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Shimano EP6 Trademark
Shimano EP6 Trademark

Shimano EP8 will be joined by Shimano EP6 and EP4 motors

More trademark filing reports 2 more Shimano EP motor systems

Shimano EP8 news is flowing thick and fast this evening now with further details of the EP family including the Shimano EP6 and EP4.

Sometimes news naturally follows the news. Just moments after posting this purported leaked photo of the Shimano EP8 motor, we have uncovered more details about the Shimano EP family of motors.

Just as we originally discovered the EP8 through trademark filings, today we have learned of the Shimano EP6 and Shimano EP4 motor names recently filed for use by Shimano.

We understand that the Shimano EP8 will live at the top of the Shimano motor range, and believe that the Shimano EP6 and Shimano EP4 motors will build a complete family of motors that cover mid-range and entry-level systems.

The current Shimano STEPS motor system includes the E8000 and E7000 motors designed specifically for off-road, mountain bike use, but there are also other motors. The E6000 is aimed at touring and E5000 for urban environments. 

If Shimano is planning to replace the complete STEPS range then the Shimano EP6 would make a perfect E6000 replacement, and E5000 would become the Shimano EP5.

This still leaves the Shimano E7000, but so far we haven’t been able to find any proof that there is a Shimano EP7, but it would be highly unlikely that Shimano doesn’t plan on replacing the mid-ranger.

It could be time to say goodbye to Shimano STEPS
It could be time to say goodbye to Shimano STEPS

What does the 2020 Shimano motor range look like?

  • Shimano EP8 – range-topping off-road motor to replace the STEPS E8000.
  • Shimano EP6 – a crossover motor for mid-range eMTB and touring bikes.
  • Shimano EP5 – a motor designed for urban riding.

There is also the chance that Shimano has only registered these names to throw us off the scent, but we feel that this isn’t the case. Tell us what you think in the comments.