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An easy way to derestrict Shimano Steps motors with this cheap hack

Rose Bikes Confirms Shimano E9000 Motor System

Rose Bikes has confirmed the Shimano E9000 motor system in a Shimano disc rotor listing.

A listing on the Rose Bikes website for the Shimano RT-EM910 rear disc with built-in magnet confirms the existence of a Shimano Steps E9000 motor.

We’ve stumbled upon more proof that Shimano is working on a new mid-drive motor system called the Steps E9000. The first time we saw the motor listed was here in a Lezyne document stating that the product is compatible with the E9000.

The E9000 has once again appeared in a manufacturer listing today, this time on the Rose Bikes website where “STEPS e9000” is mentioned twice under the listing for a Shimano RT-EM910 rear brake disc with built-in magnet.

Shimano RT-EM910 disc for the E9000 Steps motor.
Shimano RT-EM910 disc for the E9000 Steps motor.

Searching the internet brings up the RT-EM910 disc on various online stores that added the new rear disc just a few days ago. We can also find it listed in the official Shimano website, listed as an E7000 product, however, the model name doesn’t match the rest of the E7000 range.

Here’s the description copied from the Rose Bikes websites along with a screenshot;

Shimano RT-EM910 disc for the E9000 Steps motor.
Rose Bikes listing.

The STEPS RT-EM910 brake disc rotor from the STEPS e9000 system by Shimano is designed to meet the extremely high requirements of modern pedelecs, e-bikes and e-MTBs and already comes with a fitted magnet for the STEPS speed sensor SM-DUE11 for perfect system integration.
The three-layer sandwich construction of the ICE-Tech-Freeza technology makes sure the disc rotor offers high heat resistance. In addition, integrated cooling fins dissipated the generated heat quickly. In this way, SHIMANO guarantees high braking performance and a safe brake feel on any e-bike with STEPS drive.

• Series: SHIMANO STEPS e9000
• Material: sandwich composite with a stainless steel outside and an aluminium core, aluminium lockring
• Including magnet for SHIMANO STEPS speed sensor SM-DUE11
• ICE-Tech: Aluminium core between two stainless steel layers that perfectly dissipates heat – this reduces operating temperature significantly for consistent braking performance
• Freeza: three-layer sandwich construction consisting of stainless steel flanges and aluminium core with integrated cooling fins for best heat dissipation
• Reduced fading
• For Shimano CenterLock hubs and CenterLock compatible hubs
• Compatible with brake pads made of metal and resin (organic)

Rose Bikes

Except for the 2 mentions of the E9000 above, there is also evidence point to the fact that the next Shimano mid-drive motor will be called the Shimano EP8. The EP8 name was registered as a trademark by Shimano a few months ago and could be the actual release name for the Shimano E9000.

Shimano EP8 Motor Features

  • Smaller and more compact.
  • Lightweight.
  • More torque.
  • Natural power band.

With the knowledge that Shimano is working on a next-generation motor, we have to ask ourselves when will the Shimano EP8 launch? and, how will the Shimano EP8 compare to the Bosch Performance CX Gen 4?