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Video: Can Harry Main Climb Revolution Bike Park on his Kenevo?

The intrepid BMX rider takes his ebike up downhill trails in his latest video

We said we were excited to see Harry Main’s next eBike video and we didn’t have to wait long as it dropped this evening and shows him riding up downhill trails at Revolution Bike Park!

Just today we posted Harry Main’s first ride video of his new Specialized Turbo Kenevo at Llandegla, but one day of ebiking isn’t enough for this YouTuber. Earlier this week, Harry headed to Revolution Bike Park in Wales where he filmed his climb up the Freeride downhill trail!

Video: Can Harry Main Climb Revolution Bike Park on his Kenevo?
Almost at the top!

As we all know, the Turbo Kenevo isn’t the lightest eBike in the world, it isn’t the best for climbing either, so it’s hardly surprising to hear Harry struggles on the climb in sections but finally makes it.

It’s a great video to watch but it also makes great ammunition that you can share with any riders that tell you that eBiking is cheating and the motor does all the work! Just listen to Mr. Main pant and wheeze is way up Revs!

Video: Watch Harry Main climb up Revs on his Turbo Kenevo

Does he make it to the top?

Warning: Don’t try this yourself!

It’s very important that we point out that riding up a downhill trail is extremely dangerous we don’t encourage anyone to try this for themselves. Harry points out at the start of the video that he has received special permission to climb the trail, and that he has done so while the bike park is shut so there is no chance to meet a riding heading down.