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Watt Happened This Week 002 – eBike News Round up

Each week we round up all the eBike news into one easy to digest article. See what happened in the world of eMTB in Watt 002.

Like last week, below is a list of a few of the stories that we did publish along with a few small items that we didn’t.

In This weeks’ WATT;

EMBN gives us 2nd hand buying advice

How to buy a used ebike.

EMBN published a helpful how-to video today for anyone looking to buy used. If you’ve considered a cheap second-hand ebike then this video could stop you from buying a lemon.

2020 Turbo Levo and Turbo Kenevo rumors

2020 specialized levo kenevo rumours
Photo credit: Long Nguyen

We have posted a guide to all of the 2020 Specialized Turbo Levo and Turbo Kenevo rumors this week. The article talks more about the new Kenevo though as we believe Specialized won’t change the Turbo Levo all that much for the coming year.

Read all about the 2020 Levo and Kenevo rumors.

2020 Trek Rail eBikes leaked

Trek rail 9.8
SRAM GX equipped Trek Rail 9.8.

Breaking news yesterday was that many online retailers have already started to list a new Trek eBike online although it hasn’t officially been released. Called the Trek Rail. These eMTBs come in alloy and carbon, have 140-150mm of travel and use the Gen 4 Bosch CX motor.

Read the full details of the 2020 Trek Rail eBike leak.

Planet3 mechanical tuning for Brose, Bosch and more

planet3 derestric turbo levo
Planet3 speed hack.

Planet3 is a start-up that is producing a mechanical method of derestricting eBikes. The simple gizmo uses planetary gears to slow down the speed of the magnet passing your speed sensor for a claimed 3 x speed boost.

Read all about the Planet3 speed hack here.

Bosch eBike Systems buys 50% stake in Magura Bike Parts

bike check custom built cannondale habit neo
Faster dealer repairs in the future.

Bosch eBike Systems buys 50% stake in Magura Bike Parts, a subsidiary of Magura. This new joint venture will mean the two companies will have a closer cooperation in service and replacement parts distribution. This should mean dealers are able to service Bosch and Magura products more efficiently.

What the heck? Inner tube or tubeless?

How the heck?

We have a few questions about this Instagram post. We don’t know the story but it looks like this Focus eMTB rider is at a bike park and has had an attempt at a wallride. We don’t know if they rode directly into it or not though, because how else would you end in that position? But our other question is, is there a tube in that tire or is it tubeless?

Jeff Steber Leaks a new Intense eBike

jeff steber intense ebike leak
Jeff does it again.

Intense Boss, Jeff Steber has leaked another new bike on his Instagram and it looks like it will be a Shimano powered eMTB. From the images and vidoes posted on social media we can see that the leaked bike is not the Intense Tazer and has a different shock location.

See more of the leaked Intense eBike here.

Focus Jam² With Trust Linkage Fork

Trust fan?

Love or hate the look of the Trust Linkage fork, but you have to agree that it’s an eye-catching piece of engineering. It especially stands out on the front of an eMTB.

That’s all from WATTS this week, but we’ll have more ebike news and articles coming soon.