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5 kids eBikes to get them off Snapchat and Fortnite this summer

Get them away from social media and into nature this summer

Getting your kids un-glued from their smartphone or tablet can be a nightmare, but one of these 5 top kids eBikes could just the ticket.

eBikes for kids?

There aren’t many of them out there but have a good search and you will find a few ebike options for kids. The great thing about ebikes for children is that they can ride with you for greater distances, up steeper hills, and along more challenging terrain than they might be able to cope with on a mechanical bike.

This is much better than Snapchat.

We’ve heard arguments that giving a child an ebike actually encourages them to be lazy but this simply isn’t accurate. As we all know as eBike riders, riding an eMTB is hardly cheating. Just as you find the most difficult terrain to ride, so will your kids.

But half the battle with children is actually getting them away from video games and social media and just enjoy the outdoors. Even if your children aren’t interested in riding bikes, an eBike will enable them to get outside, enjoy nature and see sights that they would never likely see without one.

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What kids ebike?

Searching manufacturer websites don’t actually reveal a great deal of kids eBikes to choose from, but the good news is that more companies are getting involved and offering child-friendly eBike options.

Below we’ve listed 5 kids ebikes with feature details and spec information. You’ll also find a link with each listing that will either take you to the manufacturer website or a shop link where you can buy the bike at it’s lowest price. Some of these links are affiliate links, so if you do buy something we will receive a small percentage which will help us to create more awesome ebike content.

Best 5 ebikes for kids;

Carrera Vengeance Junior

kids ebikes Carrera Vengeance Junior
Carrera Vengeance Junior

The most affordable kids eBike in our list is Carrera’s own Vengeance Junior. This budget ebike features 26in wheels and a 14in frame making it ideal for slightly taller riders and also a great place to hang all your old 26in parts on when it comes to upgrade time.

An alloy frame holds on to an external removable battery, there’s a Suntour XC28-DS suspension fork on the front, and a total of 8 gears to assist with climbing and riding. Brakes are budget mechanical options from Tektro and the motor itself is a hub-drive unit from Suntour with a matching Suntour display and control.

Commencal Meta Power Kids

kids emtb Commencal Meta Power Kids
Commencal Meta Power Kids

Possibly the most purposeful eBike for kids on the market today and one of the newest to launch. The Commencal Meta Power Kids is a serious eBike for riders who really want to hit the trail at speed.

The alloy framed Power Kids is designed with a low standover height, yet retains enough room for a full-size Shimano 504Wh external battery. The motor is a Shimano E7000 Steps unit which is slightly lighter than the E8000 and uses an E7000 display for information readout.

Manitou’s new Junit 24in 120mm travel fork sits upfront and there are some really quality parts fitted to the Commencal including hydraulic brakes, Protaper bar and stem, SRAM 10 speed groupset and Tee Tire tires.

Scott Roxter eRide 24in

kids ebikes Scott Roxter eRide 24in
Scott Roxter eRide 24in

A 200w Bosch Active motor with Bosch 400Wh battery gives the Scott Roxter eRide 24in it’s extra power to get kids to the summit of your local ride. The custom-butted 6061 alloys frame is designed for 24in wheels and has a 70mm travel Suntour XCT Plus fork for added bump absorption.

Shimano’s budget Atlus drivetrain is fitted to the eRide 24in for a total of 9 speeds, and it’s up to Shimano’s BR-MT200 hydraulic brakes to bring the mini Scott to a stop.

Haibike SDURO HardFour 2.0 24in

kids ebikes Haibike SDURO HardFour 2.0 24in
Haibike SDURO HardFour 2.0 24in

Of the 5 kids eBikes here, this Haibike could prove to be the most difficult for you to buy. Originally the Haibike SDURO HardFour 2.0 24in was offered across Europe but now it’s only officially listed in a few markets.

Still, if you can find one the HardFour 2.0 24in has some great features including a Yamaha PW-SE 250Wh motor, Yamaha 400Wh battery and a 9-speed Shimano Atlus drivetrain. Powerful Tektro brakes with 160mm rotors keep speed under control and there’s even quality rubber fitted from Schwalbe.

KTM Macina Mini Me 241

kids ebikes KTM Macina Mini Me 241
KTM Macina Mini Me 241

The 13in frame of the KTM Macina Mini Me 241 is made from slim alloy tubing and features a Bosch Gen 3 motor with 40Nm of torque combined with a 400Wh battery.

KTM has designed the Macina Mini to be well suited to trail and cross country riding with a pair of decent Schwalbe Table Top Perform Addix tires, a slightly longer stem, and 560mm flat handlebars. The KTM isn’t geared at the same type of riding the Commencal is, but it still has a pair of Tektro disc brakes for safe riding.

Have your kids tried an ebike? Did you buy one of the bikes listed? We want to hear what you have to say about kids ebikes in the comments section below.