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Marshall Mullen Custom Specialized Turbo Kenevo eBike Check
Kashima coated Fox 40.

2020 Specialized Kenevo Rumored to launch 1st October

When will the 2020 Specialized Kenevo launch? We think we have the answer.

We’ve been chatting to some friendly Specialized dealers who have suggested the 2020 Specialized Kenevo could launch on 1st October.

Specialized has already quietly rolled out the 2020 Turbo Levo range, and it has even launched a Levo frameset with Brose motor in Europe too, but what we’re all really waiting on is the launch of the 2020 Specialized Kenevo.

In the run-up to the Levo launches, there were leaks from all over the web, and we even learned that stores in Chile were selling 2020 bikes before launch, however, Specialized has been very careful not to let any 2020 Kenevo details leak.

2020 specialized levo kenevo rumours
Photo credit: Long Nguyen

When is the 2020 Kenevo launch date?

Speaking with a few of our sources at various Specialized stores, and also from what we have learned online, the launch of the 2020 Specialized Kenevo looks set to be the 1st October.

We don’t know if this will be the date that bikes will go on sale, or will be available in-store, but we think the 1st October 2019 is the date that the final launch details of the 2020 Kenevo will be announced/

Marshall Mullen Custom Specialized Turbo Kenevo eBike Check
Downhill forks as standard?

What do we know about the 2020 Kenevo?

As we have said, Specialized has been careful not to let details leak before launch, but again we do have a few rumors, about the 2020 Kenevo.

It is expected that the new bike will be lighter than the previous iteration, it is also widely speculated that a Kenevo with a downhill triple crown fork will be an option at launch too.

As we all know that the current Kenevo is no featherweight, we expect Specialized to lighten the frame, but at the same time increase battery life (at least on higher-end versions) which will increase range but shouldn’t spoil handling.

We also hope that Specialized will also finally come to their senses and ditch the weak plus tires in favor of more aggressive 27.5in wheels and tires.

We will be speaking with our sources again nearer to the launch date to see if we can learn any more new info about the highly anticipated 2020 eMTB launch.