Mountain Biking with Shimano EP8 Bike Motor

Shimano E9000 Rumours

Rose Bikes confirms the Shimano E9000 motor system – a rumor that heavily circulated the mountain biking industry. If this rumor proves true, the resulting motor system will probably be so advanced, thanks to the continuous technological changes. To confirm the rumor, we asked Shimano if it would release an E9000 e-bike system. 

According to Shimano’s dispatch communications team, the company is constantly developing new products for e-bikes. However, it chose not to comment on the possible emergence of the E9000. So, the speculations will remain unproven until Shimano releases a new motor system. 

Rose Bikes Confirms Shimano E9000 Motor System

There is no denying that electric bikes have been enjoying a boom in the industry now that pedal power combined with assistance moves into the mainstream. The reason is that e-bikes are advantageous:

  • they let commuters arrive at their destination without feeling tired
  • cover long distances in touring
  • make hills easy to climb

Moreover, Shimano supplied the chainset for numerous bikes in the past. Similarly, it is now providing the drivetrain for electric bikes. (source)

RIDEeMTB Mountain Biking with Electric EP8
RIDEeMTB Mountain Biking with Electric EP8

The Changing Rumors Of The E-Biking Community

The e-biking community is filled with rumors about potential developments and motor systems. However, these rumors can change fast as they can be affected by technological advances. 

In the 21st century, rapid technological changes take place in almost everything. Products like bicycles evolved into electronic bikes, making pedaling easier for bikers.

Moreover, technological changes also affect the rumors circulating in the e-biking community. For instance, people may say that Shimano will release an update to the E8000 motor system and call it the E9000. Since people know how technologically advanced Shimano is, they can assume the possible features of the rumored Shimano E9000 Motor System. (source)

The Shimano E9000 Rumors

Rose Bikes confirms the Shimano E9000 motor system – this is the rumor circulating in the e-biking community. People from the biking community were hopeful as this new system meant that they could upgrade their electric bike’s system into a better one. 

This rumor stirred the curiosity of e-bikers. People hoped that the new Shimano E9000 e-bike system would provide them with a faster, lighter, and bigger battery. 

To find out whether or not Rose Bikes confirmed the Shimano E9000 e-bike system, we asked Shimano itself about the rumor. 

According to the company’s dispatch communications team. “Shimano is constantly in development of new products but does not comment on rumors, innuendo, or speculation about products whether they are in development or not.”

That said, the Shimano E9000 Motor System rumor will remain a rumor until Shimano itself finally releases an updated system. 

What Consists The Shimano Steps

While there is no confirmation of whether or not Shimano will release the E9000 motor system, the company has already released four e-bike systems. The Shimano Steps is a pre-installed system that you can find on Shimano e-bikes. Currently, there are four Shimano Steps e-bike systems:

Shimano E5000The quietest and lightest e-bike system. The E5000 is a 2.5kg drive unit with a max torque of 40Nm. It also has a range of 185km.
Shimano E6100For people who use bikes as a form of transportation, the E6100 is an ideal motor system. This drive unit weighs 2.76kg. The max sportive torque 60Nm, while 50Nm is perfect for comfortable riding. Similar to the E5000, the E6100 has a range of 185km. 
Shimano E7000The E7000 is ideal for people who bike for adventure. It weighs 2.88kg, a little heavier than its predecessors. It also has a max torque of 60Nm and a range of 100km.
Shimano E8000This system is the world’s first e-bike system dedicated to mountain bikes. At 2.88kg, this system has a range of 100km and a max torque of 70Nm. 

Moreover, rumors say that Rose Bikes confirms Shimano E9000 Motor System. However, the company has not yet released anything to confirm or deny the rumor. For this reason, the Shimano Steps E8000 Motor System remains the latest electric bike system to date. (source)

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Shimano Steps: The Components

Each Shimano Steps e-bike motor system consists of four components:

  • a drive unit
  • display
  • battery
  • drivetrain

These four components ensure that your electric bike has superb quality and popular Shimano technology.

1. Drive Unit

This component boosts the e-bike’s speeds by up to 25km/h. The drive unit is lightweight, powerful, and quiet. It also features three pedal-assist modes for a smooth and natural boost whenever needed. 

If the rumored Shimano E9000 motor system is to be released, it will probably have a better and lighter drive unit. 

2. Display

Shimano made it easy for e-bikers to customize the data viewed on their display. Users can check their speed, gear, pedal-assist mode, distance, and trip time at a single glance. You can also connect a Sigma OR or Garmin third-party display via E-Tube. 

3. Battery

The Shimano Steps’ long battery life allows you to ride your bike all day without worrying that the battery might run out. According to Shimano itself, the battery will retain at least 60 percent of its capacity even after 1,000 charges. 

Additionally, the Shimano Steps features speedy recharge, making it ideal for bikers who are always on the go. After two to two and a half hours of plugging the bike in, it will be charged to 80 percent. 

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4. Drivetrain

Shimano made the drive unit using its latest technology. As a result, the system works harmoniously with the other components on your bike. For this reason, you can pedal effortlessly regardless of how difficult the train is. You will not even have to break a sweat when climbing uphill using your e-bike. (source)

Final Thoughts

The Shimano E9000 rumor has been circulating for some time now. However, without any confirmation from the company, all that e-bikers can do is speculate what the possible features of the E9000 will be. After asking Shimano for confirmation about this rumor, all that we can conclude is that the company will continue to develop products that will make e-biking better than before.

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