naples is one of Florida’s wealthiest cities both in terms of economy and biodiversity. So, if you are planning to embark on a nature adventure, it is ideal to give this city a visit.

When To Go

You can visit Naples any time of the year, as it always brims with high-end shops, restaurants, and many other establishments. But, the best times are from November to May when plants are in bloom and animals are most active.

What To Bring

Since you are visiting the city during the day, it is ideal to pack the following:

  • comfortable, moisture-wicking biking clothes
  • closed-toe shoes
  • sunscreen
  • pocket money
  • water
  • insect repellent (since you are going on an off-the-road tour)

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The three-hour tour in the diversity-rich part of Naples costs $99, excluding tax. This tour fee comes with a rental e-bike, helmet, snacks, and beverages.

Tour Highlights

The highlight of the Naples electric bike tour is The Everglades, a tropical wetland that is home to a variety of wildlife. During the tour, you will be exploring the scenic beauty of this landscape. You will also have the chance to observe wildlife, including 440 species of birds, reptiles, and mammals.

The Everglades serve as a home to animals like deer, bobcats, alligators, birds, and butterflies. So, there is a high chance that you will encounter such wildlife while traveling via an electric bike. You will also pass by endangered plants, such as giant ferns, native orchids, and herbs.

If you are into exploring the off-round, nature-rich part of a tourist spot, Naples is one of the best places to visit. (source)

Frequently Asked Questions About eBike Tours

What kind of eBikes are provided?

E-bike tour hosts in Florida provide tour-goers with pedal-assist electric bikes. Such a type of e-bike has a motor that engages once you start propelling the pedals. This motor will make propelling the e-bike’s pedals easier and will require you to exert less physical effort. As a result, you will have more time and energy to enjoy your electric bike tour in the beautiful attractions of Florida.

How long does an eBike tour take?

The majority of electric bike tours in Florida last for three hours. This amount of time is enough to explore the best spots of the city you are in, take photos, and grab a quick bite.

E-bike tour hosts also have itineraries prepared. For this reason, there is a minimal chance for the tour to go under or beyond the planned duration.

Are eBike tours safe?

Electric bike tours are incredibly safe. The tour providers in Florida ensure that professional guides will lead the tour-goers to all their destinations, preventing anything that is potentially unsafe from happening.

In addition, tour hosts ensure that the electric bikes they provide are high quality and free of any technical issues. They also provide tutorials and training to ensure that you know how to maneuver your electric bike.

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