Electric Bike Rentals in Wisconsin

Where to Rent an Ebike in Wisconsin (Two Wheeled Cycling Freedom)

Visiting places in Wisconsin will only be complete with exploring them while riding an e-bike. Fortunately, many businesses in this state allow you to rent an electric bike.

My top three favorite places to rent an e-bike in Wisconsin are Washington Island, Williams Bay, and Green Bay.

If you are into exploring places in Wisconsin while riding an e-bike, this article is for you. I will share five of my favorite places to rent an e-bike in Wisconsin and the best areas you can explore while riding your bike.

Wisconsin is perfect for renting an eBike and riding a country road
Wisconsin is perfect for renting an eBike and riding a country road

My Top 5 Favorite Places Where You Can Rent An eBike In Wisconsin

Washington Island

Nothing is more enjoyable than renting an e-bike and exploring trails under canopies.

Where To Go

Views at Jackson Harbor Museum Washington Island
Views at Jackson Harbor Museum Washington Island – image credit Google Maps

The electric bike rental places in Washington Island, Wisconsin, offer high-quality, fast, and hassle-free rental e-bikes. Their bikes have a long battery life, so you can reach distant places while having the bike’s motor assist you all the way.

Even better, there are many places surrounding these e-bike rental businesses, and they are all open to visitors. There are trails, parks, and resorts. You can also spend your lunch with your friends and family while enjoying the refreshing picnic grounds and fire grills.

Moreover, Washington Island is home to a fantastic coastline, beaches, and farms. For this reason, you can choose whether you want to bring your electric bike somewhere near the water or explore

city life. There are also local museums, beautiful churches, and pristine lakes that you can access if you have an excellent electric bike. (source)

Where to rent an eBike in Washington Island 👉 Island Adventure Company

What You Need To Know

If you want to explore Wisconsin’s Washington Island, you can rent an e-bike for:

  • Two Hours – $35
  • Four Hours – $65
  • Eight Hours – $85

However, it is essential to note that rental costs will vary from one business to another.

Rental businesses are open for same-day rentals. However, you can also reserve an e-bike by contacting them if you want extended rental hours. (source)

What To Bring To Rent An eBike

If you are planning to explore far locations in Washington Island, it is ideal to bring:

  • water
  • snacks
  • energy drink
  • flashlight
  • elbow and knee pads
  • helmet (if your e-bike rental place is not providing one)

Highlights of Island Adventure Company

If you are in for a long ride, you can visit the Little Lake Nature Preserve, a beautiful lake that offers a good view of nature. This secluded area does not have a lot of foot traffic, so you can enjoy the trail’s view while riding your e-bike.

The trail leading to the lakes offers a scenic view of different landscapes and the majestic sunset. For this reason, staying in the area until sunset is highly recommended/ There are also areas for bird watching where you can rest while admiring different bird species present in the area.

Once you reach this nature preserve, you will find two lakes open for kayaking and canoeing.

Moreover, you will find the Jacobsen Museum on the east of the lake. Make sure that you visit this museum if you catch it open. (source)

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Williams Bay

One of the best places to visit in Wisconsin is Lake Geneva in Williams Bay. It has fantastic views, making it a great vacation and getaway spot. And when talking about getaways, nothing is more exciting than exploring places while riding an e-bike.

Where To Go

Lake Geneva Shore Path
Lake Geneva Shore Path – image Google Maps

Williams Bay is one of the best places to rent an electric bike in Wisconsin. The rental places ensure that their electric bikes are easy to use, with batteries that last an entire day. For this reason, the rental bikes are perfect for those who seek a whole day of biking adventure.

Moreover, Lake Geneva features tons of attractions, so you will always have things to do. For instance, you can visit the lake, stroll the banks, or try fishing and boating. There are also hiking trails that you can explore if you are into hidden paths.

