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Watch Harry Main Build a Downhill Turbo Kenevo

Harry Main mods his Turbo Kenevo with a Fox 40 and more

It’s a mod that many of us have done before, but it’s still fun to watch Harry Main rebuild his Kenevo Turbo with a pair of Fox 40 forks.

In his most recent video (just a few hours since he uploaded it) Harry Main rebuilds his beloved Turbo Kenevo, adding a Fox 40 dual crown fork to it and rebuilding the front wheel.

It’s a mod we’ve seen time and time again, although we would have chosen a 29in front wheel rather than rebuilding the plus-sized wheel that comes with the Kenevo, still, it’s great to see some another ebiker so stoked to mod their ride and hit the trail.

Watch the video below and comment if you have built a similar big hit, downhill Kenevo.