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eBike Taillights: All You Need to Know

eBikes are gaining in popularity in the United States. They are a terrific way to go a longer distance while expending less energy. One friend in Idaho uses his eBike while hunting to help get into and out of areas that would normally take hours to walk. My small town has not caught on to the greatness that is eBikes just yet, but it is coming!

Many models do not come with tail lights on them. This can pose a serious threat to safety. The more light you can have on your eBike the safer you will be while riding in traffic. Continue reading to learn more about tail lights on eBikes and why you should consider one for yours!

Installing and Testing the Taillight on my eBike
Installing and Testing the Taillight on my eBike

What is an eBike TailLight?

The rear light on an eBike, brake light or taillight, depending on the type of light, illuminates the road behind the rider and allows other vehicles and riders on the roads to better see you in dark conditions. These lights can differ depending on the type you have installed on your eBike. Halogen or LED lights are the typical choices for rear lighting on an eBike. The brighter the light the safer you will be.

Brightest eBike taillights are direct wired into bike battery
Brightest eBike taillights are direct wired into bike battery

Some tail lights have brake functions, just like those on a traditional vehicle. Brake lights for eBikes detect the baking process while riding and indicate braking by flashing. This is typically done with increasing the brightness of the light or with a separate LED brake light, which comes on when the user brakes.

Do All eBikes Have Brake or Tail Lights?

Not all eBikes come with brake lights or tail lights. Not all states have requirements for these items to be on eBikes, therefore there is no straightforward manufacturing process requirements for them. If you would like to learn more about eBike regulations and requirements by state, read more about this here https://quietkat.com/pages/united-states-electric-bike-regulations-guide

RIDE eMTB Pro Tip: Read about headlamps for eBikes in this article 👉 EBike Headlights: Options, Wiring and Recommendations

Can I Add a TailLight to My eBike?

Absolutely! There are many kits on the market that are simple to assemble and add to your eBike. This will give you peace of mind and more safety when out on your eBike. Some kits require wiring, while others are rechargeable or run-off batteries. Keep in mind, an actual brake light will not work unless it is wired to the eBike. A tail light that illuminates while riding, however, will often come in rechargeable form.

Wired tail lights or brake lights are the most reliable type of lighting system. These lights turn on with the eBike battery. Some aftermarket kits will require the addition of wires, which some riders dislike as the wires must be run either from the front headlight or the battery.

Battery Taillight for eBike
Battery Taillight for eBike
Rechargeable Taillight for eBike
Rechargeable Taillight for eBike
Wired eBike Taillight
Wired eBike Taillight

Rechargeable tail lights are simply mounted to the seat tube or rack of the eBike with no wiring required. When the light starts to dim or goes out, you can plug it in to recharge it. Those that require batteries will have to be removed and new batteries will need to be put into the light.

Can I connect my Brake Light to My eBike Battery?

Some brake light kits can run off the eBike’s battery system. If your eBike already has a headlight that operates on using the battery, you can splice into the headlight cable and run the wiring to the back light. Some manufacturers sell plug and play kits for eBike brake light systems. This makes it simple and quick to add a brake light to your eBike.

Ebike Taillight Wiring
Ebike Taillight Wiring

If you are unsure or unwilling to do the wiring yourself, you can always take the eBike to a location that sells them or that works on them and see what they would charge you to add a wired brake light to the eBike. The added safety of a brake light is worth the cost. A technician can also ensure your eBike battery is the correct voltage to operate the light.

What is the Voltage of an eBike Taillight?

Most tail lights sold online operate on a voltage scale from 6-volts to 60-volts. Some are variable voltage. The voltage of a wired rear light is dependent upon the eBike battery. Most eBikes come with a 48-volt or 52-volt battery. Higher voltage batteries will give greater efficiency.

How Much Do eBike Tail Lights Cost?

Tail lights for eBikes vary in price depending on which type you are looking for. Some rechargeable LED lights sell for as little as $15 online, while some wired models can be upwards of $60. Backcountry.com sells a full head and brake light kit for eBikes for $200.

Where to Get an eBike Tail Light

There are multiple retailers that sell rear lighting kits for eBikes. Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Universal Cycles all sell eBike rear lighting kits online. Larger Walmart locations and those in certain cities will sell eBike lighting kits in-store. Locations that sell eBikes will often carry lighting kits, also.

The small town I live in does not have a retailer for eBikes, but one store does rent them. If you have a store that rents eBikes, you can always talk to them about where you can get parts for your personal eBike. They are usually quite helpful and willing to share information with you.

Recommended Rechargeable Tail Light

One of the best, and most affordable rechargeable tail lights on the market right now is the Don Peregrino LED tail light. This model has multiple modes for day and nighttime cycling. This light has 36 COB LEDs with 110 lumens, 150-degree beam angle and 492-foot visibility. It has 5 lighting modes: steady red, flashing red, steady blue, flashing blue, and strobe.

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RIDE eMTB Taillight Recommendation: As always look for a highly rated product at a great price. The Don Peregrino LED has all the features. Read the reviews and check current prices on Amazon with this shortcut link 👉 Don Peregrino LED tail light

This model takes 2 hours to charge and gives 4 to 10 hours of use, depending on the mode used. It can also be connected to a battery bank, car charger, or any other USB device to charge. It is guaranteed to fit every bike and eBike and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Recommended Wired Tail light

For a wired tail light, check out the eBike wide beam LED safety light by Vikye E‑Bike Tail Light on Amazon. This model is simple to install and is universal to all eBikes. Its working voltage is 6-volts to 60-volts. This light makes you not only visible from the back but has a 300-degree light pattern, so you are more visible from the sides, too. It also features a 48 inch wiring lead and is waterproof. I Love Mine!!

Vikye E‑Bike Tail Light
Vikye E‑Bike Tail Light

This model is very affordable. Learn more about this rear light here and read what thousands of others have said with this short cut link 👉 Vikye E‑Bike Tail Light

Bafang Mid-Drive Electric Bike Conversion
Bafang Mid-Drive Electric Bike Conversion

Did you Know You Can Convert a Regular MTB to Electric?

Bafang a leader in DIY electric bike conversions has a mid-drive kit that will fit on most regular bikes. I’d recommend the BBSHD kit, it’s a complete setup with a huge capacity battery and a 1000 watt motor. Why this setup?

  • Heavy duty 1000 watt motor (built for cargo bikes)
  • +50 volt 17.5 Ah battery for speed and distance
  • Easy installation with provided tools.

If you’re considering a conversion, do what I’m doing get the BANFANG BBSHD 1000w eBike Conversion with Battery

Finishing Up

Adding tail lights to your eBike is a fantastic way to ensure your safety. It can help others on the road see you better and help you get to your destination in one piece. Most are quick and simple to install, especially if they are rechargeable. It is worth the peace of mind to add these lights to your eBike!

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