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2020 eBikes eMTBs you need to know about

We'll update this list as new 2020 ebike details are leaked, released of revealed

All the 2020 eBikes eMTBs we have seen so far from official launches to leaks. We’ll update this list as new 2020 eBike details are leaked, released of revealed

Hit one of the following links to be taken to the 2020 eBike so you can learn more. As new eMTBs are announced we will add them to the start of the list. Some of the information is listed below but other links will take you to the relevant article page on Rideemtb.

If there are other 2020 models that we haven’t listed, please leave us a comment below or get in contact with us with the details.

List of 2020 eBikes we’ve seen so far.

2020 Alutech Fanes 6.0

2020 alutech efanes ebike
How good looking is the eFanes?

Not just new for 2020 but new full stop. Alutech has never made an eMTB before, but we’re glad they’ve taken their time because the eFanes 6.0 is beautiful from every angle. It’s beauty isn’t just the overall appearance but in the attention to detail and that stunning polished finish.

Alutech uses an internal Shimano BT-E8035 battery for the eFanes 6.0 with matching Steps E8000 motor and 1×12 Shimano XT drivetrain. Shimano also pulls the Alutech eFanes to a halt with a pair of 4 piston XT trail brakes.

You can read more about the 2020 Alutech eFanes here.

2020 Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay

2020 rocky mountain instinct powerplay alloy 70 BC edition
2020 Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay

An updated range of Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay eBikes is now official. The ally alloy bikes use 250w Dyanme 3.0 motors and 672Wh battery packs located in the downtube. In total there are 5 bikes in the range. Standard Instinct Powerplay bikes have 140mm travel front and rear, but for riders needing more there are the BC Editions with 155mm rear travel, 160mm front and stronger forks.

All bikes in the 2020 Instinct Powerplay range have Shimano drivetrains, powerful 4 piston Shimano brakes and choice components from Race Face, RockShox, Fox and DT Swiss. Rocky Mountain has only list these bikes on its Canadian website with CAD pricing with a notice stating they will be available to buy in September 2019.

Full specifications, geometry details, and pricing of the 2020 Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay bikes available here.

2020 Patrol E-Zero

Patrol E-Zero
Patrol E-Zero

One of the first hardtail ebikes to launch for 2020. The E-Zero comes from Indonesian off-road specialist Patrol. 2 models of the E-Zero will be available to buy from November 2019, an E-Zero with SLX 1×12 for $4,499 and the E-Zero S with XT costing $4,999.

Each hardtail has an aluminum frame, with an E8000 motor bolted to it and custom 630Wh battery inside it. The E-Zero has 110mm of suspension, 29in wheels and is finished with Patrol’s own kit.

2020 Patrol E-Six

2020 eBike: Patrol E-Six E-Enduro 630Wh first look
Patrol E-Six

Accompanying the E-Zero is the Patrol E-Six. The E-Six is a 150mm rear/160mm front travel enduro bike, Patrol calls it E-Enduro. Shimano provides torque, but it is SMP that gives the Patrol its 630Wh of power.

Patrol will begin selling the E-Six in November 2019 and there will be 2 build options plus 3 color choices. The fancy Patrol E-Six S gets Fox Factory suspension with Kashima coating, Kashima Transfer dropper, and XT 1×12 drivetrain for $6,299. A more affordable E-Six is priced at $5,499 with Fox Performance suspension, SDG dropper, and SLX 12-speed. More details here.

2020 Forestal

cedric gracia forestal bikes
Every photo of the Forestal is taken so we don’t quite see it all.

What is known about the Forestal eBike isn’t much as the project is still shrouded in mystery. With that said we have learned quite a few details about the bike such as where they will be made and some of the motor specs.

Bikes seen riding around Europe are prototypes. These one-off bikes use a CNC or cast alloy chassis built in 2 parts and bolted together. Final production bikes are expected to use carbon fiber.

Forestal will design and build their bikes at a custom-built facility in Andorra. Bikes will feature Forestal’s own motor, battery and display, and will even run a custom operating system. It seems fairly likely that the Forestal eBike could be one of the lightest on the market when launched, and with Cedric Gracia on board it should ride well too.

2020 Commencal Meta Power 29

Commencal meta power 29 team edition
Team Edition Commencal Meta Power 29

The Commencal Meta Power 29 has seen an evolution since its previous model. For 2020 the Meta Power 29 takes advantage of Shimano’s BT-E8035 internal battery for a lower center of gravity, neater design and to improve frame space. Looking closer at the new bike we see a new suspension linkage which is more linear than before and a new seatstay bridge from improved stiffness.

Shimano’s E8000 motor powers this enduro read 29er eMTB. Travel is massive too, with 170mm on the front and 160mm on the rear.

Commencal has already officially launched the Meta Power 29 but only for presale, and bikes aren’t expected to arrive with customers until later in the year. Pricing for the bikes starts at €4499 riding to €5799 for the Meta Power Team pictured above.

2020 Commencal Meta Power SX

2020 Commencal Meta Power SX
2020 Commencal Meta Power SX

2020 sees the return of the Commencal Meta SX, but it’s now a big travel eMTB. The SX shares a similar platform to the Meta Power 29 only it rolls on smaller 27.5in wheels and has slightly more travel at 180mm.

