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santa cruz ebike

Santa Cruz e-Bike? Here’s everything we know so far!

Santa Cruz e-Bike Rumours | All your questions answered

Word on the street is a Santa Cruz e-Bike is on the way and could be launching soon. Here is everything we know about it so far.

Flick through any 2020 range brochure, or visit any mountain bike website and you might be fooled into thinking that every bike brand already has an e-Bike, but there are quite a few prominent brands missing.

It tends to be smaller companies or more boutique brands that have steered clear of the e-Bike race thus far. Bike makers like Transition, Evil, Ibis, etc have all refrained from entering the e-Bike mix, but then again brands like Intense and Orange have been pretty fast to pick it up.

There are fans of some of these brands that are ecstatic that ‘their’ brands haven’t launched an e-Bike. We have a feeling that the inevitable will happen though, and all manufacturers will show at least one in the coming months.

Which brings us on to the topic at hand, is Santa Cruz planning to release an e-Bike? What can we expect to see? and when will this e-Bike be launched?

Santa Cruz Electric Mountain Bike?

santa cruz ebike
A render from back in 2018.

Before we delve further into this we want to be completely open and state that we don’t have the hard facts. Though we at Rideemtb.com believe, Santa Cruz is releasing an e-Bike we’re not privy to any details. Now with that out of the way, let’s get to the rumours.

Santa Cruz e-Bike Rumours | All your questions answered

What will the Santa Cruz e-Bike be called?

Honestly, we haven’t a clue what it will be called but there are some very imaginative suggestions online, our favourite being the “Power Tower”

Will the Santa Cruz e-MTB be based on a current model?

Again we don’t know this for sure, but there is talk that the bike could be based on the Bronson platform producing between 150-160mm of travel.

Which motor will the Santa Cruz e-Bike use?

Of all the motor systems available on the market today, only the Shimano STEPS motor sounds like a plausible option. Whereas Bosch is extremely strict on what a manufacturer can and cannot do with its system, Shimano is fairly open and will let a brand pick and choose 3rd party components to build their perfect bike. With this in mind, only the Shimano STEPS E8000 motor meets the flagship status a Santa Cruz bike will be held to.

What size battery will it have?

We believe a Shimano internal battery will be used which limits the Santa Cruz e-Bike to a 504Wh battery.

29in, 27.5 or mullet?

Well, if the Santa Cruz e-Bike is based on the Bronson then 27.5in sounds very likely. But who’s to say that this is the case? It could just as easily be a 29er like the latest YT Decoy launch.

How much will the Santa Cruz e-Bike cost?

Santa Cruz bikes are not cheap, and we don’t expect that this is going to change, but we expect this bike to range anywhere from $7000 – $12,000.

When will the Santa Cruz e-Bike launch?

According to this post, the Santa Cruz e-Bike could launch as early as 11th February 2020.

Was Danny MacAskill spotted on an e-Bike prototype?

No, that photo shows the trial’s star riding a standard 50:10.

santa cruz ebike
Not an e-Bike, just a 50:10.

Another premium e-Bike option could be coming from Yeti soon too. Apparently a prototype Yeti e-Bike has been sighted undergoing testing. Perhaps it’s Jared Graves job to get it dialled in? Ibis also seems like a prime candidate for joining the e-Bike bandwagon too.

Are there any other premium bike brands that you feel have an e-Bike in development? If you have anything to add to this feature or have a tip please join the conversation in the comments below.