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2020 Scott eBikes leaked all with Bosch motor systems

Has Scott dropped Shimano motor? Video of the 2020 Scott ebikes shows only Bosch bikes.

Video of the 2020 Scott eBikes range has been posted on YouTube and it looks like Shimano motors have been dropped!

With Eurobike just a week away, many brands are holding dealer shows to update them on the new 2020 model year ebikes. Scott has just held one for its dealers and someone has managed to film the entire show leaking all 2020 Scott products.

What interests us though are the 2020 Scott eBikes and what updates they bring to the table. From around the 2min mark, the 2020 Scott eBikes begin to be shown and by the end of the video one thing is very clear, every 2020 Scott eBike seems to be running a Bosch Gen 4 motor.

2020 scott ebikes
That’s a Gen 4 Bosch motor on a 2020 Scott Strike.

For the past few years, Scott has built eBikes with both Shimano and Bosch mid-drive systems, but the 2020 model year range looks streamlined and now all Scott ebikes shown in the video have Bosch Gen 4 motors.

Below we have some screenshots from the leaked video of some of the 2020 Scott ebikes we can identify.

2020 Scott Strike

2020 Scott E-Genius

2020 Scott Contessa Spark

2020 scott ebikes leaked
2020 Scott Contessa Spark.

2020 Scott Aspect e-Ride

Why might Scott drop Shimano motors?

We don’t know for certain if Scott has dropped Shimano motors of 2020, there could have been delays in receiving samples or they might be waiting for the release of the mystery Shimano EP8 or E9000 motors. However, there are some good reasons to stick to just one brand of motor.

A larger order quantity of a single part would give Scott massive buying power and they could be able to reduce the prices of Bosch powered bikes.

A single motor choice is less confusing for customers, and for dealers, it means they only need to troubleshoot and learn to maintain a single drive system.

And there’s the very valid point that the Gen 4 Bosch CX motor is extremely good, perhaps even better than the current Shimano Steps range.

We will have to wait until Eurobike to finally learn the truth about the 2020 Scott eBike range, but until then check out the leaked video.

Video: 2020 Scott eBikes