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Marshall Mullen Custom Specialized Turbo Kenevo eBike Check

A downhill race inspired Turbo Kenevo custom build

We check out one very special custom Specialized Turbo Kenevo, built by pro mountain biker Marshall Mullen and designed to go big.

Marshall Mullen isn’t afraid to go big, and when he does he goes huge on this custom-built Specialized Turbo Kenevo. This custom Brose bruiser has been such an inspiration to eBikers, that riders all over the world have built their own replicas. As cool as that is, today we’re looking at the original.

Marshall Mullen Custom Specialized Turbo Kenevo eBike Check

Marshall Mullen Custom Specialized Turbo Kenevo eBike Check
Build almost 1 year ago and still looks fresh.

E Machine! I can’t believe it’s only been little over a year ago that I built up a Kenevo with a Fox 40 on the front. I put the 40 on in an effort to get the front end a little higher, but it also made sense for this bike. But I didn’t realize just how much better it would be and how many opportunities it would open up. Since then, people all over the world have built up an almost replica of this bike. I have spent hours on DM with people from Europe, Australia, Germany, USA, and many more helping them build the same bike. 
It makes sense, because with this bike you can climb hills that were in the past not even considerable, but it also it descends like a pure bread DH bike. It has opened up so many opportunities for me, and I think it has done the same for a lot of you. The future is bright for these machines, and I’m fired up.

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Marshall Mullen Custom Specialized Turbo Kenevo eBike Check
Kashima coated Fox 40.

What really helped Marshall Mullen’s custom Kenevo receive so much attention is the choice of fork. A standard Turbo Kenevo is exactly short of travel with 180mm front and back, but adding a dual crown Fox 40 helps turn a freeride rig into a downhill race ebike.

Now with dual crowns taking up the front impacts a meaty bar and stem were required to help hold the line. Marshall chose components from Deity for the cockpit including a direct mount stem and 35mm diameter bar.

Marshall Mullen Custom Specialized Turbo Kenevo eBike Check
Deity flat pedals.

With this Kenevo put together to go higher, and faster than most mortals normally ride, a set of 4 piston XTR brakes are fitted to this Kenvo for fast and predictable stopping power.

Praxis works cranks bolt to the Brose 1.3 motor. For the video above, Marshall is running an Ohlins coil shock and flat pedals, but depending on what and where he is riding he also switches to a Fox air shock and SPD pedals.

So there we have it, one of the most influential Turbo Kenevo bikes ever to be built, and it was all first seen just 1 year ago! Since then we have seen other manufacturers fit dual crown forks to their eBikes, and with the interest, this Kenevo has generated we wonder if the 2020 Turbo Kenevo will also get a downhill for as standard?