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downhill turbo kenevo harry main
Downhill forks as standard?

Harry Main rides his DH Turbo Kenevo for the first time prob needs new tires!

Harry Main takes his upgraded Kenevo to a downhill track to test dual crown Fox 40

Now equipped with a dual crown Fox 40, Harry Main takes his DH Turbo Kenevo for a test run but seems to run into a traction problem.

If you have been following Harry Main on his YouTube channel then you will be up-to-date with his current E-Bike project.

Over the past week, Harry has taken his 2019 Specialized Turbo Kenevo and fitted a pair of Fox 40 downhill forks to it. This is a pretty common upgrade in the Kenevo community, but this modded Kenevo has a 180mm travel dual crown instead of the stock 203mm and Harry is sticking with the stock Specialized rubber!

harry main downhill kenevo
Does he like it?

One of the first upgrades many Turbo Kenevo owners make is to replace the stock tires with something with better traction and more substantial sidewall. Harry Main hasn’t and even went to the effort of rebuilding the original front wheel so he could save the stock rubber.

This is probably why for the first portion of the video he struggles for grip, but still, it’s another great video and the fine weather makes it even more entertaining to watch.