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when will we see ebikes at redbull rampage?

When will we see e-MTB’s at Redbull Rampage?

Don’t e-Bikes make the most sense for riders at Redbull Rampage?

When will we see e-MTB’s at Redbull Rampage? Surely these motorised mountain bikes are a freeriders best friend?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you might have missed that today (25th October) is the date of Redbull Rampage 2019. Riders from around the world have been in the dusty hills around the Rampage site now for weeks, digging lines, preparing jumps and shuttling runs.

Riders tend to take part in Redbull Rampage of downhill or free ride bikes, perfect for hitting 40ft drops and clearing canyons, but not so great for getting back to the top of the trail again for another run.

Is the 2020 Kenevo the perfect Redbull Rampage bike?
Is the 2020 Kenevo the perfect Redbull Rampage bike?

Now we’re not saying for a moment that it’s possible to ride to the top of the Rampage site on an e-MTB in its current condition, but with work, a ridable trail might be possible to aid riders to e-Bike at least part of the way back up to session jumps and drops more frequently.

The idea came to us while watching a video posted by Commencal rider DJBrandt. The video titled ‘Rampage Test Day’ has captions mentioning the lack of chairlifts and asks the question why he didn’t ride a dirtbike.

Perhaps with an e-MTB DJ and other Rampage riders could scramble back up features faster and get in more practice? And the new generation of big travel e-MTB’s like the 2020 Kenevo look like they would easily handle riding back down again too.

So the question is “when will we see e-MTB’s at Redbull Rampage?”. Let us know your thoughts on this idea in the comments below.