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For mountain bike riders who are looking to find the best mountain bike gloves to purchase, there are certain factors to keep in mind when making the purchase. From brand name, to finding the gloves which are comfortable, offer your hands the mobility and motion, and something that is going to give you the protection you need in the event you take a quick fall, and want to protect your palms and wrists from injury.

Selecting Mountain Bike Gloves
Selecting Mountain Bike Gloves

A Quality Fit

In deciding on the best mountain bike gloves to purchase, making sure they are comfortable, and fit well is essential. From flexibility in your hands, wrist, and fingers, to choosing whether to go with full finger coverage, or only half finger coverage. Considering all aspects of the glove, and going with something which allows you to easily move your fingers and wrists, while still offering the full protection you need when on your trails, will make for the best mountain bike gloves you are going to be able to find when making the purchase decision.

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Top Material Quality

Considering material quality is also essential when purchasing your mountain biking gloves. Considering the following will help you choose the right pair:

  • the material (whether you choose leather, cloth, microfiber, or any other durable materials.
  • choosing half versus full finger fit
  • choosing a material that is breathable, and will ensure the gloves do not stick to your hands when you sweat; and
  • choosing the materials that are not going to rip or tear when you take a fall, are all factors which are going to ensure you have found the best mountain bike gloves on the market.

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Performance, Durability, & Strength

In deciding on the gloves, you should also make sure they make for top performance, are going to last you for years to come, and offer the strength and resistance you are looking to find, all lead to the purchase of the best mountain bike gloves.

You have to go with weather resistant materials, gloves which can withstand various conditions, the toughest terrains, and the hardest falls, and consumers should also consider the gloves which will last them for years to come, without wearing down, or losing their stretch after a few uses.

Bafang Mid-Drive Electric Bike Conversion
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Brand Name & Recognition

In choosing the best mountain bike gloves you should also consider brand name. As with all other biking gear, and sports gear in general, it is better to spend a bit more money on the finest performance products and quality material, and to choose the top brand names, rather than go with the cheaper quality, and something that is going to be ruined after being worn only a couple of times.

So, whether you choose Nike, Adidas, or any other top brand names in the sports world, even if they cost a little more up front, the best brand names will last longer, fit better, and offer more resistance, all qualities making for the best mountain bike gloves in the market, when you are deciding on the top products

With a brand name comes a certain level of confidence. When it comes to MTB Gloves four brands dominate the market. You’ve probably heard of all of them.

Fox Racing


Ready to grip better and cruise away from a trail without getting your hands cut up? What about wearing a pair of Fox RACING MEN’S RANGER GEL Gloves for your next duel against those nasty single track trails the next time you are mountain biking? With these gloves made by Fox, you will be ready for the next intense and aggressive adventure that you plan on completing at your next adventure into the wilderness on that aggressive bike of yours.

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Full Finger

This is a pair of full finger gloves for those colder days made from Terry Cloth on the thumb and even Spandura mesh with integrated stretch panels on the back of the hand. Just the thought of wearing this pair of advanced gloves for use while riding your bike will make most biker’s hands feel comfortable already.


When I put on my own pair of full finger gloves before I hop onto my bike, I know that I am doing myself a favor. Basically, if I need to grab onto a tree limb so that I do not completely lose my balance and fall over or if I do crash.

Crash protection

I know that my hands won’t get all scratched due to the fact I’m wearing an excellent quality pair of gloves. With these gloves that are constructed by Fox, not only will you be receiving excellent pair of full finger mountain bike gloves, but they also have a silicon gripper on the fingertips for brake lever controls and they are also easy to slip on and

crash protection for hands
crash protection for hands

off. As a dedicated mountain biker, I know that having the right pair of full finger mountain biking gloves is a necessity. Not only to be able to keep the right grip on your handlebars and brake levers, but also to protect your hands in the event of an unfortunate crash. So, when you are ready to go put on the RACING MEN’S RANGER GEL against those nasty single-track trails, there is just one thing to keep in mind. Be sure to do so with the Fox RACING MEN’S RANGER GEL Gloves.

Fox Gloves, long lasting and easy to maintain. I’ve washed mine several times and with the exception of some small scraps from trees the gloves look good after two years. Mine are the FOX Racing Ranger Gels. Here’s a link to Amazon – Fox Racing Men’s Ranger Gel


Giro has completely upended the MTB market for me with a recent purchase of the XEN MTB Gloves. Protective finger backs, Synthetic leather palms, and 2mm Technogel palm padding.

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They have nylon mesh between the fingers and I thought this would make them a bit cold when the temps drop, but I’ve been very happen with these down to 45 degrees F. The glove material is not bulky and truly does block the wind from my hands.

Troy Lee Designs

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Troy Lee Designs is an iconic brand. The most popular MTB Glove is the Camo Air, don’t let the name fool you though this glove comes in over 30 colors. I can’t personally say I’ve worn Troy Lee gloves but from what others have said on Amazon you can’t go wrong with these. Here’s a link to read more reviews – Troy Lee Designs Camo Air Glove

Pearl Izumi

Pearl Izumi gloves are my favorite short finger gloves for summer time riding. The material stretches’ nicely over my hands and the gel pads conform to my grips. They have a hook and loop closure that allows me to adjust the fit around my wrists. I’ve got small hands and wrist so a comfortable fit is necessary.

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The key when getting short finger or “shorties” is looking for something that’s cool in the hot weather. Remember, shorties will not protect your knuckles as well as a full finger glove with finger guards. So, pick your trails wisely, as you don’t want to mash and scratch your fingers to much. Feel confident getting these, for the current prices check out this link to Amazon – Pearl Izumi Elite Cycling Gloves

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