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2020 Husqvarna HCX and MCX eBikes crossover to superbike status

The new HCX and MCX build in current platforms with superbike kits

Bicycle maker Husqvarna, hasn’t unveiled the complete line of 2020 Husqvarna eBikes, but has teased 2 top-end models featuring high ticket items and exclusive carbon wheels.

Husqvarna, is a Swedish bicycle company that has created a complete range of eBikes ranging from extreme dual crown downhill bikes to traditional city bikes. Its electric mountain bike range has something for every type of rider, and for 2020 it will include a couple of high specification superbikes.

The 2020 Husqvarna eBike range will get new top of the line models for both the MC and HC model ranges. Currently, the MC range consists of 4 alloy all-mountain ebikes, while the more aggressive HC line has 3 models.

2020 Husqvarna HCX

2020 Husqvarna hcx
180mm travel Shimano eBike.

The 2020 Husqvarna HCX is for riders wanting a big travel do it all bike. One bike to ride on downhill tracks, but then still agile enough to take on local loops. The Husqvarna HCX uses the same 180mm platform as the 2019 models, using the same alloy tube profiles and 250w Shimano E8000 motor system.

2019 Husqvarna HC range
2019 Husqvarna HC range.

In the large downtube is a larger than average 630Wh battery, and for this top-end X version, Husqvarna has equipped this black and gold superbike with a RockShox Lyrik Ultimate and Super Deluxe Select rear shock.

On top of getting a flashy paint job, the 2020 Husqvarna HCX also gets a set of stunning German-made BikeAhead carbon composite wheels. These lightweight 6 spoke wheels on their own cost €3299, that’s as much as a budget Vitus ebike with the same Shimano motor!

If you just have a 2020 Husqvarna HCX, then with its expensive wheels, top-end suspension, and limited paint, it will cost you just €11,999.

2020 Husqvarna MCX

If you like the look of those BikeAhead wheels, that paint and would like a bike similar to the HCX only slightly less aggressive then the 2020 MCX is available. Again, the MCX runs the same alloy chassis as the 2019 bikes, meaning 150mm of travel, but being an X model means a better specification.

2019 Husqvarna MCX
2019 Husqvarna MC range.

In addition to 6 spoke carbon wheels, the 2020 MCX, runs a 150mm travel RockShox Pike Ultimate, but the rest of the build is identical to the longer travel HCX including Schwalbe tires, a Shimano E8000 motor and 630Wh battery.

The retail price remains identical too at €11,999.

Husqvarna hasn’t updated its website with 2020 models yet, but there’s plenty of info on the current 2019 range to take a look at.