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2020 specialized levo kenevo rumours
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2020 Specialized Kenevo and Turbo Levo Rumors

Bigger wheels? More travel? New motors?

2020 Specialized Kenevo and Turbo Levo rumors. When will the new Kenevo launch? When will we see a new Turbo Levo?

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There are already a lot of new 2020 eBikes that we do know about, but two that remain a secret are the 2020 Specialized Kenevo and Turbo Levo, but here are a few rumors, thoughts and ideas as to what to expect. These ideas and opinions are the results of reading reviews of the current Kenevo and our own experience with the bike.

When will the 2020 Specialized Kenevo and Levo launch?

2019 Specialized Turbo Levo
2019 Specialized Turbo Levo

This is a very good question and the fact that we haven’t already seen the new bikes is causing concern for Levo and Kenevo fans around the world. For example, the original Specialized Kenevo launched in 2018 and it’s about due to an update.

We don’t know for sure when the 2020 Specialized Kenevo will be launched but we expect it to be later in the year and we’re going to put a pin in September or October 2019 for the big Levo’s release date.

As for a 2020 Turbo Levo launch, this might be around the same time, but we don’t see many changes coming to the Turbo Levo as the 2019 bike isn’t exactly old and already has the latest Brose motor system.

2020 Kenevo geometry updates?

Specialized has had a big overhaul of its geometry on all bikes over the past year and we expect the 2020 Kenevo to see some important changes.

The current Kenevo is quite dated already with a short reach and tall standover, it’s very likely we will see a long, low, slack approach from Specialized. What we would really like to see is something along the lines of the Stumpjumper Evo, but we don’t see this happening in reality.

Will the 2020 Kenevo have a new motor?

The latest Brose 2.1 motor.

We all know that Specialized has an exclusive cooperation with Brose so we know for a fact that the 2020 Specialized Kenevo will feature a Brose motor. The question is will it be a new one?

The 2018 or current, Kenevo has a Brose 1.3 motor, a drive system that has already been surpassed by the new Brose 2.1. Is Specialized likely to release a 2.2 or even 3.0 motor? No, we don’t think so. Specialized and Brose have already shown that they keep a system around for a few years before an update, we don’t expect the 2.1 motor to be replaced for at least another year.

In our opinion, the 2020 Specialized Kenevo will continue with a Brose 2.1 the same as the 2019 Turbo Levo.

What about the battery size?

We’ve already seen on the 2019 Turbo Levo bikes that both 500Wh and 700Wh batteries are an option depending on the level of bike you buy. We don’t think this will change for 2020 on the Turbo Levo.

As for the 2020 Specialized Kenevo, we believe that Specialized will only offer a 700Wh battery. This is a big heavy bike as it is, and it makes no sense trying to lighten it up by reducing battery power, range, and potential downhill runs.

2020 Kenevo 29in wheels?

2020 Levo Kenevo 29in wheels?
2018 Kenevo came with 2.8in tires

We’ve seen a lot of burly bike launch with 29in wheels over the past few months, so will the Kenevo go the same way? As the Kenevo is a big travel bike, it’s possible that Specialized will go for 27.5in wheels for the Kenevo, or perhaps go for a mullet approach with a bigger wheel on the front.

We do think that Specialized might drop the plus-size tires from the 2020 Kenevo. Many reviewers complained about those 2.8in tires, and harder riding doesn’t suit the folding sidewalls of that big rubber.

Will the 2020 Kenevo have more travel?

cannondale moterra dual crown
Cannondale started the dual crown eBike trend for 2020.

The current Kenevo has 180mm of travel which we believe is going to be more than enough. We don’t expect the frame to jump to 200mm, but what about that fork?

We’ve seen riders add dual crown forks to their personal Kenevo bikes, and with the launch of the 2020 Cannondale Moterra with Boxxer option, it could be possible that Specialized is thinking the same. On that note, how about a YT Decoy or Whyte E-180 with a dual crown fork too?

Our vision for the 2020 Levo range

For 2020 we don’t see major updates to the Turbo Levo range. We expect the Turbo Levo will use the same frame, motor and battery as the 2019 models and will be available in both carbon and alloy. The only changes will be the paint, but we could be wrong.

2020 will see a major change for the Kenevo. We think it might get more travel, and there is the possibility that the wheel size will increase too. The big question is are we right or are we completely wrong?

If you have any thoughts about the 2020 range of Turbo Levo and Kenevo bikes then please leave us a comment below with your thoughts and ideas.