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clip ebike conversion

Clip ebike conversion quickly turns any bike to ebike

Clip is an innovative device that will allow you to convert any bike to an ebike in a few simple steps.

If you have an old bike sitting in the garage that you wish you could easily convert to an ebike, let us turn your attention to Clip a compact motor to turn any bike to an ebike.

Trending on Kickstarter right now is Clip, a compact conversion kit that will turn your regular bike to an ebike.

Let us say before we get into Clip that we don’t expect anyone to use this ebike conversion for building a homemade eMTB for off-road use, but if you wanted to turn an old bike into a speedy city commuter this is exactly what you’re looking for.

clip ebike conversion
Prototype Clips.

Just like any Kickstarter, the Clip isn’t a final product but this ebike conversion has been proven through prototyping, and some of the ideas behind the product are very high-tech.

The Clip ebike conversion is a fairly simple idea. Basically, we have a single unit that houses a motor, battery and a driven wheel that clips to your fork. The small driven wheel actually makes contact with your front tire to provide propulsion.

Now for us who keep a keen eye on ebike regulations, the fact that this unit drives the front wheel may have alarm bells ringing. To be a Pedelec the drive of an ebike should be an assist to pedaling and not use a throttle or switch, and Clip does.

clip ebike conversion
Clip render.

On top of this, the Clip has a powerful 450w motor which is 200w more than official EU regulations, meaning to use this in Europe you may be required to tax, insure and receive a certificate of roadworthiness to use the Clip.

However, it looks like Clip’s developers have the U.S and other markets in mind, and actually, they’re also hoping to attract non-bike owners too.

One of the clever features of this app-enabled ebike conversion is the ability to carry it in a backpack and fasten it to rental bikes that are easily available in most major cities.

clip ebike conversion
There will also be a Clip App.

On top of providing power to most bikes, the Clip ebike conversion also comes fitted with LED safety lights and Bluetooth connectivity means you can use a special Clip app to track stats and other data.

The video below shows the Clip ebike conversion and how to use it.

Video: Clip ebike conversion

Clip converts your bike to an ebike.

Funding for Clip has already surpassed the $10,000 target making it highly probable that this Kickstarter will be shipping in the near future.