The areas around Lake Geneva are so scenic that biking around is enough to entertain you. And with all the beautiful spots this place has to offer, it will take a little while to find something that sparks your interest. You can ride your bike on beaches and enjoy the view of calm waters as you pedal slowly. (source)

What You Need To Know About Williams Bay

Some of the rental companies in Williams Bay need to accommodate walk-in rentals. You need to contact them by phone or e-mail ahead of time and book the e-bikes you want to rent. You must also make a booking at least three days before your visit.

Where to rent an eBike in Williams Bay 👉 Lake Geneva E Bike

In terms of payment, you can choose between a credit card or cash, depending on what the rental company accepts.

The fee for short-term rentals are:

  • One Hour – $25
  • Three Hours – $60
  • Additional Hours (after the three-hour rent is over) – $15/hour

Some rental companies even allow you to rent an e-bike for months. This option offers unlimited e-bike riding for one to three months

  • 1 Month – $300
  • 2 Months $500
  • 3 Months $700 (source)
What To Bring To Rent An eBike

These are the things you need to bring when renting an e-bike and planning a long biking cruise:

  • sufficient snacks and water
  • flashlight
  • helmet
  • protective gear
  • map of the place you are visiting

Highlights of Williams Bay

One of the best places to visit in Williams Bay is the Lake Geneva Shore Path. It offers fantastic trails for strolling and biking, making it a popular area among bikers. You can even bring your pet dog and play with them in Lake Geneva Shore Path’s dog-designated areas.

In addition, this shore path is a fantastic place for people who love ogling at nature’s beauty. There are areas where you can enjoy the view of the lake, trees, and plains of bright green grasses. Some places offer good meals and some shopping.

If you are into water adventures, there is a fishing pier in the area where you can launch a kayak or catch fish. You can even go swimming if you visit the place in the summer.

Despite the high number of visitors, Lake Geneva Shore Path remains well-maintained by both the state and homeowners. (source)

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Green Bay

Wisconsin Skyline
Wisconsin Skyline

One thing you should never miss when visiting Green Bay, Wisconsin, is cruising around on an electric bike. Green Bay boasts many bike trails, but you can only enjoy them if you rent an efficient e-bike.

Where To Go

The city of Green Bay sits near Lake Michigan. Here, you will find water parks and aquatic centers, which you can enjoy if you love the waters. You will always have things to do when visiting this city.

Fox River Trail Green Bay WI
Fox River Trail Green Bay WI – image Google Maps

Green Bay also has biking trails that boast miles of paths that provide a view of the city’s heritage and people’s way of living. Some trails even cross an old railroad built in 1898. There are also trails covered with asphalt, so exploring them will be extremely easy.

The trails in Green Bay are a natural beauty. They pass through open fields, forest areas, and even parks where you can see people strolling and enjoying the place. You may even encounter and watch different animals like rabbits, deer, turkeys, and hawks if you pass by their area home. Some trails also feature bridges where you can enjoy the scenery of the river. (source)

What You Need To Know About Green Bay

Various e-bike rental places in Green Bay offer different types of bikes for different kinds of trails. But if you want to ride comfortably while enjoying Green Bay, you need to rent an e-bike. You can rent an e-bike for $20 an hour. After the first hour, your rental fee will have a $10 addition for every additional hour you use the e-bike.

Where to rent an eBike in Green Bay 👉 Pete’s Garage

You can also rent an e-bike for a whole day for $65.

Moreover, most rental places accommodate walk-in customers. However, it is worth noting that once you have rented an e-bike, you need to ride it directly from the shop, and you cannot transport it to other locations using another vehicle.

What To Bring To Rent An eBike

Just like any other e-bike trails you have visited, you will need to bring the following when visiting Green Bay:

  • helmet
  • safety equipment
  • proper biking clothes
  • closed-toe shoes
  • map of the place

Highlights of Green Bay

Visiting Green Bay will not be complete without exploring the famous Fox River Bike Trail. This 25-mile bike trail leads to pastureland and farming communities. Out of the 25-mile trail, 11 miles is asphalt and paved to Lasee Road. The trail is also open for hiking and horseback riding.

