eBike Headlight Options and Wiring

eBike Headlights: All You Need to Know [Wiring and Options]

Did you know that in some cities it is against the law to ride any bike at night without a light? Some countries, states, cities, and counties have strict rules in place to keep cyclists safe. One of the best ways to increase your safety while using your eBike is to add a good headlight to the bike.

Headlights on an eBike give you greater visibility to other traffic, allow you to see the road or path in front of you in dark or stormy conditions, and increase your personal safety while riding. Continue reading to learn more about eBike headlights and our recommendations for the best headlights for eBikes.

What is an eBike Headlight?

EBike headlight in action
EBike headlight in action

Headlights on eBikes are very important. These lights are designed to illuminate the road ahead of the rider, providing a good view of what is ahead. These are no different than headlights on vehicles. Headlights on eBikes are essential for riding at night or in weather conditions such as fog, rain, or snow.

Most eBike headlights have a daytime light. This light can be activated during daylight hours in addition to the low beam of the headlight. The daytime light makes it easier to see bikers in traffic. Some eBike headlights also have a main beam. This light can be activated during the daytime or during twilight. The main beam is designed to increase the cyclist’s visibility. (Source)

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Do eBikes Come with Headlights?

Not all eBikes come with lighting systems. All eBikes are not manufactured to the same specifications, and therefore, there is no straightforward manufacturing process for headlights. Many eBike riders use aftermarket lighting kits to increase their safety and visibility.

There are laws in most states governing the safety features required for riding eBikes on the streets. Learn more about these laws here https://www.ncsl.org/research/transportation/state-electric-bicycle-laws-a-legislative-primer.aspx

Can I Add a Headlight to My eBike?

eBike Headlamp Add on
eBike Headlamp Add on

You can absolutely add a headlight to your eBike. In fact, it is recommended that you do so for the sake of safety. Headlights on all modes of transportation are important so others can more easily see you. Headlights can be added to an eBike and come in 2 varieties: wired or rechargeable. Wired headlights wire directly into the eBike’s battery system and require no batteries to operate.

Wireless, or wireless headlights, can be mounted on your eBike. These can operate on replaceable batteries or be rechargeable.

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Are eBike Headlights Low Voltage?

The voltage of an eBike headlight depends on the type of headlight used. There are headlights with a built-in DC converter that mount on the bike. These range in voltage from 12 volts to 80 volts.

Standalone DC converter eBike headlights. These cannot be run off the eBike battery as the voltage is too high, hence the standalone DC converter. These typically range between 24 volts and 48 volts but can be as high as 70 or 80 volts.

eBike Headlight
eBike Headlight

The most reliable type of eBike headlights is one that uses the eBike battery. These do not need DC converters, so they are typically affordable, too. Most of these operate at 12 volts, so they are very low voltage. (Source)

The last option is a rechargeable or battery-powered headlight. The voltage does not matter as much on these as they are not drawing power from the eBike battery. They are low voltage, for those curious, typically around 5 volts.

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How Much Do eBike Headlights Cost?

Headlights for eBikes vary in price depending on the type and the manufacturer. Overall, they range from about $6 to well over $100 from various retailers like eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and Pedal Electric. Always ensure the eBike headlight you purchase has a good light output and comes with all the necessary mounting and wiring accessories.

Best Rechargeable eBike Headlight

Ascher eBike Headlight and Taillight Set
Ascher eBike Headlight and Taillight Set

One of the best rechargeable eBike headlights on the market right now is the Ascher Ultra Bright USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set. Because this is a set, it comes with a headlight and tail light. The lights have a one-touch switch with 4 lighting modes that include full brightness, half brightness, fast flashing, and slow flashing.

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The Ascher Bike Light Set comes with a mounting bracket for easy installation on the handlebar and a silicone mount strap to fit the tail light to most seat posts. Because this is an LED light set, it will not only last for a long time, but it is very bright to help keep you safe while you cycle.

Learn more about the Ascher Bike Light Set here.

Best Wired eBike Headlight

Although this light is more expensive than the rechargeable light above at $60, it is one of the best wired bike lights on the market. This light is the Current 500 eBike Headlight from Planet Bike. This hardwired, 500-lumen headlight illuminates the bath in front of you and makes you easier in traffic.

Ebike headlight connected to controller
Ebike headlight connected to controller

Installation is done using a Bosch system plug for a clean installation. Although designed for Bosch-powered eBikes, if you use a Shimano, Toshiba, Stromer or another motor system, the Current power cable can also be modified to work with nearly all eBike systems.

Learn more about the Current 500 eBike Headlight from Planet Bike here.

Finishing Up

Whether you choose a rechargeable eBike headlight or a hardwired eBike headlight, the importance of lighting up your eBike cannot be understated. Not only do these lights illuminate the road or path in front of you, but they also make you more visible to traffic, pedestrians, and other cyclists.

Even if you do not ride your eBike at night, having a lighting system is important. Like daytime running lights on a passenger vehicle, having a headlight on your eBike allows you to be seen easier by other motorists and cyclists. Keep yourself safe while cycling with a good eBike headlight.

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