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2020 Giant Reign E+ 1 Pro
2020 Giant Reign E+ 1 Pro

Yamaha has a new 600Wh battery why isn’t Giant using it?

Yamaha’s larger battery launched in July but OEM’s still choosing 500Wh

Yamaha’s larger 600Wh battery has been available to OEM’s since July so when will see this larger battery on ebikes?

Throughout the week we’ve been keeping our fingers on the pulse and posting ebike launch news as it comes through. One of the bigger reveals this week was the Giant Reign E, a Yamaha powered 160mm travel bike designed for big hits and big adventures.

As a complete package, the Giant Reign E is a great bike, but one comment we’ve received more than any is “why the 500Wh battery?”. This is a very interesting point and at 500Wh the Giant’s battery pack is smaller than most, but why?

2020 Giant Trance E + 2 Pro Leaked Details Surface
Posted on the official Italian Giant website.

The specifications of the Yamaha inTube 600Wh battery state that the unit is a multi-location cell and can be either located in the downtube or seat tube of a bicycle frame and even in conjunction with an extra external battery for more range.

Yamaha states that the 600Wh battery offers a 20% increase in capacity compared to conventional battery packs, it weighs only 3.8Kg and is compatible with the same 4A charger as previous battery packs. And this is perhaps where the problem is.

Giant’s battery pack though small is compatible with fast charging. The Reign E ships with a 6A fast charger that will give the rider 80% of power in just 60 minutes of charging. That enough to boost your day of riding while having lunch.

It’s likely the new 600Wh Yamaha battery won’t be 6A fast charge compatible at this stage and Giant is working with Yamaha to change this situation before releasing bikes with larger battery options later in the year. It could also be highly likely that the Reign E’s frame is long enough for the new battery and could be upgraded in the future.

yamaha 600Wh ebike battery
Yamaha 600Wh ebike battery.

All of this though is just speculation, and the fact remains that Yamaha does have a larger battery to offer ebike riders, but at the time of writing OEM’s have jumped on board. Our question is who will be first?

IWATA, July 3, 2018—Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Tokyo: 7272) announced today that it will begin supplying a new 600Wh inTube battery (Multi Location™ 600Wh) to its OEM customers. The battery will complement existing external battery versions and allows for more stylish integrated designs.

The battery shape offers 2 types of integration in the downtube – either vertical or horizontal. In both directions the design enables easy handling when charging off the bike.
Compared to conventional battery packs in the market the new 600Wh battery offers a 20% capacity increase.

The battery is compatible with all MY2019 drive units, including the new PW series TE system, uses the same 4A-charger and weighs in 3.8 kg.