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2020 specialized kenevo
A badly photoshopped image but will it prove accurate?

Is this the first look at a 2020 Specialized Kenevo?

Render of a 2020 Kenevo with Boxxers looks like the closest to a leak we've had yet!

The 2020 Specialized Kenevo is one of the most hotly anticipated e-MTB’s and just day’s ahead of it’s rumoured launch date could this be the best indication of what this e-Bike will look like?

The 2020 Specialized Kenevo launch is one that we have been watching closely for some time. It’s the bike that many of us eMTB fans is waiting to see, and it is one of the best-guarded eBike secrets of the year. Whereas images of the 2020 Levo range reached us before the official launch, the 2020 Kenevo has been kept top-secret with nothing concrete about this bike leaked so far.

But, there are a few details that we keep hearing that could make this 2020 Kenevo image the most accurate look of the new gravity eBike to date.

The bike posted on social media a few days ago is clearly a photoshop, but our gut is telling us that it’s a very informed fist leak at the Specialized Kenevo.

Speaking with people in the know, we have ascertained that the 2020 Kenevo will undergo some major frame updates to make it lighter in weight and stiffer, but at the same time the geometry will also be more progressive. Our sources also confirmed in the past, that the new Kenevo will be offered with a RockShox Boxxer dual-crown fork, the same featured in the photoshop.

According to our friendly local Specialized dealer, the 2020 Specialized Kenevo is due to launch on the 1st October and will be available as pictured with dual-crown forks or with a long travel single crown fork. The bike is rumoured to be fitted with a larger battery as standard and will get standard 27.5in wheels rather instead of plus-sized rubber.