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Or how about the mysterious Shimano EP8?

Shimano EP8 Motor revealed in trademark documents

Shimano trademarks the EP8 name for a new motor system.

Shimano is working on a new motor system and according to new trademark documents made public earlier this month that new drive will be called the Shimano EP8 motor.

Status Update! On Monday, August 5, 2019, status on the EP8 trademark changed to PUBLICATION/ISSUE REVIEW COMPLETE.


A trademark filing that was made public on the 5th August identifies the name of a new Shimano motor system. According to the documentation, the Shimano EP8 motor is a system for electric bicycles and will be sold as a unit for electrically assisted bicycles.

Shimano ep8 motor
Shimano EP8 trademark

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The trademark filing doesn’t go into specific details for the EP8 Motor or the features we can expect, but at least the official files confirm the existence of a new Shimano drive system and considering the trademark is official we think the motor could release soon.

Shimano Ep8 motor
Trademark details of Shimano EP8.

News of the Shimano EP8 comes just a few days after we discovered mention of a Shimano E9000 motor in Lezyne light documents. Are the Shimano EP8 and the E9000 the same unit? Or is Shimano planning on releasing 2 all-new motor systems in the near future?

While there are no official specifications for the Shimano E9000 and Shimano EP8 motor, we have come to some conclusions about the new systems based on what we know about Shimano and the direction the market is heading int.

We wrote here, that we don’t expect the E9000 to use a new fixing pattern and we believe it will be the same for the Shimano EP8. In theory, this would mean that any current Shimano compatible frame would also be compatible with the Shimano EP8.

We’re also going to assume the motor size won’t change either, but we do believe the new Shimano EP8 motor could weigh less and have more power than the Shimano E8000.

Other than these rather obvious upgrades we’re not sure what else to expect from the Shimano EP8, or when we will see it for the first time in public. More Shimano motor news as it comes.