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Leaked photos of the top-secret Yamaha e-MTB

Spy photos show off radical frame design and upside down forks!

If you’re walking the halls of the Japanese motor show this week keep an eye out for this radical Yamaha e-MTB featuring a split top-tube design and upside down fork.

MBR Magazine has managed to get hold of a handful of photos of an prototype Yamaha e-MTB hiding in plain sight at the Japanese Auto Show.

Yamaha YPJ-YZ e-MTB
Yamaha YPJ-YZ

The photos show that the Yamaha e-MTB, named the Yamaha YPJ-YZ, features an alloy frame with interesting split top-tube design, and internal Yamaha battery. A Fox rear shock sits up inside the top-tube and is driven by a linkage that pivots from the seattube of the frame. It’s a little different to what other brands have done, and does mean there isn’t room for a bottle cage, but we’re still excited to see this e-MTB on the trails.

Alloy looks to be used for the main construction of the Yamaha e-MTB, each tube fastened together with extremely smooth welds. The internal battery gets a large cover/protector that extends the underneath of the tube and could be made from carbon fibre.

Yamaha e-mtb
Smooth welds.

Styling looks pretty radical, and on first looks it would be easy to confuse the Yamaha e-MTB for an NS Bikes, with similar colourful components and fonts.

Fitted to the front of the Yamaha e-MTB is a pair of upside down suspension forks. While they don’t have any branding on them, the rebound and compression adjustments look like those found on X-Fusion forks.

Apart from the X-Fusion forks, Fox rear shock and Fox dropper, the Yamaha e-MTB is built with Hope disc brakes, Maxxis tyres and, obviously, a Yamaha motor.

Keep an eye out for more Yamaha e-MTB news from us soon, and let us know what you think of this radical bike in the comments section below.