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Can an Electric Bike Be Used as a Regular Bike?

Is it possible to ride an electric bike like a regular bike? Electric bikes are great for helping people reach their destination with less effort, but what happens if you just want to bike yourself?

EBikes can be pedaled exactly the same as a regular bike. The electric motor can be turned off and the bike will function just fine. As an option many people pedal like normal on an eBike and use the throttle occasionally to help with hills or when pedaling against the wind.

pedaling an ebike just like a regular bike
Pedaling an ebike just like a regular bike

Is it hard to pedal an electric bike?

It is not hard to pedal an electric bike if you do not want to use the battery or the motor. In addition, many electric bike models have pedal assist, which provides power to the pedals.

When the pedal assist is activated, a motor connected to your bike dramatically assists you with the motion. Such a tool can make pedaling more manageable, especially when riding uphill or against strong winds.

Other electric bikes have a throttle, allowing the rider to control the amount of power the electric motor provides. However, by design, electric bikes generally make pedaling more leisurely, so pedaling should be easy enough.

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Can I ride an e-bike as a regular bike without a battery?

Yes, you can use an electric bike as a regular bike without a battery. By design, electric bikes function with or without electric assist. So if the battery is removed or runs out of charge, you can still pedal the bike like a regular bike.

However, without the electric assist, it may require more effort to pedal, especially when riding uphill or against strong winds. If your bike has a pedal assist, you can turn it off entirely and bike as you would typically.

Is it safe to ride an eBike without a battery?

It is generally safe to ride an electric bike without a battery to function without an electric assist. Fortunately, most electric bikes are good to use both ways (with electricity or human power). 

However, without the electric assist, it may require more effort to pedal. Ultimately, it is up to you whether you want to use the battery.

Some e-bikes may not properly function if you remove or disconnect the battery, so checking the manufacturer’s instructions is essential.

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Can you ride an electric bike without a license?

The laws regarding riding an electric bike without a license vary depending on your country or state. In some places, electric bikes are classified as regular bicycles and do not require a license to operate.

In other places, electric bikes may be classified as motorized vehicles and require a driver’s license or special permit. As more people ride e-bikes regularly, legislators might attempt to add more safety regulations.

In the United States, federal law defines electric bikes as having a maximum motor-assisted speed of 20 mph (ca. 32 km/h) and a maximum motor power of 750 watts.

Bikes that meet these criteria are considered โ€œlow-speed electric bicyclesโ€ and do not require a license. However, state and local laws may vary, so it is essential to check the laws in your area to determine if a permit is required.

In general, check with your local authorities to know the specific laws and regulations regarding electric bikes in your area.

Bafang Mid-Drive Electric Bike Conversion
Bafang Mid-Drive Electric Bike Conversion

Did you Know You Can Convert a Regular MTB to Electric?

Bafang a leader in DIY electric bike conversions has a mid-drive kit that will fit on most regular bikes. I’d recommend the BBSHD kit, it’s a complete setup with a huge capacity battery and a 1000 watt motor. Why this setup?

  • Heavy duty 1000 watt motor (built for cargo bikes)
  • +50 volt 17.5 Ah battery for speed and distance
  • Easy installation with provided tools.

If you’re considering a conversion, do what I’m doing get the BANFANG BBSHD 1000w eBike Conversion with Battery

Can you make a regular bike into an electric bike?

Yes, converting a regular bike into an electric bike is generally possible using a conversion kit. This process is known as e-bike conversion. It involves adding an electric motor, battery, and control system to a regular bike.

Using a conversion kit for an existing bike is often cheaper than buying a new electric bike. However, you must install it on the bike or have someone do it for you.

There are a few different types of electric bike conversion kits available, including:

  • Rear-wheel drive kits include a motor that attaches to the bike’s rear wheel.
  • Front-wheel drive kits include a motor that attaches to the bike’s front wheel.
  • Mid-drive kits include a motor that attaches to the bike’s bottom bracket.

The conversion process typically involves installing the bike’s motor, battery, and control system and wiring the components together. It can be done by the owner or by a professional.

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Is an electric bike worth buying?

Whether an electric bike is worth buying depends on your individual needs and preferences. It is undeniable that an e-bike can make any ride more manageable and faster. Running errands like grocery shopping, post office, and other duties could take half the time.

Here are some of the advantages of electric bikes:

  • They provide extra power to assist with pedaling.
  • They can make it more feasible to commute by bike, especially for people who live far from their workplace or have physical limitations.
  • They can be a fun and efficient way to get around, especially in urban areas.
  • eBikes are able to carry and pull heavier loads. Perfect for towing a trailer behind the bike.

However, electric bikes also have some disadvantages, such as:

  • They can be significantly more expensive than traditional bikes
  • They require regular charging, which can be an inconvenience for some riders.
  • They can be heavier and bulkier than conventional bikes.

In addition, consider factors such as the cost, battery life, weight, and features of different models, as well as the laws and regulations regarding electric bikes in your area.

You could test ride different models to get a sense of how they feel to ride and if it’s a good fit for you.

eBike with Pannier Bags
My eBike with Pannier Bags, I use it on long rides

Is an electric bike good for a long drive?

Electric bikes can be an excellent option for long-distance rides. They are great because the electric motor provides additional power to help the rider cover greater distances with less effort.

The range of an electric bike is the distance it can travel on a single charge, and it can vary widely between different models. For example, some electric bikes range from 10 to 30 miles (ca. 48 km), while others can travel up to 80โ€“100 miles on a single charge.

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Additionally, it’s essential to note that the range of an electric bike can be affected by factors such as the rider’s weight, the terrain, and the level of power assist used.

Some e-bike has a range extender option that allows you to charge the battery while riding, but it’s rare and adds extra weight and cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can electric bikes go uphill?

One of the main advantages of electric bikes is that they provide extra power to assist you with pedaling, making it easier to ride uphill. In addition, electric bikes typically have a feature called pedal assist, which provides power to the pedals in case of necessity. Read more in Can eBike Climb Steep Hills?

Does riding an electric bike help you lose weight?

An electric bike can be an excellent way to burn calories and lose weight. Still, it depends on the intensity and frequency of your rides, your diet, and your overall lifestyle. Electric bikes can make it easier to ride for longer distances and at higher intensities, which can lead to increased calorie burn.

How much quicker is an electric bike to a regular bike?

Electric bikes typically reach 20-30 mph speeds, while classic bikes are limited to the rider’s pedaling speed, usually around 15-20 mph. An electric bike is much quicker than a traditional bike, especially on hills or headwinds.

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