eMTB Tips for Ultimate Fun

Electric Mountain Biking Tips for the Ultimate Fun

Do you want to enjoy the freedom of the wind in a more powerful way while riding an electric mountain biking? Mountain biking has always been considered as a healthy way to get exercise but also connect more with nature.
Electric mountain biking can be as dangerous as pedal power biking so don’t think because with a flip of a throttle you can get yourself out of a scary situation.  But when done correctly, a huge amount of fun and excitement could be experienced.

I highly recommend that you consider these mountain biking tips to ensure the safest and most fun experience possible. The experience that you can enjoy with mountain biking could be stupendous, but you really need to use these mountain biking tips to have the most fun.

Go With a Buddy

Sometimes going with a buddy could prevent you from getting hurt with nobody helping you. Going with plenty of your friends is an even better idea, but this is just not possible for most people. When you go with at least one or two people, you can have that person search for help in case you get hurt. You can also do the same for your friend if he or she gets hurt.

Always Know the Trail

If you go down a deadly trail that leaves you with a dead-end, you may end up falling off the trail or something else happening to you. You need to know where the trail begins and ends. You can do this by purchasing a map near the mountain. I am sure there are many pro shops in the area who sell mountain bikes that will offer you a map of the trails on the mountain.

Having a break down sucks.  Maintenance and carrying a couple tools and supplies can make all the difference.  Don’t plan on that battery pack saving you if you get tired out.  Stay in good shape and your legs can pedal you through most problems.

Just a couple tools in your saddle bag can make all the difference. I found a great article at DIY Mountain read it HERE.

eMTB Tools for a Great Ride
eMTB Tools for a Great Ride

Know The Rules

There are several rules that you need to remember whenever you are mountain biking. For example, did you know that there are speed regulations involved whenever you are biking on a mountain? Getting caught by a local ranger could cause you a lot of grief later on. You may even be kicked off the mountain, so try to learn as much rules as possible to avoid rules being broken.

EBikes are factory speed regulated.  Okay many of us have “tuned” out bikes past the legal limits, but don’t make that a reason to speed down trails beyond the posted limits.

Know Your Ability

Knowing your capabilities at mountain biking is crucial. Why go down a difficult trail if you know that you have no experience? Understand that not everybody can go down a treacherous hill and instantly do so without any problems? Understand that you are only human, and that you cannot overcome every mountain straight away.

You shouldn’t tackle a trail just because you have an eMTB.  If you’re not strong enough to pedal up those hills without the help of the battery, you might want to consider a less technical ascent.

I do agree that if you’re using the motor to climb a hill in order to experience the thrill of the descent multiple times in a day, that’s a great use of the power under your thumb.

MTB Tip: Staying comfortable will keep you riding longer and improve your endurance. My hands always use to get blistered. Check out this article on selecting MTB Gloves -> Link to Article

Plan Ahead

Plan out where you’re going to ride, which views to see, and always have your equipment ready for the inevitable. Anything can happen where you are, so remember that an emergency kit is always a must. Preparing for the inevitable is vital to avoid an even bigger problem later on. Keep your safety gear in check and always have a list of phone numbers you can call in case you get lost or hurt.

These mountain biking tips can prevent you from making scary mistakes while on a mountain. This activity is very rigorous and requires a lot of courage. However, once you step foot onto a mountain biking trail, as long as you follow those mountain biking tips above, you can be sure that each of your trips are going to end up being a success.

David Humphries Author at Ride e MTB

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