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2020 fim e-xbike world cup italy

FIM E-XBike World Cup Is NOT what eBike racing should look like!

The first round of the FIM E-XBike made eMTB look slow and boring!

The first round of the FIM E-XBike World Cup in Italy had ebikers racing around a motocross track and as you expect it was slow and boring.

Over the weekend the FIM held the first-ever E-XBike World Cup race ever. Before the race even started there had been a lot of coverage about this competing ebike World Cup series which famously saw the UCI ban any athlete entering an FIM from any UCI race.

It’s clear from the level of riding during the FIM E-XBike in Italy that the ban had worked and competent and skilled riders gave the race a very wide berth.

2020 fim e-xbike world cup italy
Not so fast or furious.

It wasn’t just the level of the racing that was a disappointment though, the whole E-XBike series was in trouble before it even started. The whole idea of the series is to have ebike riders race around the same motocross tracks that the most powerful MX bikes in the world do, but whereas an MX bike can have as much as 60hp, ebikes, and pedelecs have 250w of power and the motor cuts out at 25kmh.

I ride an EMTB. I love my EMTB but this is probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever watched😂

Facebook comment during live stream

This meant that there were no huge jumps or massive amounts of air time during the race, there wasn’t much speed at all. It was just a bunch of riders struggling to keep their bikes upright in rutted dirt and struggling to climb extremely steep jumps.

If the whole premise of the race wasn’t soul-destroying enough then the commentators, who were clearly unimpressed themselves, managed to suck the last breaths of life from the FIM E-XBike in Italy. It really was dreadful.

2020 fim e-xbike world cup italy
At least they look happy.

But this was just the first round, and hopefully, the series will evolve get better and attract a better standard of racer on suitable tracks. Until this happens though, at least we have the UCI ebike World Champs to look forward too.

If you did watch the race, here’s the entire thing from the official Facebook feed.

Video: Watch round 1 of the FIM E-XBike World Cup

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