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Watch Sam Pilgrim build and drive the ultimate drift eBike

"I now have a snake. A snake of driftiness"

Sam Pilgrim is at it again this week turning his trusty Haibike into the ultimate drift eBike, all you need is a PVC pipe, tape and a hill.

Haibike ebike pro, Sam Pilgrim, has just uploaded a new video to his YouTube channel. In this latest vlog, Sam takes his Haibike and turns it to the ultimate drift ebike. It’s a very simple conversion using a PVC drainage pipe, a saw, some tape and just a little time.

sam pilgrim drift ebike
It’s not as easy as it looks!

The video starts off with Sam drifting his Haibike around town before moving on to his human-powered quad. It looks like a lot of fun, but perhaps next time he should use Monster Energy cans to build the drift wheel?

Watch Sam Pilgrim build and ride the ultimate drift ebike