Best eBike Tours in Wisconsin

eBike Tours In Wisconsin (Amazing Sites to See)

Wisconsin is perfect for ebiking lovers, big city views, quiet wooded trails and beautiful shorelines. What’s even better is the accessibility to so many great trails and tours.

If you love bustling towns, Wisconsin has skylines and skyscrapers that offer great views. On the other hand, those who love nature will also enjoy the state’s gardens, parks, forests, and beaches.

Even better, Wisconsin has countless e-bike tours that provide a comfortable way to visit the state’s best places.

My top 3 favorite places to take an eBike tour in Wisconsin are Peninsula State Park, Sturgeon Bay, and Madison.

There are many parts of Wisconsin that you cannot reach by car. If you are in for an adventure, below are the best e-bike tour locations in this state, so you will have an idea of where to go on your next vacation.

My Favorite 7 eBike Tours In Wisconsin

1. Peninsula State Park

Door County boasts some of Wisconsin’s must-never-miss spots, such as its long and beautiful trails. For this reason, an e-bike tour of one of its attractions can make your visit worth it. For instance, you can join a tour to visit the backroads and trails of the state.

Peninsula State Park eBike Tour
Peninsula State Park eBike Tour – image credit Door County Kayak Tours

When To Go

Peninsula State Park is open all year round. For this reason, you can pick the best time for you to go on an e-bike tour. However, it is ideal to visit when the sun is still up so you can see the beauty of the park’s trails and waters.

What To Bring

Tour hosts usually provide helmets to their customers. So, you only need to bring the following:

  • a camera
  • some snacks and water
  • comfortable biking clothes
  • closed-toe shoes


A tour of Peninsula State Park that lasts for two and a half hours costs $99. This fee includes the rental e-bike, helmet, and tour itself with a tour guide to tell you the story about the attractions to visit. There are shops around the area, so you might want to bring some extra cash if you want a quick visit to these shops.

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Tour Highlights

Peninsula State Park serves as a home to beaches and the view of offshore islands, such as Horseshoe, Chambers, and Strawberry Islands. But the best place that a tour of Peninsula State Park will visit is the Sunset Trail. This trail stretch for 9.6 miles and has the best views out of all the state parks in Door County.

Upon entering the Sunset Trail, the scent of fragrant cedars will welcome you. The trail will give you a great electric bike ride and fantastic views of nature and wildlife. You can even access Nicolet Beach through the Sunset Trail. (source)

Cave Point eBike Tour
Cave Point eBike Tour – DCKT

Bonus Tour (Can You Keep a Secret?)

An amazing ride that doesn’t get talked about is the Cave Point Tour. You really get an understanding of the geology of the area, with the added bonus of some amazing views. Here’s a link to the tour👉 Cave Point Fat Tire Tour

2. Sturgeon Bay

Sturgeon Bay is a rich body of water in terms of its maritime history and biodiversity. If you like the view of the water, this area will allow you to see massive ships and boats coming into port. Sturgeon Bay is also famous as a fisherman’s paradise, so you will witness people doing recreational fishing.

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A view of Sturgeon Bay at George K Pinney Park
A view of Sturgeon Bay at George K Pinney Park – image credit Google Maps

When To Go

Sturgeon Bay is a relatively busy area. For this reason, you can visit any time to see its beauty. However, the best time of the day to visit is before sunset. The views become more scenic during this time, so your bike ride will feel refreshing.

What To Bring

When going on a tour of Sturgeon Bay, it is ideal to bring the following:

  • a camera
  • bike helmet (if your tour host is not providing one)
  • snacks and water
  • sunscreen

I also recommend bringing biking clothes and shoes, which you will wear during the trip. If possible, choose bright-colored clothes so people and the traffic will see you at all times. 


A one and a half hours Sturgeon Bay tour costs $45. This cost is divided into two payments – $35 for the rental electric bike and $10 for the tour. In terms of the e-bike, you get to choose the model you want to rent. For this reason, you can find the bike you will feel most comfortable riding.

Tour Highlights

The e-bike tour will go around Sturgeon Bay. While the bike ride itself is already worth joining, the actual highlight of the tour is you get to see the people’s way of life in this town.

