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PLANET3 easily derestrict Turbo Levo for 3 x the speed

A innovative mechanical hack to tune your Specialized eBike

PLANET3 has invented a planetary gear system that will easily derestrict Turbo Levo and Kenevo ebikes and increase speed by as much as three times.

Innovative Turbo Levo hack.

There are many methods on the market to hack and derestrict Turbo Levo, Kenevo and other Brose ebikes, but this gizmo from PLANET3 is the most intriguing yet.

The idea came about when the engineers at PLANET3 wanted to derestrict their Turbo Levo ebikes, but couldn’t find a solution that they were happy with using that already existed. The options available either meant a software hack or time-consuming adjustment to the bike or speed sensor. What they wanted was a simple component that would take a few moments to fit, and could be just as easily removed.

derestrict turbo levo
This gizmo easily removes the speed limit of a Levo Turbo.

PLANET3 came up with a very clever planetary gear system that fastens to the brake disc. The gearing of the planetary gear means the magnet passes the speed sensor 3 times slower than normal, and in effect tripling the overall speed the Brose powered bikes are capable of.

Video: 3D printed PLANET3 derestrict Turbo Levo

Early prototype of Planet3

PLANET3 is an easily installed and reversible way to derestrict your e-bike. It uses a purely mechanical design utilizing a patent pending planetary gear set which makes it undetectable to the bike’s electronic gizmos and gives you full control over the choice of speed at which you want to ride your bike.
No more pushing through pudding after hitting the speed limit, virtually no maintanace and no worries. Just you and your e-bike – the way it was meant to be!


The system is now being refined with the aim to bring Planet3 to market, but they’re also building similar systems to suit Shimano Steps, Dyname 3.0 and Bosch powered bikes and have already successfully built a system that derestricts the YT Decoy.

Current Specialized bikes that the PLANET3 works include;

  • Specialized Turbo Levo 2nd Gen (2019 – )
  • Specialized Turbo Levo 6Fattie (2017 – 2018)
  • Specialized Turbo Levo HT (Hardtail)
  • Specialized Turbo Levo HT Comp 6Fattie
  • Specialized Turbo Kenevo
  • Specialized Turbo Vado
  • Specialized Turbo Como (some)

PLANET3’s website has more details of their mechanical gadget to derestrict Turbo Levo and other bikes, and is also asking owners of Rocky Mountain Dyanme 3.0 bikes and certain Focus ebike owners to get in touch to help them develop more versions.

The cost of a PLANET3 will range from €80 – €90 depending on your make and model of ebike.

For more information visit the PLANET3 website, and please keep in mind that derestricting your ebike is illegal in some countries and that ebikes with a top speed over the legal ebike limit may be reclassified as a motorcycle. Read more about ebike laws.