As the Commencal Meta Power is aimed at bike park riders wanting their own personal uplift, the bike has a meaty RockShox Lyrik RC2 fork and rear coil shock. A Shimano Steps E8000 motor and BT-E8035 internal battery handle the power side of the bike, but if you’re still struggling on the climbs the 1 x 12 SRAM GX Eagle will help you out.

Commencal is only offering one model of Meta Power SX, and at the time of writing, you can only pre-order the bike. Pricing is €5499.

2020 Orange Charger

2020 ebikes orange charger
Orange Charger Factory pictured.

The Orange Charger is the 3rd eMTB from the British bike maker made famous for single-pivot swingarms. The Charger is based on the Surge and features the same slimmed down tube profile and signature head tube bracing.

Orange hasn’t officially made a 29er eBike yet (there are prototypes doing the rounds) and the Charger rolls on 27.5in wheels. Orange sticks with a compact Shimano E8000 Steps motor and BT-E8010 internal battery that now just requires a key to remove.

Geometry on the bike isn’t your usual long, low and slack because it is much longer in reach when compared to similar bikes. Only size M, L and XL bikes are available with reach figures starting at 462mm and stopping at 497mm.

Suspension travel on the Orange Charger is 145mm on the back and 150mm at the front. Orange offers this E.P.O in Charger S, Charger Pro, Charger RS, and Charger Factory build options. An Orange Charge can be had from £5500.

2020 Orange Surge

2020 ebikes orange surge
Sterling Silver Orange Surge.

If the Orange Charger is a juicy looking prospect but you need more travel, then the 2020 Orange Surge should fit the bill. The Surge was the first new eMTB to be released with the new frame layout that has a slimmer battery tube, rear triangle based on the Orange DH bike and new locking battery mount.

Suspension travel on the Orange Surge is 165mm on the back and 170mm up front. A 70Nm Shimano Steps E8000 motor sits in the middle of the burly Surge frame, powered by an internal BT-E8010 battery.

27.5in wheels spin at either end and this Orange uses the same tried and test single-pivot suspension as other Orange bikes have for the past few decades. As you would expect from Orange, the geometry is on-trend with a size L bike sporting a 480mm reach. Orange will build you a Surge in either S, Pro RS, Factory builds with prices starting from £5,600.

2020 Cannondale Habit Neo

2020 cannondale habit neo
Cannondale Neo 4 pictured.

Cannondale has really turned its brand identity around and the new Habit Neo should help propel the U.S brand further. Based on the mechanical Habit released last year, the Cannondale Habit Neo shares the same size-specific suspension platform ensuring the bike rides as it was designed regardless of size.

The Habit Neo sports a full carbon fiber frame, with integrated Bosch battery and the latest generation Bosch Performance Line CX motor system.

As this is the type of bike you’re likely to find Josh Bryceland riding, it has a low standover height, isn’t as long or slack as other models in this list, but it is surely poppy and playful. Habit Neo pricing starts from £4000.

2020 Cannondale Moterra

2020 Cannondale Moterra
2020 Cannondale Moterra

It might sound cruel to say this, but the original Cannondale Moterra eBike was ugly. We mean really ugly. The 2020 Moterra though is simply stunning, and in our opinion even better looking than the Habit Neo above.

The Moterra is Cannondale’s long-travel enduro eBike platform and sports 160mm of travel and big 29er wheels (size small has 27.5).

This big-hitting carbon bike comes in a number of build options with more rounded bikes shipping with a single crown fork. There’s also an option to buy a Moterra with a dual crown Boxxer fitted.

Bosch handles the drive of the Moterra with a 75Nm Gen 4 motor and an internal 625Wh PowerTube battery. Cannondale Moterra pricing starts £5,500 rising to £6,500.

2020 Focus Jam²

2020 Focus JAM² 9.9 NINE
2020 Focus JAM² 9.9 NINE

The 2020 Focus Jam² has more options than many of the other bikes in this list. You can have it in alloy, carbon, with 27.5in wheels, 29ers or even a combination of the two! Oh, and there are both Shimano Steps powered bikes and Bosch Gen 4 models.

Opting for a Shimano powered Jam² will get you a larger 756Wh battery, the Bosch bike has a 625Wh power pack. If you need more range though, the Focus does offer the ability to add on an external battery too. Travel on this bike is 150mm front and rear.

In total there are 14 different versions of the 2020 Focus Jam² available, more if you count the different colors. Pricing starts from as little as £3989 for rising to £8899 for the range, Fox Factory, Jam² 9.9 Nine.

2020 Focus Thron²

2020 Focus Thron²
2020 Focus Thron²

The Focus Thron² doesn’t come in as many options as the Jam² and is for riders looking to relax while riding.

There are Thron² options that kit it out as a mountain bike, and other versions of the bike that turn it to a full-suspension touring bike complete with fenders and racks.

A more relaxed seating posting, shorter reach, and 130mm of travel are all geared to keep the pace down and the relaxation up. Thron² bikes only have a Bosch CX option, and each one can accept an additional 500Wh external battery for adding range.

Pricing of the 2020 Focus Thron² kicks off at £3,699 rising to £4,499.

That’s all the 2020 eBikes we have for you for now. Please bookmark this page as we will be updating it on a regular basis.