If you ride your e-bike going south of the trail, you will reach a river where you can launch a kayak or go fishing. You may even pass by the so-called Health Trail in Allouez, where you can access an outdoor fitness challenge course.

Moreover, Fox River Bike Trail has many easy access points leading to restaurants and shops. The view of the entire trail is so fantastic that biking without a clear destination will provide great relaxation. It also is relatively quiet, so you can always find a spot to enjoy various activities. (source)

Eau Claire

Wisconsin’s Eu Claire is a city worth visiting. It has plenty of popular attractions, such as the Chippewa Valley Museum and Carson Park. 

Where To Go

Miles of pathways perfect for eBike in Eau Claire
Miles of pathways perfect for eBike in Eau Claire – image Google Maps

Eau Claire has miles of river banks, bike trails, and parks, which you can reach after renting a good e-bike. There are electric bike rental companies in the city that offer various bike models. So, you will definitely find one that fits the trail you want to visit. You also will feel energized from pedaling, as the e-bike’s motor will assist you from the beginning of your adventure to the finish.

Renting an e-bike is the most incredible way to explore all of Eau Claire’s attractions. Dubbed “The Indie Capital Of the Midwest,” this town is home to artists and musicians. If you are lucky enough, you may experience one of the town’s large music festivals. It also boasts popular attractions, such as the Chippewa Valley Museum and Carson Park. This small town is also popular for its majestic natural scenery. (source)

What You Need To Know About Eau Claire

Eau Claire’s rental places ensure you can easily get an e-bike for your adventure. You can book a rental through your chosen e-bike rental company’s website, where you will see the dates when their e-bikes are available. The rental fees are also fair:

Where to rent an eBike in Eau Claire 👉 Eau Claire Adventure Rentals

  • Two Hours – $40
  • Four Hours – $50
  • Two Days – $90
  • Three Days – $120

Renting a bike before your visit will ensure that you will have a ride once you reach Eau Claire. You can conveniently visit popular attractions, such as the Farmers Market. You may even see the Food Truck Fridays if you happen to visit the city on a Friday. (source)

What To Bring To Rent An eBike

The majority of electric bike rental places in Eau Claire provide their clients with:

  • helmet
  • bike lock
  • map

So, all you need to bring are

  • a camera to record your adventure
  • proper biking attire
  • protective gear (source)

Highlights of Eau Claire Adventure Rentals

One of the best areas in Eau Claire that you can explore via an e-bike is the River Prairie Trail System. Apart from cycling, it is also a place for hiking, horse riding, and walking.

Some biking trails are near the river, so you can admire the waters while slowly pedaling. If you have a fishing rod or you can rent one, make sure to bring it on the river trail so you can try fishing.

You can also bring snacks when visiting the park, as there are picnic tables within the area. There is also a fire pit where you can grill the fish you caught in the river. Trees surround the picnic area, so it also serves as a fantastic resting place after pedaling and exploring the conservancy area for hours. (source)


Jacksonport boasts of its breathtaking views. Renting an e-bike allows you to discover biking areas to enjoy and relax.

Where To Go

Cave Point eBike Tour
Cave Point eBike Tour – Image credit Door County Kayak Tours

Jacksonport is home to various electric bike rental companies. Some even provide tours that you can join. Located near the Lake Michigan shoreline, this unincorporated town offers a plethora of fun things both locals and tourists can enjoy.

For instance, you can rent an e-bike in Cave Point if you wish to explore this location. After exploring Cave Point, you can bike your way to one of Jacksonport’s sandy beaches and take photos of the beautiful shoreline. The beaches in this town also offer various water activities waiting for you to try.

