Longest Mountain Bike Race

3 Toughest Mountain Bike Events (Plus the Longest Downhill)

Tired of those easy 100-mile mountain bike races? Ready for a real challenge? Well, here are the three toughest mountain bike events that make even the most rugged of riders reach for their training wheels.

1. La Ruta de Los Conquistadores

Dubbed as being “more than a race… a personal growth journey,” La Ruta is a 4-day, 240-mile test in will power that takes you through jungles, coffee fields, forests and active volcanoes.  No other race in the world takes you through more difficult terrain than La Ruta.  Starting out in the Pacific beach town of Jacó, Costa Rica and ending on the Caribbean shores, La Ruta consists of a 39,000-foot elevation gain. Best to stretch before this one.

If the La Ruta is for you check out this LINK

2. Cape Epic

If a 4-day trek through active volcanoes sounds too easy, try heading over to South Africa for Cape Epic. Only into its ninth year, Cape Epic has already become one of the biggest mountain bike events in the world. Racers trek over 60 miles a day for 8 days and climb almost 11 miles. The route changes yearly, but always goes from Durbanvilla to Somerset West, passing through some of the driest untamed wilderness left on this Earth.

Cape Epic is a once in a lifetime event. If your interested HERE is a link.

3. The Tour Divide

Really, the first two races on this list are child’s play compared to this next one. The Tour Divide takes riders from Banff, Alberta over the Grand Continental Divide all the way down to New Mexico, US. The route travels over 2500 miles and reaches a total elevation climb of 200,000 feet.

While you can start the challenge whenever you like, The Grand Depart takes places the second Friday in June. The record for this ridiculous endurance challenge is 17+ days, but you should feel proud just managing to finish.

Longest Downhill Mountain Bike Descent

Could you image coasting downhill for…three days.  Amazing!  Starting out on one of the world’s 7th highest mountains and descending into the deepest gorge in the world.

Lost Earth Adventures has a bike tour that starts at Thorong La and descends into Beni.  The journey last over three days and covers 120Km (75miles).  The route is a mix of single track, dirt road and “pick your route”.  Truly epic in terms of high-altitude biking on serious trails in a remote location. If you’re in the right condition and love amazing mountain scenery (Himalaya) this is the trip for you.  Read more at Lost Earth Adventures – World’s Longest Descent .

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