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2020 rocky mountain slayer powerplay render
What does Canyon have to offer the big travel ebiker?

2020 Rocky Mountain Slayer Powerplay ebike Rumors Surface

Does the new shape of the Slayer hint at a Powerplay eBike coming soon?

Today Rocky Mountain released a new shape Rocky Mountain Slayer, and we ask if the design could hint at a Rocky Mountain Slayer Powerplay eBike for 2020?

No, that image above isn’t an official Rocky Mountain Slayer Powerplay photo, but it does illustrate how the 2020 Slayer could have been designed to accept a Dyname 3.0 motor and battery system.

The non-ebike news today is that the 2020 Rocky Mountain Slayer has been revealed. The Slayer was originally launched in 2001 and for the past 19 years has been the freeride bike of the Rocky Mountain range. A bike happy to spend the weekend at Whistler, and the rest of the week at Rampage. It’s a true freeride bike that over the years has adapted to suit the market.

old slayer rocky mountain slayer
Since 2001 the shock position has remained the same. Why change it for 2020?

Previously, the Rocky Mountain Slayer’s shock was positioned by the seat tube connected to the rear end via a rocker, and why not? It’s a proven suspension layout that doesn’t take up much space and it keeps the weight central in the frame.

So, why then has Rocky Mountain changed it for 2020?

2020 Rocky Mountain Slayer Powerplay?

2020 rocky mountain slayer powerplay render
Render of what a 2020 Rocky Mountain Slayer Powerplay could look like.

Rocky Mountain has invested a lot of time and money into its Powerplay ebikes. Whereas many bike brands use an off the shelf eBike solution from Shimano, Bosch or Yamaha, Rocky Mountain worked with a technology partner to develop the Dyname 3.0 drive system.

Currently, Powerplay ebikes include the Growler hardtail, the new Powerplay Instinct, and the Powerplay Altitude. A good mix of ebikes for all types of riders, but there’s a gap.

2020 rocky mountain instinct powerplay alloy 70 BC edition
2020 Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay

Where is the Powerplay bike that will compete against the 2020 Kenevo? The new Moterra? Or the YT Decoy? For 2020, there is a trend for manufacturers to produce longer travel, harder-hitting ebikes, and Rocky Mountain doesn’t have one. Or does it?

It’s pretty evident to us that Rocky Mountain realized that they needed a longer travel ebike, and that the redesign of the Slayer was an opportunity to develop a freeride bike around the Dyname 3.0 motor system. Moving the shock to the same position as the rest of the full-suspension bikes also helps with brand identity too.

Looking at the render of the 2020 Rocky Mountain Slayer Powerplay that we have made even shows how a bottle cage could still fit in the frame.

2020 Rocky Mountain Powerplay specifications?

slayer powerplay
You would be riding on a Slayer Powerplay.

We don’t know if Rocky Mountain actually has a Powerplay Slayer sitting in a back room somewhere, but if they do we would like to think that it would be available in both alloy and carbon, with a choice of 29in or 27.5in wheels.

Like the new Slayer, the 29in Slayer Powerplay would have 170mm of front and rear suspension travel. The 27.5in Powerplay Slayer would have 180mm. Seeing that new frame brace we also wouldn’t be shocked to see a dual crown Slayer eBike at some point too.

Rocky Mountain’s non-ebike Slayer has a hard-hitting specification and we don’t expect much will change. Lyriks, Fox 36, 4 piston brakes and downhill tires will be standard across all models, as will a coil rear shock.

When will a Slayer Powerplay be launched?


A good time for a Slayer Powerplay launch would be October. As the weather turns and it becomes more difficult to find the motivation to ride, wouldn’t a 180mm travel Powerplay ebike be just what the doctor ordered? October lines up with Halloween too. The spooky holiday that was featured in this Slayer teaser video.

Tell us what you think. Is a Powerplay Slayer coming our way soon?