If water activities no longer excite you, you can hike Jacksonport’s peaceful trails or visit shops and restaurants. The trails in this town are a must-visit if you are renting an electric bike, as they offer adventures that you cannot experience if you are using other vehicles. (source)

What You Need To Know About Jacksonport

Jacksonport’s electric bike rental companies offer short and long-term rentals, which vary in cost depending on your chosen company. Short-term e-bike rentals usually cost $30 to $60. The longer the rental, the more expensive the cost is.

Some businesses also offer a $10 bike insurance, covering any breakage on your rental e-bike. You can opt not to pay for an insurance policy. However, you will have to pay up to $1250 if you damage the e-bike. (source)

Where to rent an eBike in Jacksonport 👉 Door County Kayak Tours

What To Bring To Rent An eBike

E-bike rental businesses encourage renters to bring:

  • helmet
  • biking clothes
  • protective equipment
  • sufficient water and snacks

Highlights of Jacksonport

One of the best places to visit in Jacksonport is Cave Point County Park. The park has bike trails near the waters, so you can stop and watch the big waves whenever you need a bike break. Fantastic views also surround the shoreline.

Cave Point County Park is a great place to visit in the summer. After enjoying your e-bike trip, you can swim or launch a kayak.

There are also picnic areas, so bringing food during your trip is ideal. This way, you can enjoy watching the waters while picnicking.

Another fantastic scenery in Cave Point County Park is its waters. The bodies of water in the area are revered by photographers, swimmers, drivers, and hikers. Needless to say, Cave Point County Park is a spectacular place to visit if you have an electric bike. (source)

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More You Need To Know About eBike Rentals

What To Wear For An eBike Rental

Riding an e-bike is relatively safe. However, it is essential to wear a helmet to ensure that you are keeping your safe away from potential danger. It is also ideal to wear a good pair of gloves, especially if you are in for a long ride. This way, your hands will have additional cushioning and a better grip on the e-bike’s handlebars.

Wearing elbow and knee pads is also ideal for additional safety.

In terms of footwear, wearing closed shoes is ideal. This way, your feet will not slip off the pedal, thus preventing any injury. (source)

What You Need To Look For When Renting An Ebike

One of the first things you need to consider when renting an e-bike is its battery life. Make sure that the e-bike you are renting has a full battery so it will last for the entirety of your trip.

It is also essential to ask the rental service about the payload capacity of the e-bike you are renting. The higher the e-bike’s payload capacity, the smoother the ride will feel when you pass through bumps in the terrain.

You may also look for an e-bike with a child seat add-on if you travel with a child. This way, your little one can enjoy the trip and experience the fun of riding an electric bike. (source)

Rental Age Requirements

Most e-bike rental places mentioned above do not have an age requirement. However, there are still some that require all their clients to have a valid driver’s license. For this reason, it is safe to conclude that you must be of legal age to rent e-bikes from the rental business.

Test Ride Vs. Rental eBikes In Florida

None of the rental businesses above discuss e-bike test rides on their website. However, you can always contact your chosen rental business and ask about their test ride process.

Generally, rental businesses will require you to present a valid ID and proof of address during the test ride. You may also need to sign a waiver against e-bike damage or injury during the test ride.

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eBike Rental FAQs

Can I Book A Rental In Advance?

Most e-bike rental businesses encourage their clients to rent an e-bike in advance. You can rent an e-bike prior to your visit by visiting your chosen rental business’s website.

How Much Do eBike Rentals Cost?

E-bike rental costs vary from business to business. But generally, the cost will range from $20 to $120 or more depending on the rent’s duration. Usually you will find half-day or full-day rentals, and these aren’t uncommon to see at $60 or more. The best thing to do is contact your preferred rental company to see if they have any specials or packages to save you money.

How Long Can I Rent An eBike For?

The shortest e-bike rental time offered by rental businesses is one hour. Some allow their clients to rent the e-bike for up to eight hours. Furthermore, some businesses offer long-term rentals that can last for months. The good thing is that due to this variation in rental term, Wisconsin is a great state to rent an eBike for any length of time you want.

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