The tour will visit local communities and people’s homes. You will also pass by bridges, giving you a good view of the water, boats, and ships. The tour is pretty short, but it has great places to visit and fantastic views. So, make sure to bring a camera during the tour to capture the beauty of Sturgeon Bay. (source)

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3. The City Of Madison

Sometimes, more than a few hours of an electric bike tour is needed. Suppose you are looking for an e-bike tour that lasts for more than a day. In that case, Wisconsin’s Madison City has many sights to offer, such as the Olbrich Botanical Garden.

View of Capital City State Trail
View of Capital City State Trail – image credit Google Maps

When To Go

Summertime is the best time to visit Madison. During this season, the city is bustling with busy people and tourists looking to explore the best parts of the city. (source)

What To Bring

If you are visiting Madison in the summer, make sure that you have:

  • sunscreen
  • comfortable and moisture-wicking biking clothes
  • sufficient snacks and water
  • helmet (optional if you do not want to use the one provided by your tour host)


Since the tour lasts three nights, it will cost $1,999. This fee includes everything you need for the trip, such as the e-bike, helmet, GPS computer, and a biking pack that consists of a patch kit, two tire levers, and a CO2 cartridge inflator.

Accommodation and daily breakfast are also included in the payment. (source)

Tour Highlights

During the tour, you will explore Lakes Mendota and Monona, the University Of Wisconsin, the State Capitol, and the Capital City State Trail. While these destinations make the tour a worthy experience, the highlight of your trip will be the visit to Olbrich Botanical Gardens. (source)

The said garden won the National Garden Of Excellence Award, so you can expect to see fantastic views. This 16-acre outdoor garden is a tropical conservatory that houses perennial and tropical plants and orchids. There is also a pool, a conservatory, and a Thai-inspired pavilion. (source)

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4. Milwaukee

Bike tours in Milwaukee with skyline
Bike tours in Milwaukee with skyline

Milwaukee is an incredible electric bike tour location for tourists looking to see Wisconsin’s city life. The place boasts bars, restaurants, beaches, and even museums that you can explore.

When To Go

Milwaukee is popular for its Summerfest, lakefront festivals, and multi-week music festivals that all happen during summer. So, there is no better time to visit the city than in the summertime.

What To Bring

The best things to bring during an electric bike tour are:

  • sunscreen
  • camera
  • comfortable biking clothes and shoes
  • biking gloves
  • helmet
Milwaukee trail along lakeshore
Milwaukee trail along lakeshore – image credit Google Maps


The tour costs $55 and will last for about two hours. It includes the rental e-bike you will use and a tour guide to help you know vital information about the places you will visit. However, make sure you have extra pocket money if you pass by a food stall and decide to buy some snacks.

Tour Highlights

A Milwaukee e-bike tour will explore some of the city’s best attractions, including the tour’s highlight – Milwaukee Lakefront. This lakefront offers an easy route, which is ideal for electric bikes. This scenic spot is also great to explore the city and its waters.

Milwaukee Lakefront sits along Lake Michigan’s shore. It passes through McKinley Marina, Milwaukee Art Museum, and Veteran’s Park. For this reason, there are a lot of things that you will see. You will also have the chance to visit the great attractions along the lakefront.

If you are going on an electric bike tour in the summer, chances are you will witness some of the festivals held on the lakefront. (source)

5. Door Bluff Headlands County Park

Even the offroad paths and underdeveloped areas of Wisconsin are worth visiting. For instance, there are state parks in Wisconsin filled with ground vegetation and flora and fauna, which awes naturalists and nature lovers.

When To Go

Door Bluff Headlands County Park offers scenic attractions to visitors at all times of the year. So, the best time to visit this Wisconsin beauty depends on your preferred date.

What To Bring

A tour of the said county park combines e-biking and hiking. For this reason, it is ideal to bring:

  • sunscreen
  • insect repellent
  • snacks
  • lots of water
  • closed-toe shoes
  • appropriate biking clothes


A Door Bluff Headlands County Park Tour costs $99. For this price, you will have a rental electric bike and helmet that you can use for the trip. You may also need extra money if you pass by a shop your tour group wants to check.

Tour Highlights

Door Bluff Headlands County Park is a fantastic place to visit. But out of all the areas that the electric bike tour will visit, the highlight is the overlooking view of Wisconsin’s Death’s Door.

