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Shimano EP8 spotted in the wild!

Photo shows purported Shimano motor for 2020

Here at Rideemtb, we’ve spoken about the Shimano EP8 in detail on more than one occasion but this is the first time we have seen it!

Rewind time to the middle of 2019 and you’ll find a few articles that we posted that pointed to a new Shimano motor. At that time we originally heard rumours and found evidence of a motor named the E9000, and later a trademark for the Shimano EP8.

With the trademark filed, it’s obvious that for 2020 the new motor from the Japanese giant will be named the Shimano EP8, and somehow this motor has already leaked online.

Is this a real photo of the Shimano EP8?
Is this a real photo of the Shimano EP8?

We are unsure of where the EP8 motor photo originally comes from, but it was first shared over on EMTB Forums by a user named DeezNutz. Though we aren’t sure if the photo is genuine, we doubt anyone would to go such lengths to fake the new motor.

Very few details have emerged about Shimano’s new motor, but the naming would suggest that the EP8 will replace the E8000. This naturally brings up the question if a Shimano EP7 will also be unveiled to replace the E7000 in the steps range.

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