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forestal emtb teaser

Forestal eMTB to launch in a few days with EonDrive Motor?

Teaser video has us excited to see the Forestal eMTB.

Forestal dropped a new video teaser last night giving fans the most in-depth look at this innovative machine to date.

Posted to the official Forestal Instagram account, the following video gives us our best look at the new Forestal eMTB and reveals features and components that had so far remained a secret.

Lots to think about!

The short video reminds us more of a smartphone or Apple teaser video than a traditional eMTB release, but this is exactly what Forestal is aiming for. During the video, areas of the bike, frame and components are highlighted items such as the Forestal EonDrive motor, a Forestal display on the top-tube of the frame, and a Twin Levity suspension platform.

The video finally ends with “March” leading commenters to speculate that this secret eMTB will finally be released in just a few days time!

The Calm before the Storm

The curtain is about to fall just to reveal what will be the first Forestal bike; the first of more to come.

March 2020 is the key date, when we will be answering all the questions that we had to tackle during our development, overcoming challenges day by day, in order to create a bike brand with a very unique philosophy. 

Going from zero to hero is neither easy nor at everybody’s reach, but has been our only commitment since the very beginning. Our claim, our best presentation card.
Forestal. Truly Extraordinary

Stay tuned!


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