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Shimano E9000 Steps confirmed in Lezyne light specs

Spec sheet for a Lezyne E Bike light confirms the Shimano E9000 motor system

Shimano is working on a new motor system called the Shimano E9000 Steps. The confirmation comes from an unlikely source, the instruction for a Lezyne light.

It comes as no surprise that Shimano is working on a new motor system, but it is surprising how we came across the news. If you are in the market for a new ebike light then might we suggest you look at the Lezyne Macro Drive 500 and Macro Drive 1000 lights, and while you’re at it also look at the list of compatible motors.

shimano e9000 motor lezyne
Lezyne lists the E9000.

While it’s hardly surprising to see that these Lezyne eBike lights are fully compatible with the Shimano E5000, E6000, E7000 E8000, it is more interesting to see that Lezyne says its lights are compatible with the E9000 motor.

Lezyne only recently released these powerful LED lights, and they are one of the new breeds of eBike specific lights that run directly off the ebike battery and are wired into the bike via the motor system.

Now we know that the E9000 motor is being developed, let’s discuss some of the upgrades this high-end mid-drive system could have over the E8000 and E7000.

Shimano E9000 Steps Motor Rumours

Shimano had a headstart in the ebike market with the E8000 and then E7000 motor systems. For years they were the most compact and easy to live with drive units on the market, but recently is seeing pressure from new motors. With the launch of the Gen 4 Bosch CX, new Brose systems, and even systems from Bafang, the Steps E8000 and E7000 are starting to look dated.

Steps E9000 Size and shape

2020 eBike: Patrol E-Six E-Enduro 630Wh first look
We expect Steps E9000 to share the same shape with E8000.

Shimano has already one of the most compact motors available today, and with so many brands already using the E8000 it isn’t likely that the E9000 will be too different physically. The size and shape of the E9000 Steps won’t change by much, so any current Steps electric mountain bike should accept an E9000 drive unit.

Shimano E9000 Weight

As E8000 is classed as an XT spec mid-drive motor the E9000 will be closer to XTR. Being XTR level should dictate a higher grade of materials will be used. We expect Titanium, CNC machined alloy and carbon fibre composites could all be used to create a lightweight E9000 drive unit.

Shimano E9000 Power

2020 eBike: Patrol E-Six E-Enduro 630Wh first look
Will Steps E9000 get more eMTB friendly modes?

Shimano’s Steps motors produce 70Nm of torque whereas Bosch motors create 75Nm and a Tq motor on a Flyon Haibike sports 120Nm. Shimano won’t be pushing above 100Nm for the E9000 but a modest increase in torque is expected. We would like to see the Steps E9000 to proved between 75-85Nm.

Steps E9000 Battery

shimano steps battery
A new E9000 battery?

Bosch has many battery sizes available from 400Wh to 625Wh, and many 2020 Bosch bikes can accept additional external batteries to increase range. At the very least a larger internal battery based on the BT-E8035 would be the boost Shimano needs to keep up with Bosch. A BT-E9000 battery of at least 625Wh is where our money is going.

Steps E9000 Modes

More torque, a larger battery, and the lighter motor won’t be enough on their own to differentiate the E9000 from the rest of the Steps motors. Perhaps then we will see new modes added to the Steps E9000 system? Something to rival EMTB mode on the CX motor?

As soon as official Steps E9000 details are announced well publish the news.