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2020 canyon spectralon
Render of what the 2020 Canyon Spectral:ON could look like.

Canyon 2020 ebike rumors: 2020 Spectral:ON, Strive:ON?

Canyon’s latest ebike launch could give us some idea what new eMTBs will look like

Canyon 2020 ebike news begins with rumors that new eMTBs could look radically different from the outgoing ebikes.

News of Canyon’s 2020 ebike range has been scarce, but there has been one new model launch from the German bike brand. Last week, Canyon rebased the new Roadlite:ON platform. A combination of road bike performance, flatbar comfort, and ebike speed and efficiency.

canyon 2020 ebikes
What does the Roadlite:ON have to do with the new 2020 eMTBs?

The 2020 Roadlite:ON is not only the first fast city ebike from Canyon but launches as the first Canyon ebike that doesn’t use a Shimano Steps motor and external battery. Instead, the bulky external battery and torquey Japanese motor are replaced with a compact and lightweight Fazua Evation system.

So what does the Roadlite:ON have to do with the 2020 Canyon eBike range?

2020 Canyon ebike rumors

2020 canyon spectralon
Render of what the 2020 Canyon Spectral:ON could look like.

At around the same time Canyon launched the Roadlite:ON the company also discounted pricing of 2019 models of the Canyon Spectral:ON and Neuron:ON prompting rumors that MY 20 version bikes are coming soon, what’s more, that they too could feature internal batteries.

Internal battery?

Both the Canyon Neuron:ON and Canyon Spectral:ON are great bikes, but there is no hiding the fact that there are much better-looking bikes on sale today, and that with internal battery technology, rival bikes may also offer superior handling.

Canyon isn’t going to want to be left behind, so at the very least we believe the 2020 Canyon Spectral:ON and 2020 Neuron:ON could feature newer internal Shimano BT-E8035 batteries which would make them better looking but also help to lower the center of gravity too.

New motor?

cannondale habit neo
Could Canyon move to the new Bosch CX motor?

But if they’re changing the battery that would mean a frame redesign for the 2020 Canyon ebikes, wouldn’t this be a great time to also switch motors?

Or how about the mysterious Shimano EP8?

There is a lot of evidence that Shimano is working on a new motor with a lower weight and an increase in power. The Shimano EP8 trademark has already been registered, but there is also mention of the Steps E9000 too, but whatever Shimano is up to Canyon always has another option.

Could Canyon choose a new Bosch CX motor for the 2020 Spectral:ON and Neuron:ON? It wouldn’t be surprising after all the Gen 4 motor is currently one of the best available on the market. It also has a small form factor and it already has an internal battery design.

2020 Canyon Strive:ON

We feel confident that Canyon’s 2020 ebikes will feature a battery update and a few frame design, but could we also see new models introduced.

Canyon has ebikes for trail riders and all-mountain riders, but what about consumers who want 29in wheels front and rear, and more suspension travel? Could a Canyon Strive:ON be on the cards?

2020 rocky mountain slayer powerplay render
What does Canyon have to offer the big travel ebiker?

And how about a Canyon ebike to rival the new Giant Reign E and rumors Slayer Powerplay? Surely a Canyon Torque:On is the answer to those problems?

At the time of writing, all that is certain from Canyon is that 2020 ebikes are on the way and that they will continue to offer good value for money, but the rest remains a mystery.

Keep your eye on Ride eMTB for updates to the 2020 Canyon ebike range and more eMTB news.