Death’s Door is a navigational passage between Green Bay and Lake Michigan. This body of water holds macabre legends portraying the grim scenes that happened here. According to some legends, Death’s Door took the life of a massive Indian War Party due to its unpredictable turbulences.

Although the e-bike tour only offers an overlooking view of Death’s Door, it is still a well-worthy adventure due to its scenery. (source)

6. Cave Point County Park

A typical view riding in Cave Point Park on Schauer Rd
A typical view riding in Cave Point Park on Schauer Rd – image credit Google Maps

Wisconsin county parks have significant areas you can only reach when you have an e-bike. So, joining an e-bike tour during your vacation will allow you to reach destinations otherwise unreachable by other vehicles.

When To Go

One of the best times to visit Cave Point County Park is in the winter when thin snow covers the trails and trees. The off-rode bike path turns white, and you can expect waves splashing over the county park’s cliffs.

What To Bring

During a winter e-bike tour, you will need:

  • thick sports clothes
  • closed-toe shoes
  • jacket
  • warm gloves
  • snacks and water
  • other clothing that will help keep you warm


The tour costs $99, including the rental electric bike and helmet. The tour lasts for about one and a half to two hours.

Tour Highlights

The e-bike tour will travel around Cave Point County Park and its off-road gravel park. Its highlight is a stop at Clark Lake, one of Door County’s largest lakes.

Clark Lake brims with beautiful scenery, large cedar trees, wave-worn limestone cliffs, and underwater caves.

In addition to these majestic views, the lake is also rich in wildlife and biodiversity. There are smallmouth bass, panfish, trout, and other fish species. You may even see recreational boaters in the lake if you are touring in the summer.

If you are visiting the lake in winter, chances are the lake’s surface is frozen. The snow also turns the place into a white paradise. (source)

7. Ice Age Trail

Wisconsin serves as a home to 44 state trails that locals and tourists can access. For instance, Ice Age Trail offers scenic views that are worth visiting.

When To Go

Ice Age Trail boasts itself for its large trees, making it the best place to visit in the fall when the trees are changing colors. Still, the trail is open all year round, so you can go on an e-bike tour any time you prefer. If you like nature trips when trees are lush and bright green, it is perfect to visit in the summer.

What To Bring

When visiting a trail in Wisconsin, it is essential to bring:

  • insect repellent
  • moisture-wicking bike clothes
  • closed-toe shoes
  • biking gloves
  • snacks and sufficient water


The tour costs $45 and will last about an hour and a half. This fee includes a rental electric bike and a tour guide to tell you stories about the areas you are visiting.

Since you are visiting a trail, it is less likely that you will have extra things to spend on.

Tour Highlights

The best part of this tour is a stopover at Potawatomi State Park. Measuring 1,200 acres, the state park offers a lot to see and various recreation opportunities. For instance, you can bike around the state park in the fall to see trees while they change colors. You may even pass by a variety of wildlife.

Additionally, there are boating, canoeing, and kayaking areas, which you can also watch. Fishing and hunting are also permitted in the area, so expect to see people doing these forms of recreation.

While biking around the park, you will see tents and campers staying for the night. So, apart from the majestic views of the state park, you will also see fellow tourists and locals visiting the area. (source)

Frequently Asked Questions About eBike Tours

What kind of eBikes are provided?

The majority of electric bike tours in Wisconsin provide pedal-assisted e-bikes. As the name suggests, this type of electric bike has a motor that assists you in propelling your bike. This way, cruising over trails and paved paths becomes easier.

Still, some tour hosts provide throttle e-bikes. This type of electric bike has a motor that does all the pedaling once engaged. Throttle motors usually propel the e-bikes with no manual pedaling needed.

How long does an eBike tour take?

An electric bike tour usually lasts about two to three hours, depending on the itinerary your tour host prepared and the number of attractions you will visit. Some e-bike tours also last for three nights but are expensive as they include accommodation and food. But regardless of the duration of your electric bike tour, they are fun, enjoyable, and worth the price you are paying.

Are eBike tours safe?

E-bike tours are entirely safe. A professional tour guide will assist you throughout the tour. In addition, tour hosts ensure that the electric bikes they provide are high quality and well-maintained.

Even better, a lot of tour hosts provide mandatory training before you head on to your adventure. For this reason, you will have the basic knowledge of maneuvering your bike, thus keeping you safe at all times.

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