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harry main video

Watch Harry Main smash his Turbo Kenevo in these 2 new videos

Harry Main has gotten the hang of his ebike and is smashing the local trails

Over the past few days, Harry Main has dropped 2 new videos of his ebike riding, and we’re starting to see the Turno Kenevo convert get a little sendy on his eMTB.

We don’t think we have seen Harry Main ride as much as this before, and in 1 week of Kenevo ownership, he appears to have been out every single day! Over the past few days, Harry has dropped 2 new videos proving that he isn’t a fair-weather rider and that his BMX skills do translate to eMTB skills.

The first video is a wet ride at Farmer Johns bike park where the Kenevo show’s it can handle rain, dirt and jumps just as well as we already knew it could. The 2nd video is Harry riding at Greno Woods in Sheffield.

Watch Harry Main Turbo Kenevo ride at Farmer Johns

Watch Harry Main Turbo Kenevo ride in Greno Woods

In an upcoming video, we’ll get to see a few modifications being carried out on the Turbo Kenevo, including a pair of 180mm travel Fox 40 downhill forks and a new front wheel! Perhaps he should have waited a few months more and picked up the 2020 Turbo Kenevo an eMTB rumored to get dual crown forks as standard.